Books, which filmed: a list of the best

Books, which filmed, are numerous and varied.When directors are taken to film an interesting product, the picture is either bad or good, or simply lives up to its source.

What books are we interested in?

books themselves, which filmed, and of varying quality.Probably, based on the outstanding works harder to remove.So many directors prefer to carefully handle the classics.Unknown book, which filmed, quite numerous today.They are treated more safely.They often form the basis for a successful picture.We will not once again describe the great books, which filmed.Many of them probably know the reader.Let us dwell on the tapes, which are based on the not very outstanding works.The filmmakers, who are the authors of paintings, presented below, have surpassed in his work literary originals, many of which were so bad that it is not clear why the directors do want to take on their adaptation.


film based on the books start to describe a picture "Vertigo."This tape was filmed in the United Stat

es in 1958.Director of the film - Alfred Hitchcock.Genres "Vertigo": a thriller, a detective romance.Actors starring James Stewart, Barbara Bel Geddes, Kim Novak, John Henry, Tom Helmor.

is not to say that the book is a bad detective "Among the dead," Boileau-Naserzhaka.But who knew Hitchcock shoot a film based on it, has shifted from first place in 1958, "Citizen Kane"?The list of critics, compiled by the British Film Institute, the picture "Citizen Kane" lost "Vertigo."


Back in 1932 appeared in the US this film.Directed by Richard Rosson are his and Howard Hawks.The genre is a noir crime drama.Roles in it sang Ann Dvorak, Paul Muni, Osgood Perkins, Karen Morley, C. Henry Gordon.

also titled film was released in 1981 in the United States.Director of the film - Brian De Palma.Movie Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama.Actors starring Steven Bauer, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Loggia and others.

writer Maurice Coons, as they say, wrote a novel under a pseudonym Armitage Trail.The work was based on the life history of the Italian gangsters, such as Al Capone.All the laurels went to the movie with the Howard Hawks' Scarface, "which shocked audiences of the time frank display of violence (even the name at the time the censors considered invalid).After half a century of Brian De Palma remake was created, in which his character, a drug dealer from Cuba, Al Pacino seem so attractive and frightening at the same time that with a mixture of admiration and horror, people left the auditorium.Connoisseurs of movies still remember these names: De Palma, Paul Muni, Hawks, Pacino.But the name of Maurice Coons have long been forgotten.

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

continues to describe the films made from books.In 1956, the US premiere of the picture, directed by Don Siegel.The genre is science fiction, horror.It played a role in Dana Wynter, Kevin McCarthy, King Dolovan, Larry Gates, Carolyn Jones.

Another film adaptation, also an American, appeared in 1978.Director of the film - Philip Kaufman.The genre is horror, detective fiction.The film starring Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright.

Another remake, which means it is necessary to mention - it is work in 1993, also made in the USA.This time, the director of the film was Abel Ferrara.As it belongs to the genre of science fiction, horror, detective, thriller.Actors starring Terry Kinney, Gabrielle Anwar, Reilly Murphy, Billy Worth, Meg Tilly.

Through the story of the book on which the movie filmed interest to us, the films that were released in the genre is not very close to reality, talking about his age more than any documentary.

three versions of the painting commented on the social climate and political paranoia of the time, the same terrible story of the capture of the planet predatory creatures telling differently.Written by Jack Feeney literary foundation of the same name outside the narrow circle of connoisseurs virtually unknown and is not intended to describe the society of contemporary authors.This was possibly because Kaufman and his films Siegel finished enslavement of Earth, while Finney offered boring and banal happy ending.


analyzing various patterns, we have selected the best films made from books.The list includes their next job."Psycho" - American picture, published in 1960.It became the director Alfred Hitchcock.Genre: Horror, Crime, Thriller.Starred in the film Vera Miles, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, Martin Balsam.

This is the second film of Hitchcock on our list.Famous director risked his own money, as far rushed to the studio to film a semi-documentary crime novel by Robert Bloch, which tells about a psychopathic killer, suffering Oedipus complex.Hitchcock gave Anthony Perkins, nervous handsome, the role of the villain who killed the heroine of Janet Leigh, the main stars in the first third of the film."Psycho" is one of the most cited in the history of cinema films.


long can describe various films made from books.The list is huge.We present only the most interesting.Among the most interesting films can be attributed to "Chapaev".This domestic tape, which appeared in 1934 in the USSR.They took her Vasilyev brothers.In the genre of the film is a drama.We played it Barbara Myasnikov, Babochkin Boris, Vyacheslav Volkov, Hilarion Singers Nikolai Simonov.

His lyrics became popular Vasiliev brothers filmed the novel by Dmitry Furmanov, written in 1923.This painting was awarded the first prize of the Moscow Film Festival, the first person Sergei Eisenstein.In folklore thanks to the film adaptation of the images were Chapayev and Petka, his adjutant.They went into the jokes.Of course, the best films made in the books in our country include the job.

"9 1/2 Weeks"

film came out in 1986 in the United States.It is a melodrama, a drama.Actors starring Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, David Margulies, Margaret Whitton and others.

Films, based on the book, there are sometimes very frank, as the following picture.It tells in her about galeristka, blonde, which over the stormy relation with businessman completely lost myself.The painting was in the eighties in Russia hit video halls.In Hollywood, it belongs to one of the first in the history of erotic films for a new generation, calmly relating to the image on-screen sex scenes.Although the picture was somewhat similar to the set of sexual episodes, beautifully shot, it turns out, has a literary basis - the appropriately named novel created by writer Elizabeth McNeill.If the product was successful, it could be compared with "50 shades of gray," a popular novel today.

"Shield and Sword"

"What kind of movies based on the book, other than those described?"- You ask.Well, if you still have not decided what to see, we offer you an overview of one more picture.In 1968, the Soviet Union, Vladimir Basov reel of film was shot under the title "Shield and Sword".Genres her drama, a military adventure.Roles played Georgy Martynyuk, Stanislav Lyubshin Natalya Velichko Valentina Titova, Juozas Budraitis.

novel called "Shield and Sword", for its time, "right", was written in 1965, Vadim Kozhevnikov, the chief editor of the well-known at the time the magazine "Banner" and former war correspondent.It tells of the heroic work of Alexander Belov, a Soviet spy.However, the film Vladimir Basov, who glorified begins actor Oleg Jankowski and Stanislav Lubshina showed fascists clever and even human.He immediately landed everybody - both critics and the masses."Shield and Sword" in the early days of hire watched 134.5 million people.This is only slightly less than the entire population of Russia today.


film based on the books (novels, stories, and so on.) Can be found for every taste.The cinema is booming for more than a century.During this time, many books have been filmed.Unfortunately, the format of this article allows you to describe just some of the paintings of American and Russian cinematography.They are, in our opinion, definitely worth seeing, since it's a classic.Besides all these paintings in their own interest, and certainly you will like them.