Chekhov story "Thick and Thin": An Analysis.

In 1883, in the journal "Shards" there was a small story "Thick and Thin" by Anton Chekhov.Short and succinct in content, it is filled with deep meaning.The author addresses the issue in its subservience and servility, have been the subject of criticism in Russian literature.

composition and content of (short)

thick and thin, former classmates at school, met by chance at a train station.The mention of Nikolaev railway in the first sentence (which the compressed exposure) suggests that the heroes of the story - the officials.A detailed description of Chekhov does not, but the precise artistic details immediately bring clarity to what is happening.For example, mention of the fact that from the thick smell of "sherry and fleur-d'oranzhem" - a sign of consistency, and from subtle - "ham and coffee grounds", helps determine at what stage of the social ladder was one of the heroes.Moreover, the latter was hung with boxes and suitcases - probably did not have extra money to spare the money or porter.

first noticed former boyfriend thick.His cheer facing the porphyry complication becomes action.They have not seen each other since childhood, and it is natural that the conversation between the two tied.A short but sufficient for the reader to have a full understanding of the vital position of each of the buddies.

culmination becomes when thin knows what heights reached in the life of his friend.Misha immediately becomes "Your Excellency", and the Porphyry becomes unnecessarily obsequious and fawning little man that further analysis will show.

Thick and thin during the dialogue

Porfiry, seeing a childhood friend, was just stunned.The former friends embraced and three "kissed" - the author intentionally uses a lofty vocabulary here to give the whole scene a mocking character.

Slim was extremely talkative and boastful began to talk about his life.He introduced his wife and son, while Nathanael first thought and then took off his hat.He told me that for years of service in the office came to the collegiate assessor.And also makes and sells cigars - additional income to the salary.However, his joy and delight of the meeting disappeared in a moment, when he learned that his friend - "I suppose have a civilian?" - Promoted to Privy Councillor.Thin first turned pale and seemed turned to stone, and then painted on the face of the broadest smile, probably best suited for a conversation with an important person.He immediately fell as though trying not to attract too much attention.The same thing happened with his family and numerous nodes and cartons: they suddenly shriveled and wrinkled.Servility, in any situation, and to everyone who was at least a little more significant, it became a minor official to the norm - an outcome brings porphyria behavior and its analysis.

Thick and thin parted not as met.Privy Councillor, laconic and confident, but to show kindness, wanted to say something, and then just turned away by submitting his hand in farewell.His sick of such a change in companion.

A whole family was frozen in a "pleasant daze."

In childhood

The characters and memories porphyria pozvolet estimate analysis.Thick and Thin together spent a few years in high school.Even then it was obvious superiority of the former, called Gyrostat - in ancient Greek with the same name fire destroyed one of the wonders of the world.Misha also burned cigarette breech book - obviously wanted to win credibility with classmates.

Subtle same name Ephialtes, as he often snitch.And this name - the traitor of the Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae - preserved in history.Years passed, and one was a handsome man, "little soul" and dandy, degree and lived in prosperity.Another - "thanks to" the ability to please and many years of work, was able to rise to the rank of low rank, let's take a knighthood.And now the difference between the former friends was exposed even more, and the constant fear of the bosses forced porphyria tremble before those who have a few minutes ago was just a "childhood friend".

means of expression and the role of the details

main reception which is used in the story "Thick and Thin" Chekhov - the antithesis.The juxtaposition of the characters found in everything, including the title: the mention of what every dinner to manners and speech.Indicative in this respect thin.If at the beginning of the meeting we will hear from him: "you", "my dear", "childhood friend", then later his tone changed to a reverent and respectful.For meaningful "Your Excellency," "these lords-a," "Pardon me, sir," "hee-hee-hee", etc.added pause, as if he suddenly became difficult to speak.

In the second part of the story an important role for the disclosure of the image is played collegiate assessor metaphor ("petrified"), comparison ("... it seemed from his face and his eyes sparks"), personification (box nodes "shriveled grimace").So in the story "Thick and Thin" Chekhov satirizes cringing cowardice, opportunism hero.And does it unconsciously thin, out of habit, not paying attention to the words of a former friend: "Well, enough ... And what that tone?".

moral value of the product

gloomy thoughts, the reader is the content of the story and its analysis."Thick and thin" - is an example of self-abasement before a person can reach in an effort to curry favor, please.A great writer and connoisseur of the human soul, APChekhov is now half a century urges us to look at ourselves and others so that the society finally got rid of vices, for the establishment of a healthy and sincere relations between people.