"War and Peace": The Battle of Borodino in the novel

Leo Tolstoy gives readers a broad picture of the life of our country from 1805 to 1820 in the novel "War and Peace".The Battle of Borodino - one of the most important episodes in the product.The entire historical period described in the novel, was full of dramatic events.But all the same fateful year, influenced the subsequent life in Russia is 1812 is described in detail in the novel "War and Peace".The Battle of Borodino took place then.Also, in 1812 a fire broke out in Moscow and the defeat of Napoleon's army.Read more about the Battle of Borodino in the novel "War and Peace", you will learn by reading this article.

As Tolstoy describes the Battle of Borodino in the novel?

episode of his image in the novel is given a lot of space.With scrupulous historian, described the author of The Battle of Borodino."War and Peace" - a novel, which at the same time the image of events given by the great master of words.Reading this episode dedicated page, feel the tension and the drama going on as if everything

that was said, it was the memory of the reader: everything is so true, visibly.

Tolstoy takes us in the camp of Russian soldiers in the ranks of Napoleon's troops, the regiment Prince Andrew, then the battery Rajewski, which was Pierre.This must be the writer in order to fully and truthfully portray the events that took place on the battlefield.For all Russian patriot who fought at the time, it was the frontier between death and life, shame and glory, honor and dishonor.

Perception Pierre Pierre

largely through the eyes of Pierre Bezukhov, a civilian, shows Battle of Borodino "War and Peace".It is poorly versed in the tactics and strategy, but the heart and soul of a patriot feels the events.Not only curiosity drives him to Borodino.This hero wants to be among the people that should decide the fate of Russia.Pierre has - not just a contemplative happening.Pierre is trying to be helpful.He goes on, gets not where he wanted, but where was "destined by fate": going down the hill, General, for whom driving Bezukhov, turned sharply to the left, and the hero, having lost sight of him, wedged into the ranks of infantry soldiers.Pierre did not know that there was a field of battle.I have not heard a hero sounds of bullets flying by, shells, the former did not see on the other side of the river the enemy for a long time did not notice the dead and wounded, but not far from it, many fell.

role in the battle Kutuzov

Battle of Borodino on the pages of the novel "War and Peace" is depicted as a large-scale battle.Tolstoy deeply convinced that such a huge number of soldiers lead the impossible.In his work "War and Peace" The Battle of Borodino presented in such a way that each occupies a niche assigned to him, to tell or not performing his duty.Kutuzov understands his role.Therefore, in the tide of battle in chief practically does not intervene, trusting Russian (it shows in the novel "War and Peace" Tolstoy "). The Battle of Borodino to Russian soldiers was not vain game, but the decisive event in their lives. Largely due to this they have won.

Participation Bezukhova at Borodino

As fate Pierre found himself on the battery Rajewski, which hosted the decisive battles, both will write later historians. However, Bezukhov, and so it seemed that the place is (since it was he) was one of thethe most significant. Total scale events not see weak-sighted eyes civilian. He watches only locally what is happening on the battlefield. The event, seen by Pierre, reflected the dramatic battle, its rhythm, incredible intensity, voltage. Some times the battery during the battle passed fromone hand to another. Bezukhov can not remain a spectator. He is actively involved in the protection of the battery, but does so out of a sense of self-preservation, on a whim.Scared of what is happening Bezukhov, he thinks naively that the French are now terrified of what they have done, stop the battle.But the smoke blanketed the sun was high, and gunfire and shooting, not only did not weaken, but on the contrary, intensified, as the man who shouts with his last strength, overwrought.

main event battle

main events took place in the middle of the field when "knocked Marines" after cannonade.That horse, then walking for several hours fighting, colliding, shooting, not knowing what to do.Conflicting information denounced aides, as the situation is constantly changing.Napoleon Bonaparte gave orders, but many of them were executed.Due to the chaos and confusion often all done vice versa.The Emperor was in despair.He felt that "a terrible wave of the hand," can do nothing fell, although the generals and the troops were the same, the same disposition, and he was even much more skilled and experienced is now ...

not considered Napoleon Russian patriotism that dense rowsThey stood behind the mound and Semenovski and tools they smoked and roared.The emperor did not dare let his guard to crush 3,000 miles from France, so never brought her into battle.On the contrary, Kutuzov no fuss, allowing his men to take the initiative where this is necessary.He understood that his senseless orders: everything is as it should be.Kutuzov does not prevent people micromanagement and believes that the high spirit of the Russian army.

regiment Prince Andrew

regiment Prince Andrew, standing in reserve, carried heavy losses.Fly kernel beat people, but the soldiers were not trying to escape, not retreating.Prince Andrew also did not run when a grenade fell at his feet.Andrew was mortally wounded.He was bleeding.Despite the numerous losses, the Russian army did not leave occupied frontiers.It struck Napoleon.He had never seen anything like it.

awareness about the events of Napoleon and Kutuzov

Napoleon shows a man who does not know the real situation on the battlefield (in the novel "War and Peace").The Battle of Borodino he is watching from afar, watching the scene through the telescope.On the contrary, Kutuzov, though foreign activity and does not show, perfectly aware of all the events and before the completion of the battle tells about the victory: "The enemy is defeated ...".

role of personality in history according to Tolstoy

Vanity French emperor was not satisfied: he had not won a crushing victory and bright.It began to rain at the end of the day - as if the "tears of the sky."Leo Tolstoy, the great humanist, documented accurately reflected events in 1812 (August 26), however, he gave his own interpretation of what is happening.

Tolstoy denies widespread belief that the individual in history is crucial.The battle is not directed Kutuzov and Napoleon.It went as able to "turn" the events a thousand people involved on both sides of it.

"People thought"

in the image of patriotism and heroism of the Russian army and the people during the war revealed "People's idea."Tolstoy shows extraordinary courage, persistence and fearlessness of the best officers and ordinary soldiers.The role of the Battle of Borodino in the novel "War and Peace" was, inter alia, in the transfer of the "people's thoughts."Tolstoy wrote that not only one Napoleon and the generals for him, and all the soldiers who fought on the French side during the battle tested "feeling of horror" before the Russian who, having lost half of the troops, as menacingly stood at the end asand at the beginning of the battle.The role of the Battle of Borodino in the novel "War and Peace" is great because it shows the collision of the Russian people, morally strong, the enemy, the invasion of which was criminal.It has therefore been weakened by the spirit of the French army.

very interesting to study the Battle of Borodino on the novel LN Tolstoy's "War and Peace".Leo - a great battle scenes, which is able to show that for all participants in the war was a tragedy, regardless of nationality.On the Russian side was the truth, but they had to kill people, and die himself.And all of this happened only because of vanity, "the little man."Tolstoy described the events as the Battle of Borodino warns against further wars of mankind.