Mikhail Sholokhov, "Colt".

War - one of the most terrible events, which can only happen in people's lives.It has tremendous destructive power, makes you forget about humanity and morality.But man differs from animals that his soul by nature - "Christian" (the definition of B. Augustine).Permanent reminder of this is the story Sholokhov "foal", written in 1926.The focus of the writer is a military confrontation of red and white, during which accomplished the greatest mystery of the world - the birth of a new being.

Mikhail Sholokhov, "colt": a summary of the story

small works show, in which the complex relationships are two opposite sides of the life of the Don: the war on Deathwalker shots and inexplicable cruelty and the world with a mother's love and the ability to be compassionate.Contrast and different parts of the story.At the beginning of his reader becomes a witness of how new life is born, and in the final - both just killed a man overtaken by his bullets.

appearance of the foal

The story begins with a descript

ion of a summer day.It is quite humdrum pattern with buzzing flies from the dunghill, ringing in the garden bees and screaming rooster complemented by a hail of grapeshot explosions, machine-gun fire rang out in the distance and a groan lying wounded in the house.In such circumstances, the red mare foal was born.

first feeling he experienced - the horror.It was only after his mother licked it and it buried in her warm udders come a feeling of fullness of life.His very appearance was as out of place - to such thoughts leads the reader Mikhail Sholokhov.The foal is associated with joy and happiness, and only around the blood and suffering.


Released owner of the house Trofim looked around his horse.She was thin, tired, but the haughty eyes radiated joy and upper lip seemed to be smiling.Next to her, like a toy horse, he swung on the thin-legged foal.The man was faced with a difficult choice: what to do?Kill - the answer suggests itself ... After the war he did not place - in the battle will interfere.

fate is sealed

Soon Trofim, apologetically, haltingly told commander how strangely behaved lately his mare.Squadron was adamant: "Shoot."So categorically, however, and relies on the war, a decision on the fate of just being born - said Mikhail Sholokhov.

foal had to live just before dawn, as early in the morning Trofim went to the stables with a rifle.Along the way he greeted peacefully sitting on the porch squadron - he tried to weave a ladle for dumplings.Asked the commander: "You go to eliminate the colt?" Did not say anything, and waved his hand and went on.

minute, two - but the shot never came.Soon, because of the angle of the stables came Trofim.He was embarrassed - writes Sholokhov.Foal - a summary of the ensuing between squadrons and Trofim conversation boiled down to the fact that the rifle is faulty - stayed."When the war - it has to plow ..." - he judged commander.

you look at it - the "heart of stone turns into a loofah┬╗

It took about a month.Once in battle Trofim all could not bring his mare to go forward.She bites the bit, spun in place and kept waiting frolicking foal.At some point, angry man jumped off the horse, raised his rifle and fired into the imp raged whole clip.However, they all flew past: either missed, or hand trembled."Foolish bucked down", he made another circle and stopped nearby - so just behave at this time, as noted by Sholokhov colt.

Summary held the same night conversations between the commander of Trofim and help pass phrase squadron "Stallion ... snichtozh.I look at him and chopping ... can not ... He looks a home .., and a tail like a fox ... Wonderful ..! ┬╗


Soon the Cossacks took the most comfortable position on the river and began firing.The detachment had to swim to cross the Don.

Trofim platoon ordered his mare, and the boat was carrying a saddle.When a unit after the squadron entered the water, he began to seek out his red eyes.Not far from the mother barely sailed weakened - it becomes clear from the description that gives Sholokhov - foal.Summary of what happened next is this.Before Trofim came a plaintive neigh.He first shot - "I'll kill you!" - And then forgetting about the danger, went to the rescue.At this time, the Cossack officer, who watched from the right bank, ordered not to shoot.For a while there was silence.

A little later, on the left bank, there was a tragedy.Out of the water licking its young mare, but the mouth of Trofim he got to his feet - managed to make just two steps.He suddenly felt a hot shot in the chest and fell far away from the foal rescued them.On the opposite side of the officer calmly threw another dymivshuyusya sleeve.

universal value product analysis

story Sholokhov "foal" leads to extremely important conclusions.This work shows the name with a warm as in war a person forgets about important moral precepts.His soul coarsens, and the heart becomes stone.And suddenly, in this moment there is a tiny, helpless creature that evokes thoughts of home, of goodness, of love, of joy peaceful, quiet life.It happened with Trofimov, and a squadron commander and a White Guard officer, who, not long, but still resist evil encountered during the war.

However, a single shot in the final symbolic.He stripped the future of the one who had just given it to another.This proves that such reconciliation is alleged, since none of the warring parties would never agree to take the first step towards ending the carnage.And death Trofim - it's part of human tragedy: return to the Christian commandments is much harder than to forget them.