Chronological table Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov.

Ivan was born in 1812, on 18 June.Goncharova's parents were the merchant class.At seven years old boy lost his father, his education took godfather, and his mother ran the household.

Study Goncharova

At the insistence of practical mother Goncharov went to study in Moscow, in the commercial school.Very early realized his craving for writing, he did not like studying.

Goncharov The school spends almost eight years of boring, because he was not commerce carries.Finally, he persuaded his mother to apply for the school, throwing him and entered the Moscow University in the Faculty of Literature in August 1831.She is a student there for three years.Just at this moment Goncharov biography changes from boring to creative.He met with many writers.Along with them are trained at the University of Belinsky, Herzen, Ogarev, Lermontov, Turgenev, Aksakov.

Goncharov Life after study

Goncharov came against his desire to return to Simbirsk, the city where he was born.He receives a letter from the governor,

and 11 months of working his secretary.Then he went to St. Petersburg and entered the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Foreign Trade for the position of an interpreter.And further there is a very important event, chronological table Goncharova includes a unique phenomenon.He is one of the few writers of the time who managed to travel around the world.

Ivan Alexandrovich appointed Secretary General Putiatina in 1852.And he went with him on a journey of two and a half years.Then he landed on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the whole of Russia travels by land.From the first day of the expedition is Goncharov travel notes.They are published first by individual fragments and then published a collection of short stories "The frigate" Pallada ", which is now called the novel.

Goncharova Chronological table can not be complete without mentioning his work as a censor.

Goncharov censor

Returning from a trip, Ivan entered the service of a censor.To the people of the profession at the time the attitude was very unattractive, and Goncharov soon leave this job.However, in 1862, he returned as chief editor of the newspaper "North Mail", as it was necessary for something to live.After a while, he was appointed advisor of the Press, and he becomes the chief censor.Stands firm on conservative positions, supporting the foundations of the state, because of what the quarrel with many like-minded people on literary craft.In 1867 Ivan finally retires and finishes writing the "Open" - his latest novel.

Chronological Table Goncharova novelist

In 1844, at age 30, Ivan Goncharov conceives novel "Ordinary Story", and three years later he published in the journal "Contemporary".

In 1849, in March, published "Oblomov's Dream" in the literary collection with illustrations.In the same year Goncharov goes to Simbirsk and seriously think about the novel.And only 10 years later the novel "Oblomov" published in "Notes of the Fatherland", divided into four rooms.

In 1869 he published the novel "The Precipice".This chronological table Goncharova as a writer can be ended.This will be his last major work.After he wrote only "Better late than never" - an essay, which will explain all the creative successes and failures, as well as why he wrote.

Biography Goncharov was quite modest man he was melancholic, closed.In 1891 he died, leaving no heir.He is married, he never was, and it goes to the literary heritage of the old faithful servant.