Kutuzov and Napoleon: comparative characteristics (based on the novel LN Tolstoy's "War and Peace")

novel "War and Peace" - one of the most popular and well-known works of the 19th century, not only in Russia but also worldwide.He has been recognized by domestic and European critics immediately after publication.All this thanks to the incredible talent of Leo Nikolaevich Tolstov, who created a multi-faceted product that has no analogues in the literature.

This article focuses on the two characters of this incredible product.Our focus will be Kutuzov, comparative characteristic of which is a huge ideological importance.Roman will not be properly understood without understanding the role of these characters.

Creativity LNTolstoy

first work that brought Tolstoy fame - a collection of "Sevastopol Stories".The foundation laid during the military service of the writer during the Crimean War.

However, success is not prompted Tolstoy began literary activity, on the other hand, after a while he decided to farm and went to Yasnaya Polyana.And here, after his marriage, born the greatest and most famous w

orks, "Anna Karenina", "War and Peace", "The Kreutzer Sonata", "Sunday".At the same time, Tolstoy opened a school for children of all social classes, including the castle, creates a special alphabet.

The life of a writer is cut off in 1910 at the railway station.Throughout his life, Tolstoy tried to understand the world and understand the role of man in it.His concept of the individual in history is reflected in the character of the novel "War and Peace" (Kutuzov and Napoleon).Comparative characteristics of these characters fully reflects the attitude of the writer, not only for reasons of great events, but also to the war itself, but also to those who started it.

novel "War and Peace»

«War and Peace" - a novel that has no precedent.This unique product has earned his success not only sweep described historical events, but also how Tolstoy was able to present them.Secular methods are replaced with battle scenes, images of kings and emperors alternate image of soldiers.The writer portrays all aspects of life in Russia, from the cultural to the military.

particularly adept Tolstoy came to the image of characters by writing them to the last minute details and dashes character.Each character - a distinctive people with their strengths and weaknesses.Including, Kutuzov and Napoleon, comparative characteristics of which we are interested primarily in the novel appear very different personalities.All their actions are quite natural and relate to nature and their view of the world.

Kutuzov and Napoleon: comparative characteristic

First of all it should be noted that for Tolstoy's Kutuzov and Napoleon have a clear moral evaluation, which determined the victory and the defeat of the other.In fact, the outcome of the war - a legitimate victory of justice over inhumanity.

Therefore, these heroes are opposed to each other, as can be countered only good evil.Their appearance, speech, character, manners, aspirations, experiences are quite different.Any similarities do not carry Kutuzov, comparative characteristics (citations are listed below) only confirms this.

role in history: Napoleon and Kutuzov

Tolstoy was his understanding of historical processes.The great writer thought that the decisive role is played by the people, the same person, no matter how extraordinary it may be, is unable to change anything.

It is in this concept and signed the basic contradiction between Kutuzov and Napoleon.Russian leader is not trying to control, he realizes that it all depends on the people's power and its role - only to organize and inspire the soldiers.Bonaparte, on the contrary, considers himself master of the situation.He imagines himself practically a god, and doing everything in order to fulfill his desire to become ruler of the world.He did not care about the opinion of his people, Napoleon did not pay attention to his soldiers, he does not care either before someone other than yourself.

«Kutuzov and Napoleon: Comparative characteristics" - an essay on this topic can be started just with a matching ratio of generals to their troops, as expressed in this and their relationship to his people.Affectionate, fatherly caring Kutuzov and conceited, indifferent Napoleon - is the main characteristic of these heroes.

Appearance Kutuzov and Napoleon

Externally Kutuzov and Napoleon are as different as internally.Kutuzov, guided in their actions the wisdom of the people, is almost always calm, unhurried, easy to gestures and facial expressions.He smiles often, "an old man" grouchy, open and devoid of any kind was a pretense.His slowness associated with the understanding of what is happening, Kutuzov always knows what battle will end and what will debate.

Napoleon completely different, his image is full of hypocrisy, pretense and posturing.It is small, fat, fussy.His smile is unpleasant and feigned speech.

How different that heaven and earth from one another Kutuzov, comparative characteristics (table with quotations presented below) only confirms this.

character of Napoleon and Kutuzov Kutuzov

Tolstoy gives folk wisdom is true Russian.Patriotism, spiritual wealth, kindness and caring - that's the main thing in this character.He knows that war and death can not be justified.Therefore, the nature embodied in national power, is trying to prevent a disastrous start.Kutuzov feels his unity with the people, aware of itself only part of a greater whole and is subject to the course of history.

Napoleon, on the contrary, imagines himself to be an exceptional person, certainly eager to command what is happening.What are the different features of a embodied Kutuzov, comparative characteristics (table shown below) confirms this.Bonaparte lives only for himself, he is not worried about the number of victims and others' losses, the main thing - to succeed.Imagines himself the supreme arbiter, the French emperor continues to care about how it looks.Tolstoy specifically mocked him, making it clear to the reader pettiness and insignificance of Napoleon.

Kutuzov and Napoleon: comparative characteristics.Table with quotes

Kutuzov Napoleon

person "Plump, mutilated wound", "shines brighter on the old man's smile", "lumbered".

«Limited, happy look on the misfortune of others," "round belly", "short legs ... ... fat thighs."

relationship with his power

«to manage hundreds of thousands of people can not be a man ',' the fate of the battle does not decide the order in chief ... and elusive force, the spirit of the troops."

«power depends on the fame and the glory - from victories" - openly stated Napoleon. "The power will fall, if I did not base it on a new glory and victory ...", "achievement will help keep my place."

against the people

Getting the title of commander in chief Kutuzov "... made the general enthusiasm in the army ... the people.Russia waiting for new victories of Kutuzov and new glory. "

«He banished all sense of freedom ... of his empire - complete silence reigned ... everyone wanted to direct, command all»


clearly and unambiguously depicted by Tolstoy, Kutuzov and Napoleon.Comparative characteristics of the brief can be expressed in one sentence: the confrontation of good and evil.And the one who chose the path of destruction, does not deserve no compassion, no understanding.It is from this perspective depicts the battle of these two great men, with its inherent idealism, Tolstoy.