"Scarlet Sails" Who wrote it?

product described later, it is associated with a very beautiful and happy tale of a prince, which only dream of every girl.However, not everyone knows the story of the author extravaganza "Scarlet Sails".Who wrote it, and let's find out.First of all it is necessary to understand how it could be born in mind such extraordinary imagination.To begin with acquaintance with the biography of the author.


writer and novelist, known as Green, who lived between 1880 and 1932, most often associated with the writing of sea adventure stories.This, in principle, is the answer to the question, who wrote the "Scarlet Sails".Full name of the writer - Alexander S. Grinevskiy and "Green" has been a reduction in the future of his pseudonym.

He was born on August 11 (23 Old Style) in the village of Sloboda Vyatka province.His father's name was Stefan Grinevskiy, he was a Polish nobleman, who for their participation in the Polish Uprising of 1863 was sent to Siberia.Upon expiry, in 1868, he was allowed to

move in the Vyatka province.There he meets a 16-year-old nurse Anna Stepanovna Lepkova, who becomes his wife.For seven years they had no children.Alexander became the first-born, and after him there were two sisters - Catherine, and Antonina.Alexander's mother died when he was 15 years old.

Very often there are questions from readers about the product "Scarlet Sails" (who wrote it and some biographical information present in the saga of the writer as a person passionately fell in love with the sea).

Returning to his biography, it is worth noting that the theme of the sea Alexander captured after he alone was 6 years old read "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift.After graduating in 1896 Vyatskoe four-year city school, he moved to Odessa and wanted to become a sailor.First, he had to wander and fast, but then with the help of a friend of his father he gets a boat "Platon" sailor and begin to ply the route Odessa-Batumi-Odessa.

Lighting on the question of who wrote the "Scarlet Sails", the author of this work (Green) can be called rebellious, restless, adventurous.Sailor's work was very hard and did not bring him any moral satisfaction, and then in 1897 he returned to Vyatka, and then moved to Baku, where he was a fisherman and laborer in iron-road workshops.Then he went back to his father, where he worked in the Urals gold prospector, miner, lumberjack, theater scribe.

Rebel Soul

What "Scarlet Sails", who wrote and as the author of this work was a romantic person, try to find out more.And here it is necessary to pay attention to the establishment of the young Green, because in 1902 he became a simple soldier of reserve infantry battalion stationed in Penza.Then he twice had deserted and hid in Simbirsk.

SRs liked his bright performances.He had even underground nickname - "lanky".But in 1903 he was arrested in Sevastopol for propaganda against the system.After his release he went to St. Petersburg, where he was again arrested and deported to Siberia.From there, he will run away again to Vyatka, which procure a foreign passport, with whom he will move to Moscow.

1906-1908 biennium.It became his turning point - he becomes a writer and begins to work hard romantic novels, including "The Island of Reno", "Zurbagansky arrows", "Captain Duke," a collection of stories, "The Colony Lanfier" and so on. d.

creative period

Highlighting the theme "Who wrote the" Scarlet Sails ", I must say that in 1917, Green moved to Petrograd, hoping for improvement in society.But then, a little later, he was disappointed in all the events in the country.

In 1919, the future writer will serve as a signalman in the Red Army.During these years he began to publish in the journal "Flame" editor Lunacharsky.

Green believed that all the most beautiful on earth depends on the will of good, strong and pure heart and soul of people.Therefore, it has born such great works as "Scarlet Sails", "Running on waves", "Shining World" and so on. D.

In 1931, he will have time to write his autobiographical novel.And in 1932, July 8, at the 52 th year of life, he died of stomach cancer in the Old Crimea.Two days before his death, as the present Orthodox, he would invite to her priest, communion and confess.Wife Nina choose the right place for the grave, where is open sea view.At the grave of the writer establish a monument to Gagarin Tatiana - "Running on Waves" girl.

being born "Scarlet SailsĀ»

So, returning to work "Scarlet Sails" (who wrote the novel), have about one can understand how a man was the author of this literary masterpiece.But it should be noted and sad page in his biography.When Greene served as a signalman in 1919, he fell ill with typhus, and was treated for a month in the hospital, where he, seriously ill, Maxim Gorky once sent tea, bread and honey.

After recovery, again using the same Gorky, Green managed to get a ration and a room at Nevsky Prospekt, 15, in the "House of Art" where his neighbors began NS Gumilyov, Kaverin, O. E. Mandelstam, VA Christmas.

Who wrote the "Scarlet Sails"?

our story would not quite be complete without these details.Neighbors recalled that Greene lived as a hermit in a world where no one wanted to admit.At the same time, he begins to work on his touching and poetic work "Scarlet Sails".

spring of 1921 Green marries widow Nina Nikolayevna Mironova.She worked as a nurse, but they met in 1918.All subsequent 11 years of marriage, they did not leave and considered a gift of fate they met.

Answering a question about who wrote the "Scarlet Sails" and to whom the work was dedicated, we can say only one thing: the Green your literary masterpiece presented as a gift to November 23, 1922 was Nina Nikolayevna Green.It will be the first fully published in 1923.

Who wrote the "Scarlet Sails".Summary

One of the main characters, sullen and unsociable Longren, lived in what is engaged in manufacturing a variety of crafts, model sailing ships and steamers.Local wary of this man.And all because of that incident, when one day during a storm innkeeper Menners dragged into the open sea, but Longren did not think to save him, but heard him praying for help.Grumpy old man just cried at last: "My wife, Mary once and asked you for help, but you refused her!"Menners few days later picked up a passenger ship, who before his death Longren accused in his death.


However, the shopkeeper did not even mention the fact that five years ago his wife Longren, when her husband was at sea, addressed to Menners that he took her some money.She recently gave birth to a girl gonna, childbirth was difficult, all the money spent on treatment.But Menners calmly told her that if she was not so touchy, he could not help her.

Then the poor woman has decided to lay the ring and went to the city, after which she was very cold and soon died of pneumonia.Returning her husband, a fisherman Longren stayed with the baby in his arms and has never went to sea.

In general, however, but local gonna hate father.Their hatred spread and the very girl who therefore plunged into a world of his fantasies and dreams, as if and does not need to communicate with their peers and friends.Father replaced it all.


Once his father sent to the city eight-gonna sell new toys.Among them was a miniature sailboat with scarlet silk sails.Gonna let down in a creek boat, and the water flow brought it to the mouth, where she saw the old storyteller Eglya that by holding the boat, said that soon after her sail ship with scarlet sails and the prince, who will take her with him in hisdistant country.

Returning, gonna tell everything to his father, but was close beggar overheard their conversation, and blew the story of the ship with Prince throughout Kapernoy, after which the girl began to tease and considered crazy.

Arthur Gray

and Prince showed up.Arthur Gray - the sole heir of a noble family living in the ancestral castle, very resolute and fearless young man with a lively and responsive soul.He loved the sea since childhood and wanted to be a captain.At age 20, he bought a three-masted ship "The Secret" and walked to sail.

Once, being near Kapernoy, early in the morning, he and his sailor decided to sail on the boat to find a place for fishing.And suddenly he finds on the coast of the sleeping Assol.The girl was struck by its beauty that he decided to put it on the little finger of his old ring.

Then, in a local restaurant Gray learned the story associated with the loony gonna.But drunk collier assured that everything is a lie.A captain and unaided was able to understand the soul of this extraordinary girl, since he himself was a bit out of this world.He immediately went to the city, where in one of the shops found scarlet silk.On the morning of his "The Secret" came out in the sea with crimson sails, and by the middle of the day it could be seen from Kaperny.

gonna saw the ship, was beside herself with happiness.She immediately rushed to the sea, where there were a lot of people.From the ship departed the boat, and it was the captain.A few minutes later Assol was on the ship with Gray.That's how it happened, as predicted by shrewd old man.

The same day, a barrel was discovered a century of wine, and the next morning the ship was already far away, and took away all of Kaperny crew of "The Secret."

this is possible and close the topic "Who wrote the work" Scarlet Sails "?" Alexander S. Green (Grinevskiy) presented to anyone who follows the extraordinary tale of a dream.