The book "The handwriting of Leonardo" (Dina Rubina): summary and comments

genius, talent and extraordinary ability to always provoked lively debate: they are a gift or a curse of heaven?This question is the subject of many works, and even the Gospel in a sense tells us that a man with an extraordinary gift among the people certainly will not be easy.Related topics concerns Dina Rubina."The han

dwriting of Leonardo" - a novel about the extraordinary gift Anna Nesterenko, a girl who was adopted by an ordinary Kiev family.

strange child

One evening in the apartment of a childless couple and Anatoly Masha phone rang.Picking up the phone, Mary heard the voice of her husband's relatives - she offered to adopt the girl, an orphan, abandoned by all relatives.

reason for such callousness was revealed soon enough: a child is truly strange.Almost immediately it turns out that Nyuta psychic she can see the future and occasionally surprises his knowledge of others, most of which was not thrilled.People do not want to know what to expect - this is what is meant Dina Rubina."The handwriting of Leonardo" including that the prediction of the future is not able to save him.

foster parents know the results in advance of each football match is useful only if you are betting.For fans of such talent would be a real curse, but Anatoly whole heart, loving foster daughter, still leads it in football and always refuses when the little heroine of the novel "The handwriting of Leonardo" offers to tell what the outcome of the match.

If only the father is saddened that Mary is frightened to death.In search of answers, it recovers to a neighbor of the deceased mother of the girl and hear a strange story, like a hoax.

Nyuta buff lover of a minor, for which in the town had a very bad name.This father - gambler, durachaschy simpletons at a local beach - in the novel "The handwriting of Leonardo" appears twice, and both times have grown Anna would not have a clue who he is.

Father is red deceiver local feel of the Wolf Messing: he once traveled to Russia with performances and was tempted by the local beauty, the administrator of the hotel, which has stayed.

shards of mirrors

neighbor tells Masha and why she abandoned the girl after the death of her mother, she took Nyuta to stay the night and then, waking up at night, I realized that the child is not in the apartment.Frightened, out into the corridor, I saw an open door neighbor, came in and was stunned: a little girl standing on a stool near the mirror and talking to him, gently touching the surface, as though someone was in there.

This behavior across many pages will explain to readers Rubin."The handwriting of Leonardo" generally consists of separate fragments of the story - from different people at different times.They add up to more or less clear picture only after reading the novel in its entirety.It turns out that going to work, the mother assured Anna that goes into the mirror.Indeed, it reflects the door, where she disappeared and then reappeared.Perhaps the unfortunate child was just waiting for the mirror returns to him his mother, but maybe everything worse and more interesting: "The handwriting of Leonardo" does not give a definitive answer to any question.

Not a bit hopeful, Mary returned to Kiev to live in perpetual fear of disturbing that in the end will bring it to mind.She will sincerely believe that the visor mirror real Anna, replacing it with another, alien, hostile witch, the devil of hell itself.All mirrors have to clean the house, but all the same is not shuttered windows and reflection in dark windows lead crazy in a terrible state.

handwriting of Leonardo

But it will be later, when adopted daughter is already a graduate.In the meantime, he continued to haunt Nyuta seven other oddities.First, the girl was left-handed.Intelligent family decided not to alter the child, why torment in vain?The nurse also, Christina, take a different view.While the parents were not home, Nyuta had to go to the tied to the body with the left hand, and the result was stunning: the girl has gained extraordinary agility, being governed equally with both hands.Later incredible ability will allow it to join the circus with breathtaking stunts and stunt work.

next strangeness steel letters.Persistently trying to teach her daughter to read, adoptive father suddenly realized that she reads from right to left, because instead of the "donut" turns "kilbub."Even more interesting is that the girl wrote in the same way, and even turning the letters in the mirror.Such a phenomenon in psychology is called "Handwriting Leonardo": many drawings of the legendary Da Vinci explanation written that way.

mirror universe

Among other things, the girl discovers a brilliant physics and mathematics.When he came to declare the optical circle, Anna meets a man with whom will be friends for life: the genius physicist Eliezer, who for several years has read quite a little girl university course.Hooked mirrors a deep understanding of their properties and possibilities, many years later, the two of them will calculate blueprints for amazing rides Anne Nesterenko in the US, Canada and Europe.

But Anne Mirror - is not only the pieces of glass with amazing optical properties.This entire universes can oberech, save, show the past or future.At the head of the girl, too, has a "mirror," showing it sometimes terrible things.

genius and love

still in school in Anna falls nice guy Vladimir.With him, they traveled more than a thousand kilometers from the amazing complexity circus.Will live together, get married and go out, when she met that his true mate, which we often hear when it comes to love.It bassoonist Semyon, Semyon.He is much older character and loved her so devotedly that strangeness girls, annoying everyone around, he did not interfere.

His letters to his beloved opens another world of the novel by Dina Rubina.To learn how intricately connected the lives of all the characters have fully read "The handwriting of Leonardo": a summary of the completely unable to pass any of colorful descriptions of places where things happen, nor by many colorful characters, which is filled with romance.

Damn gift

wonderful gift Anna exhausting it.In his internal "mirrors" she sees the future deaths of loved ones and strangers, ugly secrets, unpleasant thoughts.Most often this ability to cause fear in others, the need to blame.Back in the circus school "mirror" showed her talent air gymnasts death Thani.Anna tried in vain to warn her, but she certainly did not listen."The handwriting of Leonardo" again sadly ironic reminiscent of what people want to hear only good predictions of the future.Once the pride of the final year of smashed right in the exam, the young psychic had to listen to the induced damage, jealousy, witchcraft.It almost made Anna leave school.The case led not to share his gift once again, she realized that it was better to keep quiet.

second time Anna pierce at the end of the book, making an indirect attempt to warn about the impending death of Genevieve her new hobby: Russian gymnast Elena that "mirror" showed Anna hung on the longe (circus safety rope).After the prophecy came true, she hears the same charges as in the distant youth: a witch, a witch.


heroine dreamed all his life free from the dubious gift of heaven.Realizing the futility of these hopes, she jumps on a motorcycle with a bridge card.Witnesses later claimed during the investigation that she soared into the sky.No body, no motorcycle in the waters of the Gulf did not find ...

rarely happen to read a work similar to that which created the Dina Rubina."The handwriting of Leonardo", reviews of which can generally be described as enthusiastic, it combines the amazing realism surrounding life with a deep mysticism of the plot and the general sense of the narrative.

Readers unanimously note the excellent quality Rubinskaya prose.If, after reading some books today want to "cough", the language of "Handwriting Leonardo", "a breath of fresh air."Write a wealth of images, perfect metaphor, deeply symbolic novel.There are those who style seemed overloaded, but they do not quit reading, recognizing that the book draws to insomnia.

Kyiv residents are delighted with what precision, grace and love to describe their city seems even indigenous inhabitants Zhylianska could not have done it better.

As per this book, "The handwriting of Leonardo" everyone seems to understand in his own way, and this is particularly evident in the spread of opinions about the fate of the protagonist.

Some readers say only untimely birth of Anna.Like, if she was born today, would become a famous psychic, and life would not be so tragic.Others, on the contrary, reflect on the nature of this gift.Was the power Awards heroine so unusual abilities, a force for good?Maybe, that's why the heroine is so often says, "You do not razvlecheshsya me!"

readers find the book a distinctive religious track and try once again to answer, with whom Jacob wrestled through the night and left crippled, but not defeated.Those who prefer around a scientific approach firmly hesitate over the existence of the mirror and parallel worlds.Some firmly say: "Mystery."Others object: "Nothing more realistic this book was not written."In general, the reading public is far from unity of impression, and this is another proof that the book is good and worth reading.

reacted with indifference to the novel only to readers, far from clues unexplained mysteries of the universe: in the book almost every event has a hidden meaning, somehow reflecting the life of the protagonist.After the publication of the novel "The handwriting of Leonardo" reviews literary critics have described it as the most powerful product of Rubina.From it really impossible to put down: it is as addictive as addictive sometimes mirror image - the whole world of the cold silvery glass.