"Sailor Nikitin": summary.

Alexander Bestuzhev (1797-1837), who took the pseudonym Marly, was undoubtedly talented and arhipopulyarnym in his time writer, and later unjustly forgotten.Even he did not like Belinsky called Marly first Russian narrator and the "instigator" of the domestic story.

It is unfair forgotten

understandable why this writer have not studied in Soviet schools: he did not like Belinsky, who accused the writer pseudo-romanticism.Considered quite voluminous work, there are a lot of author's digressions.Therefore, we offer you a brief summary."Sailor Nikitin" - the novel devoted to the simple sailors of the Russian North, clear evidence of the fact that the writer of realism was not a stranger.

In the best works relating to the mature period of creativity, AA Bestuzhev reaches peaks of genuine, though he calls himself a beggar, comparing with his idol Victor Hugo.The author of the novel "Sailor Nikitin", a summary of which can be expressed in one sentence - a story about the Russian character, is not hap

py with its amazing popularity.It only shows in his favor.

Happy self-sufficient person

Contemporaries attributed AA Bestuzhev to some lucky people who have lived in harmony with oneself and the world.He does what he likes (which he succeeded brilliantly), but not fancied himself a man who kissed temechko bozhenka.This was a brilliant, well-educated, witty and ironic, desperate optimist Bestuzhev-Marly."Sailor Nikitin" - a true story, first published in the "Library for Reading" in 1834.The audience accepted it enthusiastically, because it was looking forward to each new work by this author.Story not only read all to pieces, quotations are learned by heart.And it is absolutely clear, because in our time reading this sketch of the life of sailors, merchants of the Russian North, discover the author's witty, phrase, which you want to write immediately.He was literally a couple of words gives an idea of ​​what a hero.

remarkable tale characters described

How good captive captain of an English ship, which down to the shore of the Arkhangelsk port and sent to jail, singing "Rule Britannia, the seas."Very good neighbor described the character Katerina Petrovna writer Marly.Sailor Nikitin loved her, and for him it was "a lovely, all Catherine together and pretty, none of Katherine."Literally every phrase there quip about the clothes, the manners, the state of Russian merchant fleet - everything.And all of this is described with love for all domestic (right at the beginning of the story the writer openly emphasizes its dislike of everything foreign), and with a kind of irony, not with the poisonous sarcasm.

good story with a happy ending

be regretted that in our time the full reading of increasingly prefer summary."Sailor Nikitin" loses a lot in this: the beauty of the product disappears, subtle observations and the author's wonderful irony.It disappears by the author.

Nevertheless, concise account of the story is this.Young, brave, ruddy merchant mariner loved "rusokosuyu" beauty-neighbor, whose father agreed to the wedding only after another successful salable Savely Nikitin Solovki - a lot of money to earn.Groom immediately hit the road, but gets his teammates captured by the British, who made a hole in the bottom of the barge Savely, taking pre-product, and threw the sailors on the deck under the stars.Marly beautifully describes the nature of the North.The night sky above the deck prisoners poetic and unique: opal with barely visible stars, it certainly can not describe our summary.

«Sailor Nikitin" ends with four simple Russian peasants captured the British ship with superior numbers (12 people with the captain and the boy-boy) is well-trained sailors who went to the seizure of the Solovki fortress.The ship deployed to his native shores and brought to the port of Arkhangelsk, where they were met with cheers the entire city.It ended the wedding.

Wealth remaining beyond summary of

This is a summary."Sailor Nikitin", as mentioned above, the story.It is full of wonderful drawings, which is only the description of the sailor Ivan!You can familiarize with it briefly, but it's better to read completely.After summary does not include speaking Russian sailors, pour introductions and sayings or descriptions of historical events that led to the war between England and Russia as a result of the policy of Napoleon (story describes the events of 1811).The left side of the funny situations in the ship when the British captives were bread and corned beef, and in Russian - barrel with fresh water.

There are a lot of things because of what you need to read the story simply: but joy, she did not take any of the other senses.Especially as it sounds now very modern.It shows the eternal contempt and underestimation of "civilized" Europe Russian "bearded".AA Bestuzhev tells us that our compatriots on leaky boats covered the sea unthinkable distances and not boasted of his exploits, and indeed they did not think of any.Foreigners as Marly wrote, every step will be to chant verses and poems.This is a wonderful writer - a true patriot, not angry at home, upekshuyu him in prison and exile, then the Caucasus, where he was killed in a clash with the Highlanders.Maybe all his work, and not up to the creativity of Gogol, but still he is forgotten completely unfair.