Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich: comparative characteristics (Table).

problem of relations between parents and children in the literature - the theme is not new.However, Turgenev first creates an image of the advanced man of his time.The writer refers to the main character works "Fathers and Sons" is ambiguous.

Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov and Bazarov - the representatives of different generations.Let's compare and analyze different aspects of how these two characters.

Writer of work

about his novel Turgenev said that it is directed against the aristocracy, according to the Russian advanced class.

Bazarov and Kirsanov - two characters, between the views which formed the basis of the plot of the work.The specific nature of philosophy and social status of these characters can be represented in a table.This form allows you to see the main aspects of their conflict is most evident.

Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich.Comparative characteristics.Table

Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov Yevgeny Bazarov
Drinking aristocracy
Aristocracy is the driving force behind the develop
ment of society
uselessness of the aristocracy, the inability to lead Russia to the future
Drinking nihilism
Considers nihilists harmful to society Nihilism - a powerful engine for development
relationship with the common people
glad when she hears of patriarchal peasant family, says that people can not live without faith Considers the people ignorant, dark and superstitiousnotes revolutionary human spirit
relation to art, nature
He loves nature, art, music determined by the nature as the workshop, which is hosting people.Art finds useless
Born into a noble family was born in family of a local doctor, raznochinets

Drinking aristocracy

Kirsanov believes that the aristocracy is a key driving force behind the development of society.The ideal form of government, in his opinion, - a constitutional monarchy, to which one can come through the liberal reforms.

Bazarov says aristocrats inability to act, they can not benefit, unable to lead Russia to the future.

So are the aristocracy Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich.Comparative characteristics (table shown above) displays it gives an idea of ​​how different their understanding of what is the driving force behind the development of society.

Drinking nihilism

next issue on which the two characters argue, concerns nihilism, its role in society.

Pavel Petrovich defines the representatives of this ideology as the impudent and cynics who do not respect and do not recognize anything.He is pleased that those in society enough.

Nihilists note the need for revolutionary change.Bazarov finds that ignorant people, but revolutionary in its spirit.Eugene sees sense only that it is useful, it does not consider it necessary to say big words.

So look at nihilism Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich.Comparative characteristics (Table is available in the article) shows the moment shows how different the attitude of the heroes of this worldview.

relationship with ordinary people

Pavel Petrovich far from the people, while moved by patriarchal religion.Bazarov said farmers dark, ignorant, who know nothing about their rights.

Kirsanov believes that the lives of ordinary people routinely grandfathers orders correct.Bazarov despise the ignorance of the peasants.

Pavel Petrovich and Bazarov (table captures this moment) a different perception of the situation of ordinary people in society.

In its origin Eugene closer to ordinary people.He - raznochinets.Therefore, greater understanding of the peasants.Pavel Petrovich comes from a noble family, he is absolutely far from understanding the lives of ordinary people.What Kirsanov considers faith, Bazarov calls superstition.

compromise between these characters is not possible, which confirms the duel Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich.

relation to art, nature

views Bazarov and Kirsanov vary even in the perception of art.They are not the same nature.According to Bazarov, reading fiction - an empty case and the nature of it evaluates only as a resource.Kirsanov - his complete opposite.Instead, he loves the world, art and music.

Bazarov believes that it is necessary to rely only on the life of personal experience and feelings.Based on this, he denies the art, because it is - a generalized and imaginative interpretation of the experience, distracting from the case.He denies the world's cultural achievements.

So different views on the nature and the art of Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich.Comparative characteristics (Table displays it) once again shows the practicality looks Eugene.

biography heroes attitude to life

Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov and Bazarov - two opposite character.The author clearly gives us to understand this.Kirsanov Eugene hated for what he showed Paul Petrovich futility of his existence.Before meeting him Kirsanov believed he is noble and worthy of respect.When a Eugene, Pavel Petrovich comes to the realization of emptiness and meaninglessness of their lives.

Kirsanov, certainly - a worthy representative of the nobility.He - son of a general officer, squandered the best years of his life in an effort to win the woman he loves.Senior Kirsanov certainly honest, decent, loves his family.

Turgenev notes that are described in the novel, the best representatives of the nobility, he wanted to emphasize the failure and futility of this class.

Bazarov's parents - a very pious people.His father - Zemsky doctor, mother, writes about it, the author, was born two hundred years ago.

whose social position Bazarov - raznochinets, loving work.He - a man with a strong mind and character, brought up himself.

Pavel Petrovich and Bazarov (table clearly shows this) - two completely different views on the origin and human rights.

In the novel "Fathers and Sons," the author contrasts two very bright character.Beliefs Paul Petrovich describe him as a representative of the past.The views of Bazarov - too advanced and progressive, very materialistic, with what is probably related to the death of the hero in the end product.