Comparative characteristics of Kutuzov and Napoleon table .The image of Kutuzov in Tolstoy's novel " War and Peace"

One of the unique and brilliant writers, known throughout the world, "the great hope of Russian literature", the man who tried to re-evaluate life, to understand its laws and unravel the mystery.Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was a very special view of the world order, including he owns and the theory of the role of man in history, and its significance in the context of eternity.In the novel "War and Peace" the concept embodied the military leaders of the two great armies.Comparative characteristics of Kutuzov and Napoleon (table summarizing the findings will be presented on the topic below) allows you to fully reveal the writer's attitude to the question: "Can one person to create the story?»

Life and Works of Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy's life is full of events.His youth was held in St. Petersburg, where he was one of the main plant and the known playboy.Then fate brought him to the Crimean War, after which the writer returned to the capital.There have already matured and had seen a lot, he begins to cooperate

with the magazine "Contemporary", closely interacting with the editorial staff (NA Nekrasov, AN Ostrovsky, Turgenev).Tolstoy publishes "Sevastopol Stories", which paints a picture, they traversed the war.Then he travels to Europe and it is still very unhappy.

In 1956, retires and begins the life of a landowner in Yasnaya Polyana.Getting married, engaged in farming, and wrote his most famous novels and stories: "War and Peace", "Anna Karenina", "Sunday", "The Kreutzer Sonata."

Tolstoy died in 1910 at the railway station.

novel "War and Peace»

epic novel describes the events of the Napoleonic Wars (1805-1812 gg.).The product was a huge success both in Russia and in Europe."War and Peace" - a painting that has no analogues in the literature.Tolstoy was able to portray all social classes, beginning and ending with the emperors soldiers.The unprecedented evolution of the character and integrity of images, each character appears to live full-blooded man.The writer was able to feel and convey all facets of psychology of the Russian people from the sublime to the relentless gusts, almost animal sentiment of the crowd.

surprising Kutuzov turned the image is closely associated with Russia and its people.The opposite of him in every favor narcissistic and selfish Napoleon.It is these characters will be considered in detail.

role of personality in history: Napoleon and Kutuzov

Tolstoy always exalted the greatness and power of the Russian people showed in his novel that he won the war.Moreover, the sense of nationality was the basis of assessment of the main actions of the characters in the novel.Therefore Kutuzov - an outstanding military commander and - presents one of the Russian people, it is not so much a person as part of the country.It is in unity with the people of the guarantee of victory of Kutuzov.

opposite of him is Napoleon, who separated themselves from the world, imagines almost a god.In more detail the differences between these characters shows comparative characteristics of Kutuzov and Napoleon (table posted below).However, we can already say that, according to Tolstoy, the man who decided alone to change the world is doomed to defeat.


Kutuzov Kutuzov Tolstoy depicted in the novel a kind old man with excellent knowledge of life and understanding what lies ahead.He knows that the battle of Austerlitz will be lost, and calmly talk about it.He falls asleep on the board, knowing full well what the result will all talk.Kutuzov feels the heartbeat of life, understand its laws.His inaction turns folk wisdom, his actions led by intuition.

Kutuzov - general, but all his actions are subject to the will of the great history, it is her "slave".But the only way to wait, you can win.This idea was embodied in the character of Tolstoy's Kutuzov.

image of Napoleon

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte - the exact opposite of Kutuzov.In contrast to the whole personality of a Russian general, Tolstoy portrays the French emperor in two forms: a man and a leader.As commander Napoleon talented, has a wealth of experience and knowledge of military affairs.

But Tolstoy's main component is just human, spiritual qualities, psychological characteristics.It is in this respect a writer debunks the romantic image of the enemy commander.Already in the physical description of Napoleon seen the author's attitude: "small", "fat", unremarkable poser and selfish.

Napoleon - Emperor of the French, but he was little power over his country, he sees himself as ruler of the world, consider themselves superior to others.The desire to possess engulfed him, he is morally poor and unable to feel, to love, to be happy.Napoleon goes over corpses to their goal, because it justifies any means."Winners are not judged" - that is his motto.

Comparative characteristics of Kutuzov and Napoleon table

Kutuzov Napoleon
affectionate, mocking glance;corners of lips and eyes wrinkled from a gentle smile;expressive facial expressions;confident gait. short, puffy and bloated figure;thick thighs and abdomen;feigned, sugary and unpleasant smile;fussy gait.
does not boast of his achievements and puts them on display;He does not hide his feelings, sincere;patriot. brag, selfish, full of narcissism;extols the merits;cruel and indifferent to others;Conqueror.
always clear and easy to explain;He does not leave the army and participates in all key battles. Keep away from military operations;on the eve of battle always says the soldiers long pretentious speech.
Salvation Russia. conquer the world and make it the capital of Paris.
role in the history of
take that away from him nothing depends;He did not give specific instructions, but always agree with what has been done. considered himself a benefactor, but his orders were for a long time or have already fulfilled or not fulfilled, because they could not be executed.
Drinking soldiers
was affectionate with the soldiers and showed genuine concern for them. Indifferent to the soldiers, does not show any sympathy for them;their fate was indifferent to him.
genius commander;spokesman of patriotism and high morals of the Russian people;patriot;a wise politician. executioner;invader;all his actions are directed against the people.

generalization table

Comparative characteristics of Kutuzov and Napoleon (table shown above) based on the opposition of individualism and nationalism.Only a man who imagines himself higher and better than others, could start a bloody war to achieve their selfish ends.This character can not be a hero, so Tolstoy, his humanism and faith in the wisdom of the people, it draws a negative and repulsive.Outside, gait, mannerisms, even the character of Napoleon - all the result of his desire to prove to be a superman.

Kutuzov, wise, calm, seemingly passive, brings all the power of the Russian people.He does not make decisions - he follows the course of events.He is not trying to create a story - it is subject to it.This humility lies his spiritual and moral strength, which helped win the war.


Incredible People's power has concluded Leo Tolstoy in his novel "War and Peace."Brief description of the power given to the example of the image of Kutuzov, who opposed spiritually poor, do not understand their own people, to Napoleon.The great Russian commander and the French emperor embodied the two elements: the creative and destructive.And, of course, the humanist Tolstoy could not give Napoleon any positive feature.As he could not tarnish the image of Kutuzov.The novel's characters have little to do with real historical figures.But Leo and created them in order to illustrate his historical concept.