Boris Vasiliev, "Flying my horses": summary of the book

How poignant confession, as a result of his life wrote Boris Vasilyev "Flying my horses."

Summary of the story to make difficult, because in the work there is nothing superfluous.The book is written concisely (only the most memorable, vivid, more importantly) about himself, his family, his time in the way of creativity.The story of 36 pages, but reading is obtained in about four hours.After all, the author writes with awe about the most intimate, the most expensive for yourself.Therefore, one can not help not to stop and think about the phrase of the author.His thoughts, comparisons concise and profound.

spoke very frankly about his life, Boris Vasilyev ("Flying my horses").Summary of the book - shaped rethinking the whole of life, an expression of deep human gratitude to parents and the people, through which he managed to realize his vocation.

images of these people created a true master of words fascinate its originality.

retell the story can be multivariate.You can not just one: to prevent i

ndifference.It is simply impossible to do, discussing the story, in which the writer has put all of himself, truly is "a piece of cubic steaming conscience."This book is kept in his library as a friend - adviser and mastermind.

Vasiliev about the inner needs to write a story

So where to begin the story that told about himself Boris Vasilyev ("Flying my horses")?Summary of the story begin to expound with imaginative study author why he began writing books.He explained this by comparing human life with arched bridge over the river of life.If you follow this analogy, the childhood, the youth go out, to go up, but this rise over the years, is replaced by descending.Therefore it is important not to be late to remember and embody all that was dear in childhood and adolescence.After all these years it is very important.

It is this gap, according to the author of the novel, composed aspect of human nature - what it will be.And so on, in adult life, formed a different aspect of his personality - who he is.

And on the downward trajectory of movement on the bridge is the point of no return conditional.Man looking back, he is no longer able to see the path, overcome in childhood and adolescence.

Rethinking age

epigraph serves as a dry product line, which is the standard starting any autobiography, witnessing the birth of its author: 05/21/1924 city, however, contrasts with the epigraph first line story "Flying my horses."

Boris Vasilyev writes that goes to the fair.This phrase is the leitmotif of the story, it is repeated more than once.What does this mean in the literal sense?Fair stands a collective image of the ascending span "bridge of life": childhood, youth, maturity active.About unusual baggage, consisting of intangible things, says the author in the story "Flying my horses."All text, like a patchwork quilt, consisting of vivid memories, impressions and exciting thought.

Smolensk - small homeland

writer Boris L. Memories its close ties with his native city of Smolensk.Since childhood Vasiliev wanted to be a historian.With gratitude he recalled schoolteachers, bringing citizenship and love for native land.It was during the change of two eras.Country depart from the wounds of the civil war.The ancient city that once grew on the way from the Vikings to the Greeks, was internationalist: Russian, Poles, Lithuanians, Jews ... The Polish neighborhoods, streets Latvian, Tatar suburbs ... The writer compares with a raft of ever-border Smolensk, side by side at different timesLithuania, Rzeczpospolita, and which contains the Pale of Settlement.Different people have made the city's population-raft to escape from tyranny, persecution ...

Childhood memories

about how hungry the world is not different people divided themselves into winners and losers, and helped each other, tells the story "Flying my horses".

Boris Vasilyev childish clearly and vividly tells about the streets of the city with hundreds of carter;admiringly it tells the story of the ruins of a medieval dungeon in Lopatinsky garden, a place where on the orders of Svyatopolk killed Holy Martyr Prince Gleb, a Varangian street ditches Royal bastion, ancient burial mounds, of the ancient oak in Pokrovskaya mountain, which, according to tradition, was one of the sacredin a grove of trees, planted by the ancient Slavs-Kriviches.

He recalls how in 1936 in dry serf ditch rebyatnya discovered Klondike weapons from medieval swords to Tatar gun belts during the First World War.

writer of his birth.Dr. Jansen

He was born in the house of Paul at the Intercession in the family mountain of red commander, party of four wars, wounded and shell-shocked Germans White Cossacks.

But the birth of Boris Vasilyev has the merit of another person who is not a relative of his.Bright and piercing image of a great man, loved by all Smolensk, the physician will of God Dr. Jansen's really pathetic.It was he who advised the mother of the future writer suffering from tuberculosis, to give birth, "to give birth, El.Childbirth - a great miracle ... "Seven years before the unbelieving mother writer knelt in the mud and prayed fervently ... All the people came to the funeral of the last of the holy city.Disinterested Jansen, unaware output, extremely austere living, died saving two boys caught in the sewer pit.

Family Vasilyev.The image of the father

Details writer talks about his family, about dad, mother, grandmother, two sisters and Ole Gal.Through soldering father's family did not starve, says Boris L. Vasilyev ("Flying my horses").However, the house was always only the most necessary.The cult of labor is different lifestyles Vasilyev.

touching and emotionally depicts the image of his father.A short man, with all his heart accepted the revolution, he blasted the war, loved and recited poetry, initiated and created the Automobile Club for children.And once Boris L. witnessed the courage of the father when he prevented the fire, rolling out of the fire burning and very heavy barrel of gasoline.Disinterested, always dressed in an officer's uniform, is not recognized by other transport than a bicycle.He was happy when his son entered the Academy of armored and miserable when he left her for creative work in the theater.The father did not live one year before the final formation of the creative son.The writer, after the long period of creative searches, writing a novel, "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", came to the tomb of his father with the phrase, which he did not wait in his lifetime: "Dad, I did ...".

impressive seems a dream in which Boris L. sees dead father, walking with him on the old, neglected garden.The sky is covered with clouds autumn, but in the garden of quiet, light and warmth.Bushes currants and gooseberries covered with leaves.Below them, in addition to berries, apples lie.However, the sun is not visible.All light comes from his father, a quiet, expressionless son nor censure, nor approval of, treated him cool apples, raised from the ground.

grandmother - the first teacher of art is unique

masterful writer transmitted the image of his beloved grandmother, irrepressible dreamer, noble, impractical and emotionally generous woman.In his naive desire for goodness and justice, it is a bit like Don Quixote.She's his example awakened the little Boris desire for creativity.A moment before he died she was silent before, opened her eyes and strictly a matter of her daughter: "Where Borja, El?Where is my Boris? .. ".

Vasiliev - an idealist, his fate changed abruptly

about the life and creative search of detail tells readers the full content of the "Flying my horses."Vasiliev tells about how he had three times on their own abruptly changed his destiny.For the first time - by enrolling at the Faculty of Engineering in the Academy of armored.The second time - in 1954, demobilized "for doing literary work", to be more precise, wanting to write theater plays.

third time - in 1969, when the writer with 25 years of experience and felt finally realized his particular talent, I realized that, and how he should write, stopped working "daily bread" and began to really create.He was replaced by theater and cinema was not mistaken.

Impressions of War are concealed writer-soldier

Boris L., soldier and also a thinker, a humanist, the book briefly writes about his participation in World War II.He does not idealize the war, apart from science to kill a forced, unnatural.The writer recalled an episode when the ashen face with the headmaster of the year 22.06.1941 told him and his three classmates about the beginning of the war.What was the reaction of the children?At that time, the boys knew all types of weapons, so as today's children are guided in the car make ... The response was paradoxical: four boys, spontaneously shouted "Hurrah! ..".A home with a front of them returned only Boris.Writer, survived the war, just flipped the page of his biography.

Climbing creativity

36 pages of text talks about themselves, their locations, aspirations in the autobiographical novel "Flying my horses" Boris Vasilyev.The content of his story about the creative way involves several steps.He remembers with gratitude the people who helped him in the creative development.

Head TSTSA (Central Red Army Theater) Alex D. Popov, who spoke May 3, 1954 with a young writer Vasilyev, who wrote the play "Tankers", influenced his decision to demobilize.

Director scenic studio Dulgheru VE, promote the screenplay of the film "The next flight," and shooting the same film Sverdlovsk film studio.This studio memorable introduction to Yu Druninoy and C. Rapoport.

Directed by Vladimir Petrov, promote awareness features writer of his talent.He first started to work seriously with Vasilyev.Unfortunately, this did not last long: the director died a dignified death on the set.

Writer Boris Polevoy, which Boris L. told about their creative plans in 1954.He was instrumental in the creation of the novel "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", which brought Vasilyev-Union.Next were written "is not listed," "Tomorrow Was the War", "The Magnificent Six", "Burning Bush".

At the heart of each of the officers found a review phrase of Boris Vasiliev "There is such a profession - to defend the Motherland!" From the film "Officers", which brilliantly played Yumatov and Lanovoi.

In the last years of life Vasiliev wrote historical novels about ancient princes.


not accidentally wrote a novel Boris L. Vasilyev "Flying my horses."The text of the product read voraciously.Readers notice the paradox of the story: as a full-blooded writer tells of his being, that makes their own response need to think seriously about his own life.

Exciting offers his thoughts Boris Vasilyev ("Flying my horses").Summary of the story, following the line of thought of the author, and should include documentary features and deep philosophy of life, unobtrusive and subtle humor.The story itself is not to be just a chronological order of events.It is similar as the life of the author (by his own admission), the bright quilt.Writer reveals to us his full creative potential, all of its intangible wealth.It really appears to us without any arrogance but with true dignity of human creativity.