Biography of Stephen King, creative and interesting facts of life

In the world of a great number of talented and respected writers, but not all of them managed to become a legend in his lifetime.Biography of Stephen King no less exciting than his works.This man has achieved worldwide fame and recognition at a young age.Amazingly, about him, even those who are far from the horror and reading in general.Books by Stephen King - a cocktail of genres, extraordinary imagination, exuberant imagination;film based on his stories, chained to a blue screen, a huge part of the population was forced to cry, laugh, shake with fear and empathize with the main characters.But there was the easy way to fame?This biography tells of Stephen King.


King horror was born on September 21, 1947.He was born in the family of Donald and Nellie Ruth King Pilsberri, and it can be called a miracle, because the couple were convinced that Ruth could not have children.Relationship couples did not develop, and the second child was not conducive to the strengthening of the union (the first

boy - David King - was adopted in 1945).

Biography Stephen King has a sad side.When he was just two years old, my father went out for cigarettes and never came back.Ruth raised her two sons alone.But she did not panic and despair, active woman did not lose optimism and enthusiasm for one grabbed it, then for another job.In fact, it is a bright representative of feminism, but that it made a hard life and the need to rely only on herself.

But many relatives learn about troubles Ruth did everything to support it, in particular financial.This is caused by constant moving Steven from one city to another.They stayed with Donald parents, sisters Ruth.

Early career

biography of Stephen King tells us about the beginning of his career.Writers gift manifested itself very early - at age seven.At this age it took pen test.In 1959, the activities of the brothers Kinga decided to publish his own newspaper.She wore a plain name - "Leaf Dave" - ​​and successfully distributed among relatives, friends and neighbors.By the way, is not free.

constant moving had a negative impact on the health of the boy, he suffered a sore throat and measles.To distract from the pain helped hobby writing, which later became a lifework.The first major product of the author published in 1965.The story carried an interesting name - "I was a teenager, robbed the grave."A year later, American writer graduated from high school and enrolled at the university.

in 1966, was written first novel - "Long Way", but from the publisher King was refused.The young man took criticism badly and painfully reacted to the fact that the book did not make the proper impression.Nevertheless, the author's works have been presented to the public.In 1979, "Long Way" was released, but was published under a pseudonym - Richard Bachman.

Stephen King: Bibliography

Not many writers can boast of such a capacity for work.Inspiration never leaves this author, proved by the huge number of books, which year after year, writes Stephen King.His bibliography counts over 50 novels and numerous short stories and novels.

most significant, and any novels:

  1. "Carrie."
  2. "the lot".
  3. "The Shining."
  4. "Confrontation".
  5. "dead zone."
  6. "Firestarter".
  7. "Pet Sematary".
  8. "It."
  9. "Misery."
  10. "Tomminokery."
  11. "The Dark Half".
  12. "Needful Things".
  13. "Dolores Claiborne."
  14. "Insomnia."
  15. "Rubiaceae Rose".
  16. "Hopelessness".
  17. "bag of bones".
  18. "Hearts in Atlantis".
  19. "Dreamcatcher."
  20. "handset".

Stand out two works by the author: "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Green Mile."Both works were filmed and took the leading position in the version of IMDb (the world's largest database of cinema).

"Monsters are real, too, bringing the"

«Monsters are real, bringing too.They live inside us, and sometimes take up "- Stephen King wrote.Quotes of his best works of fans know by heart.Expressions that writes the author differ deepest sense and can tell a lot about his personality, character traits, attitude to life.

«What trap beats the trap of love?";"Only the dead speaketh the true prophecy" - all this Stephen King (citations given us - the immortal cycle of "The Dark Tower").


writer was lucky: he has a big and strong family.His wife - Tabitha Spruce - he met at university.A year after they met they were married, and the union proved indestructible.The wife gave him three children and became a chief critic.

There is one interesting story about how the master threw a pen the novel "Carrie" in the trash, thinking that the product failed.Tabitha rescued the manuscript, read and told King that he should finish the novel.Fortunately, he followed the advice of the wise.When the couple were on the verge of poverty and collapse saw no prospect in the foreseeable future, rang a phone call, which once and forever changed their lives.Roman took the publication fee and offered $ 200,000.The book made him famous, it was the beginning of the great ways of the king of terrors.He said goodbye to the teaching profession and devoted himself to his favorite occupation.

Personal life was perfect, Stephen King novels sold millions of copies - this is the well-deserved success.

film adaptation

Many remarkable film is based on the works of this writer."The nightmares and imagination of Stephen King" - a short film.Mini-series includes nine stories in the first season.The plot is taken from three collections: "Everything is," "Night Shift," "Nightmares and Dreamscapes".The dynamic development of events and unpredictable final found an appreciative audience.But opinions are mixed about the stories, the audience say that in some places the filmmakers managed to convey the chilling atmosphere of terror and fear, and sin some flaws.

Interesting facts

talented writer Stephen Edwin King is open to the public, willingly gives interviews and is in touch with the people.Here are some interesting moments from his life:

  • In 1999, while walking the writer was hit by a camper.His nightmares and fears come true.Multiple injuries (broken ribs, a damaged lung, a crack in the spine) can lead to irreversible, fatal consequences.At the foot were broken, even it initially wanted to amputate.He could hardly believe in a happy outcome, but as time passed, and the body is restored, of course, very slowly.During this period, the writer declared that he was leaving "retired" and still through a long period of time returned to work.
  • King played in a kind of a rock band, it was unusual in that it consisted of only writers.It was a success in narrow circles, and even profitable.
  • novel called "Rage" was the cause of the mass "insanity."Teens took up arms and began to shoot at school.After that, the writer decided that the book should be removed from sale.
  • writer has set itself the daily minimum of words (2 ths.) And do not go to bed without doing the norm.
  • novel "The Running Man" was written in record time - 10 days.
  • King's daughter - Naomi - belong to sexual minorities.In 2000, she was married to a schoolteacher.
  • King was recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Writer never used a mobile phone.There is speculation that the explanation of this fact lies in the book of the same name ("Cell").
  • He won countless awards and medals "For outstanding contribution to American literature."


Stories of Stephen King's written in a variety of genres: horror, science fiction, thriller, drama, detective, fantasy.Perhaps that is why he has so many fans all over the world.How could so many ideas and ideas?Is this a mystery?Some people tend to think that the writer helps create otherworldly forces that are involved magic.Most likely, this is misleading.Once in a hundred years people are born gifted with boundless imagination and energy.