Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin "Konyaga."

Tales Saltykov-Shchedrin, written mainly in the 80s of the XIX century (often called political) became a satire on the existing order in Russia.Describe the position of the Russian peasant devoted work "Konyaga" feature is that the way the author of the unfortunate animal shows oppressed human slavery.The important point is that Konyaga symbolizes a fairy tale and at the same time the invincible force of the people, and his unwillingness to resist oppression and steady state.Pustoplyasov symbolic images, behind which lurk in the main sectors of Russian society the middle of the XIX century.

How lives Konyaga

Summary tale begins with a description of the animal.Not readily share it.Here unharnessed his man, gave to feed and Konyaga went off the road and sleep.Difficult band stood out today: some stones - perhaps a couple with a man defeated.View from unsightly Konyaga: Easterly shoulders, ribs stick out, broken legs, matted mane, always downcast goes.And all of the work unbearable - all year ro

und under the collar - and food unbearable.In the summer of another herb which can grasp, and in the winter a rotten straw.That accounts for the peasant it in the spring to raise the poles.That shows the hero tale "Konyaga" Saltykov-Shchedrin.

Summary entry complete the picture of life master beast.A man from Konyaga kind, the gift is not crippling, trying to raise a shout.Beast forelegs rests, takes back, head to chest presses;It looks - and went.A man leans behind the plow, forces no regrets.The band pass, and both feel as if death came.But no - moved.And so every day.

daunting task

Tale "Konyaga", a summary of which is given here, goes on to describe the fields that stretched on both sides of the road.There is no end to them, they are surrounded by a dense ring of the village.That moves in the endless space of the figure of the peasant, and then suddenly disappear, like a field it sucked.For centuries, trying to figure out how to win this fabulous strength, man and Konyaga.From the cradle to the grave fighting over how to free himself from captivity, which turned out to be, but all in vain.And there is no escape from their exhausting work.

in agony

description of "rest" continues summary.Shchedrin (Konyaga he symbolizes also the peasant himself) describes a painful condition dormant (or dying from overwork) animal.It lies in the sun, the clouds hovering over them insects.But exhausted Konyaga almost does not react to their bites.Something huge, then black, then fiery, sweeps before his eyes and seemed to pull him into the bottomless depths.And then again there is a boundless field.Here it is only the people and is blossoming ... And now again pomertvevshee under a white shroud ... and there is no edge of the field, so there is no end bondage and torture ... So one by one, describes the sad picture of life in slavery Saltykov.

Konyaga (summary allows you to understand it) was born for one purpose only - hard physical labor.And everything that's going on is just to give him the opportunity to perform this same operation.Feed and rest allotted just enough to have the strength to stand up.And until new wounds no one cares.Not his welfare, and the ability to bear the yoke of work - only it disturbs others for centuries.It turns out that Konyaga (summary describes his short life as infinity) and lives and dies.He can only hope that someone in the future will be able to answer the question of why he was given such an existence?

Parable of Pustoplyasah

meantime Konyaga lies in the half-forgotten past are his cousins.Few would say that once he "uncouth and insensitive" and Pustoplyas "gentle and sensitive," born of the same father.Long endured a parent first, but once judged "Konyaga - straw and Pustoplyasu - oats."Since then, the custom that one is living hand to mouth and from work languishes, and the other - in a warm stall so on syte honey luxuriates.

Continues tale "Konyaga" a summary of the conversations that led Pustoplyasy looking for immortality - it does not proberesh!- His kinsman.One noted that Konyaga of hard work has accumulated a lot of common sense, because it smirnehonek and his business is doing.The second did not agree: there are great "life of the spirit and the spirit of life" because it is no stick is broken.A third said that Konyaga "real work" has found for himself, it was he who gives him the stability that centuries of slavery could not win.The fourth is confident in another: for centuries it is a life and so used to it that at times seems to have no power to stand alone, but no, it vzgreesh whip, and he immediately comes to life and goes to do business, to which his own job.

«B-but, back-breaking, stirring!»

While being the empty talk, a man wakes up so call Konyaga to work in simple terms.And now Pustoplyasy delighted with how he rests and back legs rakes.Here, shout, learn from whom it is necessary!That someone should emulate!And do something customize, "B-but, convict, n-no!" So ends the tale "Konyaga" Saltykov-Shchedrin.

Summary reports only the main points of the narrative, however, is to understand the conceptual plan of the author, it is necessary to get acquainted with the full text of the work.