Characteristics Princess Troubetzkoy - a real Russian woman

Perhaps one of the characteristic features of Russia has always been a strong woman.No wonder they say that women "stop a galloping horse, and enter a burning house."In some situations, the strength of character and tenacity are particularly strong.One such high-profile support acts were the wives of their husbands, the Decembrists in distant Siberia.

poem "Russian women"

poem "Russian woman" was created in 1872 by the great Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov.It is an ode to Russian wives who followed their husbands to Siberia.The poet was inspired by these events, and that spelled the end of his work that is "fascinating images" that people need to remember.

NANekrasov in his work really was able to immortalize the feat of women, because his poem evokes strong emotions that are difficult to forget.

fate of the Decembrists

December 14, 1825 there was an uprising of the Decembrists, who disagree with the government of the king.They wanted to destroy the monarchy and serfdom, but the revolt failed

to carry out the plan, and the Decembrists simply dispersed.Tsar Nicholas knew who participated in the uprising, and punished all.Nobles, he referred to hard labor in Siberia, and it was unprecedented for the power penalty for higher strata of society.

Incidentally, the first woman, so to speak, in this uprising was Princess Trubetskaya.Characteristics of the heroine would be incomplete without the mention of her husband, who was the leader of all rebellion.

Short story poem

story about the wives of the Decembrists begins with the departure of Princess Troubetzkoy from his paternal home.Showing tearjerker scene of farewell to her family.Then we see how the princess going through half the country in difficult conditions, and it is punctuated with her bright and happy memories, making a strong contrast.Perhaps the highlight of which Princess Troubetzkoy characteristic manifests itself in full force - it was her meeting with the Governor, who is trying by all means to stop the princess.But it is nevertheless in spite of everything continues to follow her husband.

Later in the way it catches up with another woman - Volkonskaia Princess, whose husband was also sentenced to hard labor.The poem ends with her to see her husband, who Nekrasov described with surprising strength.

Characteristics Princess Troubetzkoy

Nekrasov's poem turned out great bright and clear response.Princess Trubetskaya (Russian women presented it in her face) refers to the most important duty of women sacred duty to her husband.She puts it even higher than the duty of the father.

citation characteristic Princess Troubetzkoy may take a few pages, so give a description in general terms.

Any adversity and overcome obstacles ready Trubetskaya Princess.Characteristics of the heroine appears in a conversation with the governor.It scares her stripped of the title, the hardships of life in prison, even the death of his father, but nothing can stop it.The governor even told her that he will have to go along with the convicts on foot all the way, and she agreed to it.However, when he saw such a determination, it did not prevent more trucks and allocated.Princess Trubetskaya not only in words, but in reality has proved that it is ready to go anywhere for her beloved husband.

Perhaps now it does not seem such a terrible punishment, as before.But if you imagine that a woman of high society, for which he always did everything the servants agree on peasant life, the feeling of getting stronger.

Characteristics of Russian women through Princess Troubetzkoy

In order to better understand the work and the spirit of the time, you need at least one characteristic of a hero.Trubetskaya princess, her character in a poem, ideal to draw the image of not only a woman, but also to convey the mood of all Russian women.

reading a poem, we can immediately say that the princess really loves her husband.For the love of it is ready to overcome any obstacle, and this is one of the main features of all Russian women.They do not need a top light or position in society, if the husband is somewhere in the prison.Princess Trubetskaya was not alone in his decision, and his faithfulness, nine Russian women went behind their husbands.

how they describe the living conditions in his notes, it was very hard.Basically, they can only look at the jail, but it gave great power to their husbands.

Such devotion can truly be considered a great feat of Russian women.

real story of Princess Troubetzkoy

Life and characterization of Princess Troubetzkoy historical facts, and even more than that - they are written with the words of his son, ISTrubetskoy, using memoirs themselves wives of the Decembrists.Trubetskaya was the first woman who went after her husband, challenged the secular society.Because she was the first, then it was the most difficult thing, which is why the poem talking about Princess Troubetzkoy.Yes, Princess really supposed incredible anguish and hardship harsh life in Siberia, but her fate was not too bad.The first time they really lived with her husband in prison, and only 15 years later, they were given permission to go there.They settled in his house, and engaged in agriculture.

Over time, the term of exile expired, and they moved to Irkutsk.Here, the family was able to buy a house.Historical characteristics of Princess Troubetzkoy requires an indication that the woman is not just one made the feat, but all life had a strong personality.She knew everyone in town, after the princess in the house were always ready to feed and warm the travelers, convicts, and all accidents.So Princess Trubetskaya deserve respect and honor, therefore, to accompany her to rest in 1854 came to almost the entire city.