Feta poem "Evening" - sentiment analysis

January 5, 1820 born one of the most lyrical poets of Russia - Athanasius Fet.Among the greatest talents of the nineteenth century, the name was not lost.His small masterpieces of magnitude of 8-12 lines, such as "Summer Evening" or "Night" are stored in the strength and depth of images identity and expression.

evenings and nights

In this cycle Fet included two "night" of the poem.Written in the years they are surprisingly different.In the first, the earlier, the poet still required source.In the second - he quietly enjoys the twilight, coming at night, which will bring peace to all living creatures.He alone only calms down the beauty of the universe, which for our enjoyment the LORD.

small masterpiece

In 1847, twenty-seven as an officer, he serves in Ukraine and secluded on the banks of streams with a friend or girlfriend.Simple words that evening, clear and quiet, calls on the satellite to look into the thrill of the mysterious slumber willows over the river, in a pale-red sunset, a little mu

ffled in glitter whimsical crimps river - an analysis of the poem "Summer Evening".Fet sees how the wind sways the crown over the forest, and wants it to be noticed us invisible interlocutor.This serenity is broken only by the clatter of the herd, and the neighing of horses.But it sounds pretty familiar.From the color, gloss and develops a symphony of sounds that will not go out when the star appeared in the sky.So you see the two officers after the exercises on the parade ground, hurry up and snoozing on the beach and chewing a blade of grass.Close up they see that day can be seen only in passing, if not overlooked.Calm, painted sunsets paint the landscape, filled with the sounds.He is ready to embrace and accommodate all the harmony of the world.This is the analysis of the poem Feta "Summer Evening".This miniature is capable of replacing the whole story.

Loneliness evening

rather short, only 12 stanzas of the poem Feta "Evening".Analysis, or rather enjoy the fading evening is far from clear sounds of the river.The hero listens carefully.Something rolled in silence through the grove - this says a poem Feta "Evening".Analysis of simple everyday life - this is the theme of the poem.Low-key beauty of God's world embraces the whole of the poet.But the lyrical hero gazed into the details!Analysis of the poem Feta "Evening" - a thin fixing minutes whimsical mood.Bending runs west creek, burned up in the sun, smoke clouds dissolve.From these visual and musical details of this vigilance is composed poem Feta "Evening".Analysis passing day, his sighs, zateplilas, blue and green, bright summer lightning, moisture veyuschy heat hill - do not miss the attentive gaze of love.Today, he and the satellite is not necessary - you only need to enter the world of his soul and to fill it.Internal communication of carefully selected components convey the mood of the lyrics thinker.From these details, composed a poem Feta "Evening".Analysis of the experiences of his watercolors, he transmits to the reader.As it is close to what he sees and hears the opinion ear.His heartfelt songs taught to not only watch, but also to see, not only to listen but also hear.

epic poet and novelist

LNTolstoy was one of the first to appreciate in its entirety lyrical audacity of his contemporary, neighbor and friend.Being a strong owner of the estate, Fet often comes over to a hospitable and open house of Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana.And he wondered from where such business, and good-natured fat man's ability to convey the most subtle movements of the soul, fill the world with beauty.

poet flees from rationality, and his thoughts arise unexpectedly and dazzling.Lyrics feta flutter like changing lives.