Analysis of episodes of death of Bazarov in Turgenev's novel "Fathers and Sons"

When creating a literary work, the author, as Creator, is entitled to determine the fate of the hero, to marry, to make happy or unhappy, to save the life of a complete product of its death.

novel "Fathers and Sons" ISTurgenev ends with the death of the main character.Understanding the reasons for which the author concludes his work this way, it is possible through the analysis of the episode "Death of Bazarov.""Fathers and Sons" - a novel in which the protagonist's death is certainly not accidental.Perhaps a final say on insolvency principles of life and beliefs of this character.So, try to understand.

Who is Bazarov?

analysis Bazarov's death scene is impossible without an understanding of what this character.Because talked about Eugene in the novel, we imagine an intelligent, confident, cynical young man who denies the commonly accepted moral principles, moral values, ideals.Love it considers "physiology", in his opinion, people should not depend on anyone.

Subsequently, however, Turgenev, reve

als in his character qualities such as sensitivity, kindness, ability to deep feelings.

Bazarov is a nihilist, a man who denies the common values, including he did not share the enthusiasm of fans of art.According to him, significant only what practical benefit.All fine, he thinks it is senseless.His main goal in life Evgeny means "work for the benefit of society."Its mission - to "live for the great goal of rejuvenation of the world."

relation to the surrounding

episode Analysis death of Bazarov in Turgenev's novel "Fathers and Sons" can not be made without an understanding of how to build relationships with people of the protagonist, who formed his circle of friends.It should be noted that Bazarov treat others with contempt, he puts others off yourself.This is manifested, for example, what kind of things he said to Arkady about himself and his relatives.Affection, compassion, tenderness - all these feelings Eugene considers unacceptable.

Love Bazarov

Analysis death episode Bazarov requires mention that, for all its lofty disregard for the feelings he ironically falls.His love is unusually deep, as evidenced by an explanation with Anna Sergeyevna Odintsov.Realizing that he was capable of such a feeling, Bazarov stop treating him like a physiology.He begins to consider possible existence of love.This change of views could not pass unnoticed for Eugene, who lived ideas of nihilism.His old life is ruined.

Explanation Bazarov in love - not just words, it is the recognition of self-destruction.Nihilistic theory Eugene defeated.

Turgenev considers it inappropriate to finish a novel change in the views of the protagonist, and decides to complete the work of his death.

death of Bazarov - coincidence?

So, in the end of the novel the main event - the death of Bazarov.Analysis of the episode requires recall reason that, according to the text works, the protagonist dies.

His life becomes impossible due to an unfortunate accident - small cut, which was Bazarov at autopsy peasant who died of typhus.Ironically, he, the doctor, to do useful work, can not do anything to save his life.Knowing that he would die, given the protagonist's time to evaluate its achievements.Bazarov, aware of the inevitability of his death, calm and strong, although, of course, as a young and energetic person regrets that so little left to live.

ratio of Bazarov to death and self

analysis Bazarov's death scene is impossible without a deeper understanding of how the hero is close to its end and death at all.

No one can easily realize the approaching finale of his life.Eugene, being a man, of course, strong and self-assured, is no exception.He regretted that has not fulfilled its main task.He understands the power of death and suggests approaching the last minute with bitter irony: "Yes, I suppose, try to deny death. It denies you, and that's that!"

So Bazarov nearing death.Analysis of the episode, which is one of the key in the novel, needs to understand how to change the character of the protagonist.Eugene becomes kinder and more sentimental.He wants to meet with his beloved, once said about his feelings.Bazarov is softer than before, refers to parents, are now realizing their significance.

Analysis death of Bazarov episode shows how lonely protagonist of the work.He does not have a loved one to whom he could pass on their beliefs, therefore, no future for his views.

Understanding the True Value

the face of death, human values ​​are changing.The understanding of what is really important in life.

analysis of the episode "Death Bazarov" on the novel by Ivan Turgenev requires an understanding of what values ​​the protagonist is now believed to be true.

The most important thing for him now - parents, their love for him, and his feeling for Odintsov.He wants to say goodbye to her, and Anna is not afraid to get infected, is coming to Eugene.With her Bazarov divided innermost thoughts.He comes to understand that Russia does not need, it needs those who every day perform regular work.

Bazarov harder to come to terms with his death than anyone else, because he is an atheist and did not believe in life after death.

Turgenev novel concludes his death Bazarov.The principles by which he lived a hero destroyed.Stronger, new ideals Bazarov did not appear.Turgenev said that the main character was killed deep commitment to nihilism, which forced him to abandon the universal values ​​which allow to live in this world.