Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The author "Sherlock Holmes" and not just

Detective is undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable genres of literature.The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word - a detective investigating the brutal murder of concentration or intricate mystery.Immediately recall the names of the most famous trackers: Miss Marple, Allan Pinkerton, Hercule Poirot and, of course, Sherlock Holmes.His name has become synonymous to refer to a person with amazing deductive skills and logical thinking.Notes about the adventures of the detective have already become classics of literature, but few know how was the author of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

childhood and adolescence

Born Arthur Conan Doyle (the name is sometimes spelled "Doyle" because of the confusion with the English) May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the son of an artist and architect.Despite the fact that the boy's father often drank, Arthur received a good basic education, and in the nine years he was sent to a distant boarding school.Unfortunately, on this

point the writer remained extremely negative memories: disgusting food, corporal punishment, the low level of teaching.

But in this unpleasant place the future author of "Sherlock Holmes" opened his talent for writing.It is because of this Arthur Conan Doyle became popular among his peers.By the end of seven years of study in school, he even launched his and try yourself in versification.


In 1876, Doyle became a medical student at the University of Edinburgh.Study was given to him easily, so free time devoted Arthur literature.Already in his third year, he published one of his stories in the Scottish magazine in the same year, the publication of his article on medicine in the influential periodical.In 1881 he received his medical degree from the author of Sherlock Holmes traveled to West Africa as a ship's doctor.Prior to that, by the way, he has already had experience of long voyage: an expedition to the Arctic was not in vain.After returning from the voyage, Doyle began working as a doctor in a couple of years, he defended his doctorate in medicine.

But behind all the worries he will not forget about creativity.In 1886, Arthur Conan Doyle became known as a prose writer."The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - the first of the famous detective stories - have appeared in periodicals.

Fame and ... throwing?

In 1889, Doyle and his wife and little daughter are leaving the UK.An ambitious doctor decides to move to Austria, where he studied for a while to go from there to the general treatment of ophthalmology, but after a couple of months, the couple returns to London.Arthur for some time to open a private office, trying to combine medicine and literature, but in 1891 is completely out of the universe called the "Sherlock Holmes".Author exciting stories every day is becoming more popular, he allowed himself to demand huge sums of money for the stories, magazines and periodicals were willing to pay royalties for the fabulous opportunity to print Doyle.At the same time, Arthur travels with his family around the world, writes, teaches at various universities.In 1897, he returned to the UK, he tried his hand as a playwright - and the world gets a theatrical version of "Sherlock Holmes."

In December 1899, the second begins Boer War.Having thrown a series of stories "Sherlock Holmes", the author of volunteer doctors sent to the front.Three years later, Arthur Conan Doyle received the prefix "Sir" and the title of knight for his service to the Crown in the difficult time of war.His experience is reflected in the book "The Great Boer War."


After the war, Arthur has once again left the practice of medicine, this time for the sake of politics.However, he could not even win the local elections, so soon abandoned the idea.In 1906, after the death of his wife, he marries for the second time, and the new alliance brings him not only children, but also the inspiration for the writing of the theatrical versions of some stories from the series "Sherlock Holmes": the author of the work was able to achieve production of "motley tape", and"Brigadier Gerard" and "Rodney Stone" (in the latter case, the name was changed to "The House Terperli").In the same period published "Hound of the Baskervilles" - a novel about one of the most famous cases of genius detective.

But the feeling of domestic debt was invincible, it is not surprising that with the beginning of the First World War, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once again joined the ranks of the British Army of volunteers.

last years

Returning from a new war, the author of "Sherlock Holmes" discovers spiritualism.The unusual and, I confess, a rare doctrine so fascinated Doyle that in 1922 he once again leaves Britain and went with his family to the United States, where he intends to seriously engage in the promotion of spiritualism.Almost two years he spent on the road, trying to interest the greatest possible number of people overseas esoteric doctrine, but in the late twenties, Arthur Conan Doyle returns to Europe.In 1929 he went on a tour of the Nordic countries, in which wrote his last book, not associated with already managed to annoy him Sherlock Holmes (the author even once tried to kill him, but because of pressure from the public was forced to resurrectcharacter).

July 7, 1930 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died.He was in '71.


pass such a vivid and extraordinary image of Sherlock Holmes, it is practically impossible, so during the life of its author began to appear writers to express their vision of this extraordinary character.Stories about the fate of the detective wrote and son Arthur Conan Doyle, and Franklin Roosevelt - one of the most famous US presidents.

In the nineties of the twentieth century on the territory of the former Soviet Union a huge number of books in the series "Sherlock Holmes" of other authors (A. Shaburina V. Petrina, M. Trushina and so on. D.), Hinted that new stories have been foundDr. Watson in a suitcase.Number of imitators Doyle's genius really huge, and probably in every version of the story of the brilliant detective has something wonderfully intriguing.