Therefore, Russia - the country's history in the lyrics

Russian literature recognized by the world community as one of the richest.Peru belongs to the great Russian authors many works using the love of readers in different countries, the creation of authors put on the stage and becomes the basis of screenplays.But poetry is not so simple - to convey feelings and emotions of the author in another language is not as easy as it seems at first glance.But even with almost completely rewritten poems (in the translation of the lyrics is usually kept the main idea, and the rest is created from scratch) Russian poets are among the best writers.What is the reason for this?


general, clearly identify any specific periods in the development of Russian poetry is very difficult.Is Golden Age, there are silver, then comes the Soviet period, but it is not limited to such stringent limits.Poems and Poets Russia published before in the literature came Pushkin and Lermontov, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union did not stop writing poetry.But the verse is ge

nerally regarded as a separate genre from the beginning of the nineteenth century - in this period rose the star of Russian poetry.

Golden Age Golden Age is perhaps the peak of development of Russian poetry.Pushkin, Lermontov, Fet, Tyutchev - they all worked about the same time.

poet and writer Russian first try their hand at the genre of classicism, which replaced later come sentimentalism and romanticism.It is because of the combination of these genres appeared opinion about the falsity, idealizing the Golden Age - the writers were trying to sugarcoat reality.By the end of the century the situation has changed: the realism began to emerge, which not only pushed the refinement of their predecessors, but also showed all the vices of man and the world around him.Later he added a satire - laughter through tears over everything going on in Russia in the late nineteenth century.

On the turn of the century.Silver Age

transition from one century to another gradually supplanted realism.Books began to appear decadence, full of anxiety, nervous about the coming changes.The aggravation of social conflicts, the nascent revolution could not help but worry about writers, their works appear first notes of patriotic motives.Poets Russia are turning to the history of their country, trying to predict future developments.But here everyone was doing it in his own way: one left in critical realism, trying to make his lyrics understandable to most people, while others are hiding behind a wall of symbolism, resorting to allegories and puns, as if to say between the lines.

With the crisis of symbolism, which included such poets as Blok, Soloviev, new genres Acmeism transmitting every detail of the world (Akhmatova, Gumilev, Mandelstam), and futurism, a revolt against the foundations of society (Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov).Silver Age of Russian literature is closely related to the changes in society, the rejection of tradition and bold experiments in the lyrics.

Soviet period

why Russia did not expect that the social revolution, which all have been waiting for, will have consequences.With the advent of the new authorities began a crackdown on writers of the last generation.All who refused to write the commissioned party, subjected to repression, a huge number of talented writers were forced into exile under pressure from the public.The main motive of the post-revolutionary poetry becomes a celebration of the Soviets, the idealization of the new world being built, literally, on the bones of the old.

new realities pushed Futurism and Acmeism, completely surrendering to socialist realism.Receded into the background and outrageous scandal: they were considered to be the lot of not very gifted poets, literature became the most specific and urgent.But she kept the main thing: interest in the person as an individual.

postwar poetry

died down the Great Patriotic War, remained in people's memory nightmare.And why Russia eagerly seized on the new topic, laying out all the accumulated over the years of confrontation between thoughts and feelings.There was a whole layer of writers, working exclusively in the military genre, praising the people, telling stories frontline, dividing the most cherished.But along with them wrote, those who tried to divert people away from the horror.In the poetry of Futurism returns come experiments with the form of the poem, with the rhythm and rhyme.A whole generation of the sixties worked on erasing the memory of the people of the war and substituted its bright ideas.During this period, work Christmas, Voznesensky, Yevtushenko poems which really admire their simplicity and ease.


modern Russian poets continue the work of their predecessors.They write about their surroundings, and mysterious worlds, turning to classical prosody and play with the form of poetry.They combine the incompatible in his poems, which gives hope for further development of Russian poetry.