"Inspector": An Analysis.

Consider the well-known play that Nikolai created in 1836, will conduct its analysis.Gogol "Inspector" (the product) is praised as the accumulation of injustices, unceasingly abounded in places, especially at a time when justice was urgently needed.The author describes all the bad things that he saw in society (in the bureaucratic sphere) and laughed at it.In addition to laughter, however, the reader sees that the events bitterly describes Gogol ("Inspector").

analysis of the play's start with the main directions of the conflict.

conflict in the play

funny coincidence is based on the construction of a conflict of this product.It is accompanied by panic officials, who fear that they may be disclosed to the scam.The city will soon visit the Auditor, so the best option for them is to detect and bribing the man.The action revolves around the work of deception, as usual for the officials, as the analysis shows.

Gogol "Inspector" created to uncover defects with power, typical for that time.The main

conflict in the work - between the bureaucratic world that embodies the autocratic system, and they oppressed the people.Hostility to the official popular masses felt from the first row.People exposed to violence and harassment, although the conflict in the comedy Just showed Gogol ("Inspector").An analysis of its developing latent.In the play, the conflict is complicated by another - between the "auditor" and bureaucratic system.Disclosure of the conflict allowed Gogol sharply expose and vividly described as representatives of the local county government and small metropolitan officials, drove into the city, and at the same time show their anti-people nature.

Bribery and corruption in the work

their sins have all the characters of comedy, what ensures its analysis.Gogol ("Inspector") notes that each of them because of the bad faith of their duties for fear of the upcoming arrival of the External Auditor.Officials from the fear of not able to think straight.They believe that it is self-confident and arrogant Khlestakov - Auditor.Dangerous disease progresses - lies - shows Gogol ("Inspector").Analysis of the work can not be carried out without focusing on this its characteristic features.Author

with irony and accurately exposes the issue of bribes.Wines of bribery and corruption, according to him, lies on both sides.However, this society is so familiar, that officials at the mention of imaginary money Auditor sigh of relief: it can be bribed, and then everything will be settled.Bribery is so taken for granted and natural.Very familiar to readers every time officials in the absence of positive play.After all, "revizorschina" in Russia has not yet stopped, despite all the upheavals.

Khlestakov It breaks many visitors requests.There are so many that they have to break through the windows.Requests and complaints are destined to remain unanswered.Officials, in turn, do not mind what you need to be humiliated.Before they are ready to fawn on his superiors, because retribution begins with his departure - they can take it out on subordinates, humiliating them.Society destroys the low morality, says Gogol ("Inspector").Analysis of the product allows you to note that in the play, she is accompanied by anyone who has made at least some power.

Stupidity and ignorance officials

Khlestakov understands that officials met him, not educated and stupid.This allows you to play the main character does not even work remember to tell them a lie.Officials always echoed, presenting in the form of true fraud inspector.It is beneficial to all, it does not bother anyone lie.The main thing that Khlestakov can get the money, and officials - breath.

Latitude generalized nature, vnestsenicheskie images

a letter notifying about the upcoming inspection, begins the play, which was created by Nikolai Gogol ("Inspector").Analyzing it may be noted that they are the same, it completes.The final product becomes terse - the truth opens an inspector.It only remains to wait for this auditor.There is no doubt in this case that officials reiterate flattering bribery.Change the characters will not affect the outcome - before reached immorality.Officials will be replaced over time, their peers, as human wickedness comes from personal uncontrollability, and not from the government.

Analyzing the comedy of Gogol's "The Government Inspector", we note that the breadth of the generalized character in the play is reflected in the fine finishing of acting comedy characters.In addition, the introduction vnestsenicheskih expands the gallery of actors.This bright life characters that contribute to the deepening of the characteristics of those placed on the stage.For example, is the father of the inspector general, his St. Petersburg friend Tryapichkinu, housekeeper Avdotia son and wife Dobchinsky, innkeeper Vlas, the daughter of strawberries, an infantry captain who beat Penza inspector, inspector arrived, quarterly Prokhorov and others.

Typical Nicholas Russian phenomena of life

mentioned in the comedy various life phenomena that Nicholas to Russia at that time were typical.This creates a broad panorama of the life of society.For example, a merchant profiting from the construction of the bridge, and the mayor help him in this.The judge sitting on the judge's chair for 15 years, but still can not figure out the next memo.GOVERNOR twice a year celebrating the name day, waiting for the gifts to them from the merchants.The postmaster opens other people's letters.The county doctor does not speak in Russian.

Abuse officials

On the set of the abuse officials said in a comedy.All of them were typical of the era of brutal tyranny.Married locksmith illegally BOAD forehead.Noncommissioned officers whipped his wife.Convicts do not provide provisions.Appropriated for the construction of charitable institutions in the Church of the amount spent in its sole discretion, and the report says that the church was burned.GOVERNOR merchant bars in the room and makes him eat a herring.Patients with dirty caps, giving them similar to blacksmiths.

Lack goodie

should be noted that readers will learn about the criminal acts committed by officials from the lips of themselves, not shown on the stage of action works "Inspector" (Gogol).Analysis of the characters reveals some other interesting features.Confirmation that the bureaucratic world of illegal actions are happening, are oppressed by officials and complaints of people, especially their mayor.On the socio-political phenomena transferred the center of gravity.Gogol was not put into his play goodie arguer and virtuous qualities of the medium, which is the mouthpiece of the author's thoughts.The most positive character is a laugh that reeks of social vices and the foundations of the autocratic regime.

image inspector

image inspector is central to the work.We carry out its analysis.Gogol "Auditor" portrayed easily orient themselves in the present situation.For example, wanting to show off his bride, Maria Antonovna, himself attributes essay "Yuri Miloslavskii" Zagoskina, but she says its true author.Hopelessness, seemingly the situation.However Khlestakov here quickly finds out.He says that there is another composition of the same name that belongs to him.

lack of memory

lack of memory is an important feature of the image of the inspector.For him, there is no future and the past.It focuses only on the present.Khlestakov therefore incapable of selfish and mercenary calculations.The hero lives only one minute.Its natural state is the continuous transformation.Having an effective analysis of the "Inspector" by Gogol, you will see that Khlestakov taking this or that style of behavior, instantly it culminates.But it is easy to lose what is easily acquired.Falling asleep or in-Chief Field Marshal, he wakes up little man.It


speech that his hero describes as applying for highly educated petty Petersburg clerk.He likes to use for beauty syllable intricate literary cliches.His language at the same time there are abusive and vulgar phrases, especially in relation to the commoners.Khlestakov Osip, his servant, called "fool" and "beast" and the owner of the restaurant shouting "scum!", "Channels," "idlers".It this character abruptly, indicating its inability to stop the attention on anything.It transmits its spiritual poverty.

two center pieces

Khlestakov in the product is drawn by a person.He works and lives according to the logic of relations, in which the mayor put it.At the same time manifested in the actions and speeches of the hero surprises also cause the development of the play.This, for example, "the scene of lies", explaining the inspector in love daughter and mother at the same time, he made a proposal to Marya Antonovna, irrevocable and surprising his departure.In the play Gogol has two centers and two individuals who guide and lead the development of action: Khlestakov and mayor.Analysis of the play "The Inspector General" by Gogol continue to feature an image of the latter.

image of the mayor

GOVERNOR (Skvoznik-Dmuhanovsky Anton Antonovich) - The head of the city where the action takes place we are interested in a comedy.It is "very intelligent", "old in the service" people.His facial features are tough and rough, like all that with the lower orders began heavy service.The mayor at the beginning of the play reads the letter to his subordinates.It reports on the arrival of an auditor.This message is very frightened officials.In the fear of the mayor ordered "build" the city for his arrival (extra kick out of the hospital patients, lead teachers in schools in the proper form, to cover unfinished building fences, and so on. D.).

Anton Antonovich assumes that the auditor has already arrived and is living incognito somewhere.Landowners BOBCHINSKI Dobchinsky and find it in the face of the inspector general, a petty official, nothing suspect.Governor, believing that Khlestakov and is that the auditor can not reassure itself that.He believes in everything, even in the fantastic bull "Auditor" - to such a degree much subservience to the mayor.

When his daughter, Marya Antonovna woos Khlestakov, officials began to think about what benefits it promises a kinship with the "important person" and decided that "nice to be a general."Deeply offended the mayor unexpected exposure of the inspector.Until it finally comes, he adopted a "rag", "icicle" of an important person.The mayor, having gone through a humiliating shock, spiritually see, for the first time.He says that for the first time instead of seeing people "pork ryly."

Concluding the analysis of comedy NVGogol's "The Government Inspector", adding that the comic figure in his final comedy turns into a tragedy.The tragedy becomes most obvious in a mute scene, when it becomes aware of the arrival of the auditor.