"Hansel and Gretel" (Brothers Grimm fairy tale): summary

The treasury of the world the author's tales of the past two centuries includes works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.Brothers collected and processed more than two hundred works of folklore of European peoples, among them quite popular "Cinderella," "Rapunzel," "Hansel and Gretel", "Bremen Town Musicians", "Little Red Riding Hood" and many others.Despite the fact that the authors are often accused of describing the excessive cruelty, they remain favorite for generations of children, as taught life durability and ability to withstand adversity, kindness and mutual support, the pursuit of justice.

Features art processing

contribution of the Brothers Grimm in the development of the world, and in particular the German, literary fairy tale truly invaluable.The main advantage of their works that the authors, borrowing a plot in folklore, is almost completely preserved content, conceptual idea, composition, features characters and speech of the characters.This is confirmed, for example, "Hansel and Gretel" - i

n German fairy tale, which is characterized as close to the original.Authors changed a few linguistic form, making the product more exciting and readable.Such an approach has been fundamental in the treatment of the folk tale, because it allowed to transfer particular way of life of Europeans mainly in the Middle Ages.

basis of the plot of the gingerbread house

Under the remained data, the tale of two children named Hansel and Gretel Brothers Grimm heard from Dorothy Wilt - later she became the wife of William.Folklore is different from the known to us copyright embodiment in that little heroes sent into the woods, doomed to inevitable death, his own mother and father.Brothers Grimm story primordial somewhat mitigated by introducing an image stepmother puts pressure on weak-willed husband.By the way, the product with a similar story can be found in the collection of another German storyteller, L. Bechstein, as well as folk poems and songs, reflecting the great popularity of stories about gingerbread house in the nation.

As for the act of ill parents, most of all, he is under a very real circumstances.In the years 1315-17 in Europe, including in Germany, a terrible famine broke out, the effects of which were felt for another five years.Historians point out that at this time there may well be cases of cannibalism have been mentioned by the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" - refers to the episode of the witch.In addition, similar stories can be found in some European histories of children by chance in the hands of the terrible eater and managed to gain as a result of over them because of their fearlessness and wit.

product on gingerbread house was included in the first collection of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, published in 1812 and translated into many languages.The best Russian text transcription became treated P. Field.

acquaintance with heroes

Hansel and Gretel, a brother and sister, were the children of a poor woodcutter.They lived in the woods with his father and an evil stepmother.But that fell on hard times when the bread was not to buy it.And one night they heard a conversation parents.In response to a complaint by the father that food is not left, step-mother offered to take brother and sister into the woods and leave it alone.Woodman first indignant: heart do not stone - natural children on the death imminent doom.Then everyone will have to die - that was the answer to a woman.I convinced all the same evil stepmother of her husband, that you can not do otherwise.

bitter tears sister learned of the fate that awaited them, and his brother began to reassure her and promised to be sure to think of something.So begins the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel."

first hike in the woods

boy waited until the father and stepmother were asleep, dressed and went out into the street, where gather up pebbles glistening in the moonlight.

parents gathered early in the morning to the forest for firewood, woke up the children and take them with you.On the way Hansel quietly cast stone by stone - he scored their pockets full.So we get to the thicket.Woodman made a fire, and the stepmother told the children to go to relax in the evening and promised to come back for them.Hansel and Gretel - a fairy tale here repeats a popular motif in European folklore cruel stepmother - were left alone by the fire.They have heard all day, in the woods resounded thud, and hoped that the father chopping wood.In fact I pounded bitches tied to a tree by parents.

At lunchtime the children ate a piece of bread in the morning issued them and before long, tired, fell asleep.When they opened his eyes, it was already dark night.Sister again burst into tears, and his brother began to reassure her: "This month will rise, and we will find the way home."Indeed, in the moonlight glistening pebbles, and the morning of Hansel and Gretel were at the home door.

meeting with parents to let children

stepmother scolded them for too long they were walking through the woods.His father was glad that they returned alive.

But soon the situation became even worse.Again, brother and sister heard the familiar argument of parents.Lumberjack long resisted, but yielded once succumbed to persuasion this time.Again, think about your future Hansel and Gretel.Brothers Grimm fairy tale, so like any other group of magic, is based on the repetition of the same events.Here are just a pebbles brother this time to collect failed - prudent stepmother closed the door at night, and he could not go outside.Even more frightened his sister, but the boy promised to be sure to think of something.And in the morning, when her stepmother again gave them a piece of bread and ordered him to go with her and his father in the forest, he broke his portion in his pocket and began to sprinkle crumbs road.

Get lost

long lumberjack and stepmother were in the woods, yet do not fall into this wilderness, which previously did not happen.Once again, the parents left the children alone by the fire, while they themselves went home.But at night, when the moon had risen, Hansel and Gretel could not find a way, as the birds pecked all the crumbs.Morning came, and then the evening, and they wandered through the woods.Only for lunch the next day, tired and hungry, the children saw a snow-white bird on a tree.She sang so well that the children have heard the, and then went after her.And suddenly appeared in front of a hut, past which could not go hungry Hansel and Gretel.

Tale, a summary of which you are reading, is constructed according to the laws of the genre.The walls are a wonderful house, suddenly emerged in front of the eyes of children, were made of bread, a roof - from the delicious carrot and windows - made of sugar.Thus, it mentions the sweet house of fairy-tale land of plenty called Kokanee.It is often mentioned in folk tales and attracted by the fact that it did not have to do everything myself, because all the food grown right on the trees.

history of gingerbread houses

Although the plot of tasty little house in the early XIX century, could not be considered unusual, that after the publication of the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" in Germany and in several other European countries, a new tradition.For the past two hundred years, women bake Christmas gingerbread houses and decorate them with colored glaze, candied fruits, berries, etc.Sweetness put on a festive table, sent to various exhibitions and competitions and, of course, give the children.The main thing is that such a carrot you can admire the first, and then enjoy the great taste.

meeting with a witch

But back to the fairy tale, which recorded the Brothers Grimm.Hansel and Gretel - summary gives an overall picture of what was happening at the moment - to see such an abundance, we decided to feast on.Brother broke off a piece of the roof, and my sister decided to try the window.They gladly ate the sweets, he heard from the hut is quite a nice voice.A little later he appeared on the threshold of a very ancient woman.The children were frightened at first, but they were immediately reassured, then taken to a house and has treated generously put to sleep on a soft bed under the snow-white blanket.Tired and exhausted children thought they were in paradise.Hansel and Gretel did not know that he was on a visit to the evil witch.Dreams and it was a favorite treat any child.And although the old woman with the red eyes very badly seen, it is no wonder human scent.A bread house, decorated with sweets, was the attraction for children like Hansel and Gretel.Tale thus largely repeats the famous cycle of stories "Children and the Ogre", included in the International Index of folklore works of this genre.

«Here is a tidbit»

morning witch inspected the sleeping children and decided that the boy with rosy cheeks and chubby will be very good for lunch.You need only a little more to feed it.She awakened locked Hansel in the shed behind the lattice door and Gretel ordered to fatten his brother to become fatter.This went on for four weeks, during which the sisters are ready for the most delicious dishes of his brother, and she ate leftovers.Hansel resourcefulness all this time managed to deceive the bad witch who had seen.When she came to check how recovered its "future lunch", he slips her hand instead of his finger bone, and she still could not understand why the boy remains in the same thin.But one day the old woman's patience ran out, and she decided to eat Hansel certainly, even the way is not enough fat, the next day.A girl had to apply water, which is then cooked her own brother."It is better to have wild animals in the forest devoured, we would have died together," - she sobbed.

Witch eluded

The next morning, the old woman decided to part with Gretel, and then proceed to her brother.It melted the stove and ordered the girl to get into it to find out whether the fever is ready for baking bread.Gretel began to fulfill the requirement was a witch, when he realized what really wants from her old lady.And no mistake: that really is just getting ready to close the damper and fry girl."I do not know how to get there," - said the sister.Angry witch cursed and began to show her how to get to the stove.At this point, Gretel pushed her forward, and then immediately closed the valve.So she saved from certain death, and himself and his brother.And the old woman, was in the oven, terrible howl and burned to the ground.Thus, the winner of this showdown with the witch-cannibal are Hansel and Gretel.

tale of a brother and sister apparently also has a connection with the ancient traditions of the peoples of Europe and some of the tribes.For example, an episode of burning witches, many linguists often associated with fairly common rite of passage, the essence of which was to move the teenager into adulthood, entry rights in any secret society or initiate it among shamans, chiefs.This is not a new one for the Brothers Grimm motive, as it is found in many other folk tales and copyrights, including, for example, "Boy Thumb" Charles Perrault.

liberated children visited the hut and found in it a lot of jewels and pearls.They gathered them and went to look for a way out of this forest witch.

So thanks to ingenuity and resourcefulness, could get rid of the hateful witch, ogress Hansel and Gretel.The tale ends with a description of the way home.

happy returns

a couple of hours left the children to an unknown lake, but did not see any near the bridge or boat.Just duck swimming.The girl turned to her with a request to transfer them to the other side, and very soon the brother and sister were in the familiar woods.And here that it was easy to find my way into the house of the woodcutter.They rushed, happy, rushed to his father and his neck.Very happy lumberjack when he saw that his children are alive and well, so I did not know a moment's peace and joy after breaking up with them.

It turned out that his wife had died suddenly - this fact makes it possible to identify the images of many linguists evil stepmothers and witches, decided to take revenge on the hated children.And healed since then the woodcutter and his children are happy and well.A family rescued from want pearls and gem that brought from the forest hut Hansel and Gretel.

author of fairy tales on this story ends on mutual support and fraternal love, which allowed the heroes cope with all the adversity and return safely to the fold.

story about the adventures of a brother and sister in art

now Hansel and Gretel are known worldwide.Tale of them included in the collected works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and translated into many languages.In addition, her characters often become heroes of other art forms.For example, in 1893 there was E. Humperdinck opera written specifically for Christmas.Repeatedly we are preparing theatrical tale.Do not remain indifferent to the product of many famous artists.

With the advent of cinema turned to the well-known story and the writers.Among quite popular today includes film fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" in English, filmed in 1988.The authors have changed the initial version: the children at the request of my mother went into the forest to pick berries and lost, and then hit the gingerbread house witch Griselda.Another option - the American film of 2012, loosely based on the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" in which the father, tormented by remorse, he goes in search of the children.

In 2013 appeared the gunman, telling about what happened to the characters after they return home.Although the plot of the film has little to do with the tale of the Brothers Grimm, he stressed that the interest in the story is preserved in our time.