Lyrics AA

Afanasy Fet - a great poet of the 19th century.His melodic verses long since been set to music and are known to us as romances.He wrote for the sake of beauty and touched his sublime syllable policy.Russian nature in the lyrics of feta become almost the main subject of the image.It is this wonderful side of the great poet devoted to this article.

Creativity feta feta

to art was a refuge from everyday life.He believed that the work should not deal with social and political affairs and in general really.His poems have always been dedicated to only love and nature.

first works feta saw the light, as he studied the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University.In his student years he gains fame and actively printed in magazines.

first poet worked with the magazine "Contemporary", but strong public focus editions sickened him.Therefore Fet leaves first magazine, and then Petersburg.Starts landlord lives.The writer did not return to public life, but his poems did not change direction.Love and n

ature in Russian lyric Feta continued to occupy a leading position.

Pure art

Art for art's sake, or the pure art - it is this aesthetic concept adhered to Fet.She concludes that the work should be independent from public life.Art should only bring aesthetic pleasure, and not to call for anything or oppose any political system.It is this concept held poet, so nature in the work of AA Fet so beautiful and whole.It is independent of the powerful of this world, no matter what no effect, its merit - only in the beauty, and the most important thing.

landscape poetry Feta

Russian nature depicted in the lyrics Feta inspired, very emotional and surprising.It is not connected with the work of the peasants as Nekrasov, and does not reflect the feelings of the lyrical, like Lermontov.However, it is always a delight and aesthetic pleasure.

surprising here that Fet shows not some special or spectacular paintings, and the most common.However, they are imbued with joy, and they opened the mystery of the cycle of life itself.

images of nature poet tangible, concrete, full of details, sounds and even smells.No one before him from the writers did not pay such close attention the image of nature, its detail.Nature and man in the lyrics of AAFeta related, they share common feelings: "What a night!All stars ... Heat gently and look into the soul of the newly ... ยป

Through the closeness to nature Fet comes to intimacy with the universe, gradually his poems are beginning to acquire a cosmic orientation.In some poems, lyrical "I" of the poet is alone with the world and the cosmos: "The land of obscurity ... carried away, and I ... One night I saw in his face."

And further isolation from land and loneliness only increase on the background of cosmic spaces opening: "Above this abyss I hung ... I measured the depth of the eye in which the impossible ... the tone."In this poem the nature of space first, and then the space is gradually increasing, and in the end absorbs lyrical.His heart dissolves in the world.

In his manner of portraying nature Fet close to the Impressionists.The poet draws seen, trying to convey the impression, momentary spiritual impulse.Surrounding reality reflects the inner world of the lyrical hero.This is largely due to the fact that Fet animates nature humanizes it, while people become a part of the living world.

Image of nature in spring

Russian nature in the lyrics of feta can be displayed at different times of the year, but mostly found in the poems of spring images.The arrival of spring is seen as the resurrection of the lyrical hero, so he looks forward to it.Wave, listening, trying to recognize the signs of its appearance: "... the heart ... and hear everything that moves and breathes, zadyshit by a new spring."

Spring gives the poet forces, it awakens a thirst for life, at the same time, he admires her eternal beauty of constantly reviving.Each season the poet associated with certain emotions and the rhythm of life.For example, the spring is a kind of sadness, laziness and emotional bliss: "I perish of boredom and laziness / lonely life is not sweet, / aching heart ..." (from the poem "Bees").Effeminacy, suffers from strange melancholy, but feels the approach of something new lyrical draws Fet.

nature theme in the lyric poet is very common.There is not a single poem, which somehow she had not sounded.

Image winter nature

images of nature in winter poems Feta are often associated with the image of death.Thus, the following details: the crypt, oak crosses, trees, dressed in "mourning" outfits, etc.Lost in eternal sleep nature merges with thoughts about the nothingness of death, alone.How ever sad and sad in these works, fet.Nature theme in the lyrics associated with the image of the winter, always painted in dark tones: "Earth has cooled down for a long time and died."Therefore, never shows the fun on snow background, happiness goes with the warm, leaving only death and loneliness.


Thus, the theme of nature in the lyrics of Fet is always connected with the inner world of the poet.The entire force of his poetry lies in the emotional, poetic and incredibly detailed images of landscapes.