Lermontov and the Caucasus: an essay-argument.

In works really great poet and writer Mikhail Lermontov was reflected many facets of our lives.But with the special love the author wrote about the mountain, which is why today it is difficult to divide the concept of "Lermontov" and "Caucasus".The writing-argument of such a plan can take many pages, but now look at this topic briefly.

value of the works of Mikhail Lermontov is difficult to overestimate.It was a talent that has earned the right to be called one of our greatest poets and writers.

Caucasus in life Lermontov

Region started to play a big role in the life of a writer since childhood.Very sickly child, require constant treatment, she was born Mikhail Lermontov.The theme of the Caucasus became so close to him because here he spent a lot of time.For the first time the poet visited the region in 4 years, and then at 6, 10 and the rest of his life are constantly coming here.It is on the slopes of the majestic mountains for the first time felt the talented boy the power of love.

So was the fate of the poet, that he had to work in the Caucasus Mountains.In 1837, the writer was exiled to the Caucasus to serve for a work "On the death of the poet."However, a stay in these mountains there was no punishment for the poet, on the contrary, it gave him new creative impetus.He was able to communicate with the local population to absorb legends, watch dancing, listening to songs, participate as guests at the wedding and to visit the homes of local residents.It was written in exile or initiated the greatest works of Lermontov.He returned from exile in 1838.In 1840 Lermontov was again exiled to the Caucasus Mountains, where then were active hostilities.

So it was that in my life the writer visited almost every corner of this land, why describe the different places in his works are so precise.No wonder Lermontov said that these mountains - his birthplace.

In 1841, at the age of 26 years, the great writer was killed in a duel.We can say that it was just a weird accident, because he went to fight with a friend by the name of Martynov.The writer did not take it seriously and did not even think to shoot, unlike his friend.So

way of life of the writer ended in the Caucasus.His ashes now in Lermontov Penza region.

Caucasus Lermontov's verses

thin sincere device writer allowed him to feel the love and the beauty of rugged mountains with all my heart, so that could be born an amazing creative union - Lermontov and the Caucasus.The writing-argument on this subject often ask students to write the program, because it allows them to better understand all facets of the author's creativity.

first poem, "Caucasus", Lermontov devoted mountains in 15 years and it still amazes readers.However, not only a great poet sang of nature.He genuinely loved and residents of those places, despite all the twists and turns of its destiny.

Mikhail Lermontov in his short life wrote many poems and poems about the Caucasus."Demon," "Novice", "Prisoner of the Caucasus" - this is only the most famous of his poetic works.

Caucasus Lermontov's prose

The vast majority of creative works based on the writer's works on the theme of "Lermontov and the Caucasus."The writing-argument on this subject will definitely be incomplete without lighting novels writer.

Lermontov spent most of his life in this region, and therefore the action of prose works mainly occur in the Caucasus.Because while the war was fought, the writer reflects the nuances of behavior of Russian military and local residents.

"hero of our time" - the most famous of his works.Lermontov and the Caucasus could once again perpetuate in his immortal work.

nature of the region in the work of the author

Lermontov Caucasian nature is always in the most beautiful colors and almost always speaks of it as a living being.For example, in his work "The dispute" Shat-mountain and river Kazbek appear skittish and find out who is stronger, as the mountaineers themselves.Nature in his works always dynamic, it is filled with energy.Truly beautiful images could embody Lermontov and the Caucasus.

Writer-argument on the theme of similarity nature of the Caucasus and its peoples - a theme that will allow a deeper insight into the essence of the writer's works.

Caucasian peoples in the work of Lermontov

Not in vain asked the students to write on the subject of the writer's work.Lermontov and the Caucasus are in this respect, the perfect combination.The writer was able to fully experience the soul of mountaineers and transfer this knowledge to readers.

In the works of Lermontov Caucasian peoples appear similar to the nature of these places.Beautiful, tall, strong men with tempered character, not only men but also women.The proud, but not arrogant, very lively, sincere and passionate love - that sees them Lermontov.They are stubborn to madness and in a fit of emotion can easily kill.Mountaineers in the works of the author appear very religious people, but they may commit crimes in spite of the commandments of the church.

Perhaps we can say that a strange relationship in their families remain unclear just for us - they have such traditions, such as the theft of girls, were established for centuries and are not considered unusual.

During his service in the regiment, Lermontov took Caucasus as a haven of simplicity and freedom, which he contrasted the secular manners and the rules of St. Petersburg.

Pictures Lermontov

Little known is the fact that Lermontov was actually not only a talented writer and poet, but also an artist.So, my first picture he painted earlier than the poem - at the age of 13 years.The Caucasus is presented in the works of Lermontov not only text, but also images, filled with love.If you look at his paintings, it becomes clear that the writer had a gift for creating art paintings, because they are made artistically.

His illustrations as well as possible and reflect the essence of his poems: the Caucasus in the works of Lermontov is filled with beautiful mountains and proud people.