Life and work Shukshina

Vasily Shukshin - Russian writer, who lived in the twentieth century.He was a man of difficult fate.Shukshin was born in 1929 in a small village Srostki (Altai Territory).It was a difficult time.As a child, the future writer lost his father.His repressed.His stepfather died in the war.Shukshin was in automotive technical school, worked as a mechanic in various cities of the Soviet Union.He served in the army.So he spent his first post-war years.

Path to calling

secondary education the future writer was completed only in the early 50s.Car college, he never finished.Passport SHukshin received in his native village.Splice Vasiliy Kravchuk worked as a teacher and was even the principal.

How is it that after a few years spent in his native village, SHukshin went to Moscow to come to VGIK?What a thought tormented him in those years?Feelings reopen soul SHukshin later describe in his famous village stories.With the proceeds from the sale of future cash cow actor and director went to the capital.He follo

wed his heart.

first creative achievements

Feeling writer's gift, SHukshin applies for scriptwriting faculty, but goes to the director.His teacher was the famous Mikhail Romm, author of the film "Nine Days of One Year" and "Ordinary Fascism".It is this venerable director advised the young Shukshin print their stories.Literary success did not come immediately.Only in the early 60's were published some works.

first directorial work unnoticed, but Vasyl Kravchuk quickly gained recognition as an actor.Creativity Shukshina began with an episode in the film "The Quiet Don".Within two years, the actor starred in his first leading role.He was invited by the outstanding director Marlene Hutsiev (the film "Two Fedor").Shukshina acting career is going well.Directors often turned to him with job offers.About twice a year in the Soviet Union, the movie with the actor.

film and literature

director's creative Shukshina officially begins in the '60s.Vasyl Kravchuk arranged to work in the Gorky Film Studio.Shukshin considered promising writer.His first film Vasiliy Kravchuk took based on his own stories.The film "He lives a guy" has received good reviews and public criticism.This cheerful comedy awarded the prize of the festival in Leningrad and Venice.

next ten years as a director Shukshina work was not particularly productive.His film about the uprising of Stepan Razin rejected the State Committee for Cinematography.But that time has not passed in vain.Vasyl Kravchuk made two films and published a collection of short stories "The villagers".In addition, in the ten years he was twice married and became the father of three daughters.


Shukshina first marriage was unsuccessful.His wife, Maria Shumskaya was odnoselchanka writer.They were married in the splices, but apart from the registrar's office returned since and lived alone, he - in the capital, it is - in the village.

writer Life was difficult.In Moscow, he became addicted to alcohol.Because of this addiction has broken second marriage of the writer Victoria Sofronova.In this family, he was born the first child Shukshina - girl.In the third marriage to actress Lydia Fedoseeva Vasily Kravchuk had two daughters - Maria and Olga.

main characters - the people from the village

Literary creation Shukshina associated with Soviet village and its inhabitants.The heroes of his stories surprised readers and critics of its strangeness.Vasyl Kravchuk book character can not be named uniquely positive or negative.They are able and good, and bad.Heroes Shukshina impetuous, impulsive.They often make illogical actions.These people are independent and deeply unhappy.They make rash acts with serious consequences because their soul crushed treason, betrayal and injustice.

Shukshina Life and work are interrelated.The writer - a native of the village.Prototypes of the heroes he knew firsthand.Often the characters stories Shukshin can not understand what is happening to them.Why are they unhappy?And they themselves can not explain and justify their actions.All the matter in the human soul.She knows how to live.This intuitive understanding is in conflict with the reality of an unspecified fate village idiot, drunk or ex-con.

Temple as a symbol

In Shukshin's stories often mentioned church.It serves sublime symbol of purity and morality.And, as a rule, it undergoes degradation.In the work of "Master" village drunkard Semka carpenter trying to save a local church.But all his attempts fail.And in the book "strong man" hero destroys the temple to get the bricks for the construction of the crib.On the moral fall narrate the life and works of Shukshin.

attention to everyday

stories Basil Kravchuk critics often accused of bytopisatelstvo.This means that, in their opinion, SHukshin too much emphasis on peasant everyday life.It would seem that for such charges have every reason to.Writer detail shows unsightly life of his characters, but this method is justified artistically.Rural people are not accustomed to ponder their fate in philosophical terms.They simply live, work, eat and sleep, doing the usual daily chores.And only the restless soul from time to time makes itself felt.Heroes Shukshina often do not understand the reasons for suffering, but because they react rapidly and violently.

Other works - a perspective

diversity of folk characters in the works of Shukshin evident in the story "And in the morning they woke up."This is one of the most famous works of the writer.In the work the author tells the story of the morning waking people caught up in the drunk tank.Everyone remembers the last day and tells the audience his story.Among them are people from all walks of life: a plumber, a tractor, a former prisoner and even the professor.

central place in the works of Shukshin takes a novel, "I will come to you."This work is devoted to the historical event - the peasant uprising led by Stepan Razin.The hero of the novel is somewhat reminiscent of the village eccentrics short-story writer.Stepan Razin, a strong, independent, restless man with a keen sense of justice.

Characteristic features characters

Vasily Shukshin, biography and creativity which are studied in many schools and universities, wrote mostly in the genre of the story.Most of his works show similar problems.The writer does not idealize their heroes.As a rule, the villagers in his stories are far from samples hill nature and purity of thought.The author explains the actions of the heroes rarely.In each of the stories Shukshin - life situation, standard or unique.

creativity Vasily Shukshin very diverse.However, all the characters are somewhat similar.Their common feature - the lack of implementation.This is manifested in different ways.In the story "cut" rustic peasant Gleb Kapustin loves to humiliate the villagers who have achieved success.He is an intelligent man and erudite.However, finds no useful application in quality, working on a rural sawmill.Hence - the dissatisfaction.Gleb does not drink, do not mischief.He finds an original way to his wounded pride, humiliating people who are unlucky in life than him.

Life and work of Basil Shukshin reflect throwing his heroes.Kohl Paratov (story "My wife accompanied her husband to Paris") demeans wife Valentina.She constantly reproaches that he is not having a profession, earning little.Kolya feels intuitively seeks out and return to the village.For other values ​​in the city, not all measured by money.But holding the baby.Nick begins to drink, his wife threatened violence.Finding himself in a dead end life, he commits suicide.

Central cinematographic work

Vasily Shukshin, biography and whose work attracted the attention of art lovers, entered the history of Russian literature.He took not a lot of films.His directorial work directly related to literary works.Central cinematographic work - "Kalina Krasnaya".

This film tells the story of Yegor Prokudin.The thief-recidivist, he had recently been released from prison.Egor sent to the village to visit Lyuba.With it, he met in absentia on prison correspondence.It so happened that in the village of Yegor found not only love, friendship and work for everyone.He realized for the first time what it means to live well, according to God's laws.But the past does not let Egor.His accomplices are.Prokudin refuses to return to his former life.For this he was killed.

In many works present Shukshina motive village as a salvation.In it finds happiness Egor Prokudin.The village is torn Kohl Paratov the story "My wife accompanied her husband to Paris."In the villages people closer to nature.The modern consumer society have not touched their souls.But the village - a symbol of the lost happiness.The villagers tortured the same internal problems as citizens.This told us the great Russian writer Vasily Shukshin.