Proverbs about plants as understanding the natural environment

Since ancient times, people's lives are directly dependent on the gifts of nature and the harvest.First gathering of fruits, berries, mushrooms and hunting are the main way of subsistence of ancient people.Later, they became husbandmen, and began to grow plants on their fields.And as soon as people realized their dependence on the mercy of nature - appeared proverbs about plants.

Proverbs about sowing

Spring has always been for the people the most anticipated time of the year, as it tied the beginning of the new field work, the end of the hungry days and hope for the future harvest, "Green outfit pleases any look."

«More fertilize the land - more will harvest", - said the wise and always fed on the ground day Mitrofan dung."Without manure-father did not wait for bread from the earth-mother" - this happened right at the tillers of the soil for a long time.They were of the nature of the tips about when to sow corn, plant vegetables in the garden, and know exactly when it is better to freak.So there

is a proverb about plants and national signs: "If a crude Ivanov Earth Day - for the yield of grain";"At this Alain flax yaritsu, buckwheat, barley and wheat later, soot cucumber";"Beans - not the mushrooms: not plant - not germinate."

Much later, in the XX century, there was an agricultural science, which explains how to grow crops using the latest technology.But still gardeners plant vegetables in the open ground, relying on the wisdom of the people's will.

harvest in proverbs

a real feast for the villagers were harvesting.It depended on him as the family or the community will survive the winter."Time missed - not catch, and missed the harvest" - so spelled sages careless people."Sow a large grain - will be the bread and wine.It is better to starve, and sow the seed of good "- they advised before planting crops.

«Spring beautiful flowers and autumn - sheaves" - is known to all, young and old.That's coffers were full measure of prosperity and guarantee security in the winter, as the proverb says about plants, fruits and vegetables.

«Lunch without vegetables - what a celebration without music", - said the people."Do not grow up in the summer vegetables, winter and does not cook ing" - warned the young hostesses wise old man.Contact

people with gifts of nature can be traced by the proverbs and sayings that are rooted in the folklore of the peoples of the world.For example, in China, said: "Protecting plants you saving lives."The Japanese believe "bad boss grow weeds, good - growing rice, cultivated land intelligent and visionary brings the employee."

The list of proverbs about the plants were vegetables, which has long been popularly known for its medicinal properties.For example: "Carrot added blood";"Garlic and onions from seven disease save";"The greens on the table - health for 100 years";"Luke 7 treats ailments and diseases garlic 7 plagues."

These jokes old men taught the youth to exactly what vegetables help to be healthy and strong.

characteristics of people in Proverbs about plants

often popularly used comparisons with the environment, when they wanted to evaluate people's actions.

For example, saying "tree valued for its fruit, and the people - for" "Tree roots held, and people - my friends" people compared to trees.These accurately noted by the quality of transmitting the essence of the person to whom addressed expression.

Such comparisons can be found in many sayings of the world.

«scold himself, and not the sun, if your garden has not bloomed," - says the Tajik proverb.Most often similar expressions relate to such traits as laziness and carelessness."Anyone who loves fruit must climb the tree to rip them" - believe the British.

many proverbs about the plants show the stupidity and impatience of man.For example: "Do not shake the green apple, when the fruit is ripe, it will fall myself" - say that the Italians who did not have the patience to wait.

nations of the world united in their proverbs and sayings about nature and its gifts.In fact, not so different people on different continents if their folk wisdom teaches the same - love your region, check out the mercy of nature and give her his work.

Proverbs about the flora and fauna

For people who work on the ground, vegetables, fruits and livestock are the real breadwinners.They are devoted to proverbs about animals and plants, invented in ancient times.Thanks to them, the older generation inculcate in children a love of nature and the land on which their parents work.

«Would garden and Nightingales fly", - said the old man young.And they comforted them: "Forest - the richness and beauty, take care of their forests";"The birds, beasts protects - never hurt."

With these proverbs and sayings grew youth tsenivshaya gifts of land.

proverbial role in people's lives

In modern society, the proverb is rarely used, and once they were learning and guide for children and youth.Proverbs about plants help remember when to sow corn, plant vegetables and fertilize the ground, and when - the harvest.

this way old people taught children to work, develop such qualities as patience and diligence, wean from laziness."Spruce, birch - is not wood, bread and cabbage - is not food?" - They said those who pick and choose.

«Love the woods and nature, will always lovely people!" - This is the main theme of Russian proverbs about the world.