Janusz Wisniewski, "Loneliness in Network": summary

«From what ever, a very short time at Love" - ​​a line that became the motto "Loneliness in the network" - the debut works of contemporary Polish writer Janusz Vishnevsky.On his part, the content can be judged from the title.Love, loneliness, and the World Wide Web - these are the three pillars on which the novel is built.Highlights relations network in tune with many in our days, has attracted a lot of readers.However, not all of them admired novel.

reviews it is both enthusiastic and sublime, and sharply negative.Therefore, those who still ponders read or put aside "Loneliness in the network", a summary of this book can be very useful.

History novel

author wrote his first novel, under the influence of a difficult situation.During receipt Vishnevsky Nobel Prize in Chemistry, he divorced his wife.As the author himself says, it was just a very sad and lonely.And the creation of a literary work seemed to him the best and least expensive option than a visit to a fashion therapist.Debut novel took pl

ace in 2001.

What book "Loneliness in the network"?Yes, perhaps, that the care of each of us.Here and find themselves and congenial person, even if not in this reality, but virtual, and innermost thoughts and feelings that appear in the soul of every man and finding love, though illusory and short-lived.

brief the novel recounting

"Loneliness in the network", a summary of it can be represented like this.The novel is almost twenty years ago, when just gets spread of Internet technology.The main characters of the story are introduced via the Web.They communicate on various topics, share their experiences and feelings gradually fall in love.

Most of the book takes correspondence heroes.Also, the author invites the reader to get to know their real life, friends, family, work.For virtual dialogue should be a meeting that will forever change the lives of the characters, and the finale - a sudden and shrill.


What else you need to remember reciting "Loneliness in the network"?Description of the book would be incomplete without the characteristics of the main characters.He - the young, budding scientist, a Pole who moved to Germany.Loneliness and the desire to open up to someone pushes Jakub virtual relationships.

It is - young, beautiful and lonely woman.Although her husband is, but family life for a long time does not bring no joy, no excitement.A relationship has been a serious crisis.So she tries to escape with the help of virtual communication on the Web, where they accidentally met with Jakub.

The characters displayed very clearly and in detail.The man - a romantic with a capital letter, subtly perceives the innermost thoughts of the woman, while not devoid of wisdom, charm and wit.It is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.It is significant that the main character of the novel the author left unmarked.Perhaps because it is a collective image.It is a not a heroine, and immediately a lot of experience who would like to display Janusz Wisniewski.

«Loneliness in the network", a summary of which is given in the article, can display the full depth of emotions and sensations inherent in women.Interestingly, many critics called Vishnevsky real connoisseur ladies nature and psychology, and it is well evident in this novel.

Home Books - development of relations

Those who can not determine whether or not to read "Loneliness in the network", a summary of the chapters will help figure it out.Just need to say a few words about how books work.It is divided into 10 chapters and an epilogue, and they do not have names, but simply marked with @.The story turns conducted from the perspective of the main characters.

So, from the first pages the reader is acquainted with Jakub and his beloved.In the early chapters the author talks about their lives, work, relationships with other people.Between them, begins correspondence, first light and no non-binding, and after - affecting more and more personal and candid topics.

They talk about life and science, love and religion, tell each other about the past and the present are divided.Their conversations are similar experiences, or a date, and each time they are becoming more tangible.

culmination - meeting in Paris.Passion and despair

course, do not try to retell "Loneliness in the network", an outline can only approximate to convey the meaning of this novel, is almost completely filled with feelings, experiences and revelations.Especially when it comes to a climax.

So, after months of agonizing correspondence among the protagonists finally, there is an opportunity to meet.Rendezvous is scheduled in Paris, the city of love, happiness and romance.

Interestingly, the meeting itself, is the culmination of the narrative takes place only in the middle of the ninth chapter, at the end of the book.Thus, more than eight chapters are devoted to development activities, more and more strengthening voltage.

this date and cases under tragic circumstances: the plane, which was supposed to fly to the main character of his mistress, falls into a catastrophe, he narrowly escapes death.

That sweet and beautiful is their cherished meeting, which completely reverses the usual life of the protagonists.


Trying to retell "Loneliness in the network" (summary), the end, perhaps, it is not necessary to describe, better still read the novel and find out all by yourself.

Six weeks later, after a meeting in Paris, the main character finds out that she was pregnant.Not knowing from whom he had, it still suggests that from her husband.And decides to end the relationship with a virtual lover.The novel ends with the birth of a son, whom she named after Yakub.And the epilogue is ambiguous and causes a long time to think.

Love and Network

So what book "Loneliness in the network"?Perhaps about ordinary people, which can be found in every corner of our planet.About love in its different manifestations, as portrayed in the novel is not a tragic story of relationships, and a few, and all of them in its own beautiful and amazing.About the role in the fate of modern man playing online and how it can change the usual course of life.

There are readers who do not take this book, but for many it will be and the outlet, and a diary, and perhaps even a kind of mirror of his own being.

screen adaptation

In 2006 cinema screens came the film adaptation of the novel.Of course, it does not convey exactly the whole story, and does not disclose all "Loneliness in the network".Summary of the book, diluted many beautiful scenes - so you can describe this picture.

However, the film is difficult to convey a dynamic fellowship of heroes, which constitutes the main part of the novel.Nevertheless, the film was a success and already during the first weeks of hire charges amounted to a record amount.On the whole, the filmmakers were able to convey emotions and feelings of the main characters and the tension that arises in the reader when reading a book.

A is substantially different from the film adaptation of the final novel - the film this love story ends differently.Also, changes were made the main character, unlike the book, and now she has a name.

extended version of "Loneliness ...»

Advanced version of the novel is called "Triptych.Loneliness in the network ".Description of the book in this embodiment, if it is short, can be represented as follows.After the publication of the novel the author has received many letters from readers - more than twenty thousand e-mails.

They are fans of "Loneliness ..." shared their impressions about the book, and not surprisingly invented stories from his life.Each of them, in the opinion of the Vishnevsky, in no way inferior to the events depicted in the novel.The author has chosen and commented on the most interesting of these stories, and they went into the second part of the "Triptych".The finale is an extended version of the novel was "Postepilog", which allows a different look at the last lines of "Loneliness in the network", as well as some of the events described Vishnevsky.

Interesting facts about the book

addition to direct description of the personal experiences of the characters, a considerable amount of scientific data and evidence-added Janusz Wisniewski "Loneliness in the network".Summary makes it impossible to transmit all these details, of course, it is better to read the book yourself.However, we can list some of them.

  • According himself Janusz Wisniewski, the idea of ​​the book came to him long before it was written - in 1987, but until that time, he could not bring together all the fragments.

  • The novel depicted several events actually occurred.For example, the abduction of the brain of Albert Einstein.

  • described in the penultimate chapter crash actually took place - and, just as in the book, July 17, 1996.

  • Many of the characters in the novel - actually existing people ever encountered by the author.

This, of course, is not all that interesting, "Loneliness in the network".Summary provides only a rough idea about the book.

About the Author

Janusz Leon Wiśniewski is today one of the most widely read and popular writers in Poland.Literature became a kind of a hobby for him, as his main occupation he believes science.

Wisniewski is a doctor of computer science and chemistry.This is reflected in the works.For example, the protagonist of "Loneliness in the network" - young and talented scientists.

Novels Vishnevsky different subtle understanding of psychology, primarily female.Descriptions of emotions and feelings subtly interspersed with scientific facts.Currently writer lives in Germany.He has two daughters, whom he calls the most important women in his life.

debut and one of the most moving and poignant novel that created Wisniewski - "Loneliness in the network".Summary presented in this article, we hope, has generated interest and motivated to read the book.She may not like, but in any case cuts to the quick and penetrate to the heart.After all, the events described in the novel are relevant to many of us, as well as the topics raised by the writer.