" The whole point in a single covenant " : the analysis ." The whole point in a single covenant " - a poem Twardowski

author of the world famous' Basil Terkina "Soviet poet Alexander Tvardovsky, was a man like you and me.He suffered the same issues of life that each of us, but it is distinguished from the others ability to translate into a verbal form of the fact that many do not know how to express.A simple analysis of "The whole point in a single covenant" - a miniature poem - it shows.

Important facts

biography of the poet's parents lived on a farm in the Smolensk region, maternal ancestors guarding the borders of the Russian state.His grandfather was a simple soldier, his father managed to earn a hard-forging the amount needed for the purchase of a small plot of land on which the farm was built.The birth of the poet were in 1910.Ahead was a social revolution, the First World and the Civil War.

Apparently, that life on earth, productive labor was given to the poet clear understanding of life, the brilliant simplicity of style and the national love.It was the same as millions of Russian-speaking people.He

was the one who speaks for all.Analysis "The whole point in a single covenant" says that every person - a unique universe.Everyone has a unique personal experience, knowledge and capabilities.This combination can not be repeated in the other person.

Busting family nest

dictatorship of the proletariat and families touched Twardowski.They were dispossessed, did not reckon with the fact that the family property has been earned over many years of work.Parents and brother were exiled, the farm burned down villagers.But Twardowski was a man of quick mind and a broad outlook.He realized that Russia is on a new path, that the time of small farms, simple family effort passed.We can not know what he was thinking, but his poem support collectivization, they dream of a bright future of the new village.Analysis "The whole point in a single covenant" shows that the poet had his own, unknown to one vision of life.

Creative milestones

published poems Twardowski began at age 15, and writing - from early childhood, when he could not even write them down.Poetic "godfather" was the poet Mikhail Isakovsky two truly Russian talent met in the newspaper "Work Path."The first printed collection of poems was published in Twardowski Smolensk in 1935.It was at that time 25 years old poet.Since that time, and for all the poet considered himself an integral part of Russia, the Russian people and all the events that take place with the country.Everything will be - and the "Road House," and "For dalyu distance" and "I killed underneath Rzhev," and many other poems and poems, instantly memorable and accurately express the innermost thoughts of man.

Analysis "The whole point in a single covenant" explains that the poet is aware of itself as a unique creator with the right to own voice.He understands, in which a number of his place, and this place - his own.The poem was written in 1958, during a time of personal and creative maturity.

place human life

understanding of their place in society comes to each person at different times.But not many people realize that in life is given at birth.Once a person is born, lives and is engaged in something - so he takes the life of a cell that belongs to him.You can not do what busy neighbor or friend, because everyone has their own priorities and values.

Many people suffer for years because of the fact that their lives trying to fulfill someone else's problem.Endlessly preach to parents, spouses, friends, and even adult children.Understanding what people initially free - not only in action but also in thought - comes not at once.The ability to follow its own path right from the start is not recognized by all, it is truly a gift of fate.The author explains that the two great lines:

¬ęThe fact that I know better than anyone else,

want to say.And the way I want. "

Tvardovsky "The whole point in a single covenant": analysis

Creativity Twardowski so clear and recognized, because it is true.Analysis verse Tvardovsky "The whole point in a single covenant" shows that about complicated things and high feelings can say simple and clear words.No pathos, artificiality, convention, or the pretentiousness of such decorations.The truth needs no adornment.Each word is powerful, and clearly expresses the essence of what is happening.Analysts and literary critics used up tons of paper, explaining the essence of the poet.But to say so aptly, simply, succinctly and clearly as he, no one else can.To say so, needed his own life, his bitter and difficult experience, the pain of his homeland, his honest attitude to the fact that the country is good and what is bad.

Tvardovsky always said what he thinks, despite the negative consequences, the destruction of the magazine "New World" and the long disgrace.Do not scratch Alexander Twardowski wrote "The whole point in a single covenant."Analysis of the poem shows that the poet is aware of the complexity and danger of the work.

person has the right

In his works Twardowski acts as a real humanist.All people live, their concerns and worries, there is in his work.Twardowski - one of those who first spoke about the value of each individual in the era of the construction of Soviet society.At that time, it was thought that the value of the collective above the personal.An analysis of the poem "The whole point in a single covenant" contains reflections on the value of the poet himself - as a poet and man.However, so everyone can understand that "the only covenant" - to remain faithful to their nature, their purpose on earth.Owning your own voice - perhaps the main goal of human life.Even if it only hears the voice of the family - perhaps without that voice it is not the family would have been.Same with the society, with the team, with an idea.To view received support, it must be said.

responsibility and dignity

man, aware of his place in life, calm and confident.Analysis of the poem Tvardovsky "The whole point in a single covenant" shows that the expression of this understanding is achieved by a special poetic technique - verbal ring.The repetition of the personal pronoun and the same words creates a sense of inviolability, reliability and immutability said.

reading a poem, you can feel the poet's state of mind, to understand his worldly truth and touch the enormous innate talent.

Wisdom and integrity

Wisdom - is the ability to tactfully call a spade a spade.An analysis of the verse, "The whole point in a single covenant" shows that the poet is not alien to ordinary experiences that beset each of us."I am one with the bustling life" - so everyone can say, aware of the finiteness of the earth's path.Wisdom - is the acceptance of life such as it is, with all the ups and downs, the ability to enjoy life in all its corners.