The key word in each destiny - the parable of the mother

«mother - the first word, the key word in each destiny" - sung in the children's song.And no one will dare to argue with that, because no mother would not be life.Of course, very often we are not aware of the role it plays in our lives, but at the same time, our very birth of impossible without it.It is not surprising that the literary works about women who have known the mystery of the birth of the child, are so popular.

parable of the mother - one of the most common literary themes.Why is he so famous?

King Solomon

The most common form of such teachings as the parable of a mother's love.Usually, it binds to sacrifice a woman, her willingness to do anything for the child, to give up any benefits, if only everything was fine with the baby.One of the most famous legends with motive - the story of King Solomon and the two neighbor.

Once a ruler came two women living together and new mothers.At night, one of them accidentally smothered her baby, and put him in the crib neighbor, and myself took the

living child.Naturally, the mother of the morning to find a substitute, tried to regain his crumbs, but the neighbor refused to give the baby.So she turned to the king asking to judge them.

Solomon did not think long - he ordered to cut the child in half to each woman received it.One of the dispute in the heat of a quarrel called out that it will be even better: no one will be offended, but the other turned pale and asked to send their kid opponentke.

With a smile, the king returned the baby a second woman, who is not allowed to perform a terrible verdict.It is only the true mother, according to Solomon, is able to give up their interests for the sake of the child.

Love Mom

Another interesting parable of the mother tells of her relationship to her children.Argued once older and younger son, one of them my mother loves.Long they argued, even a fight, trying to prove his innocence, but did not come to an agreement.Then they decided to go to his mother to ask her the most, who is it expensive.After hearing

sons, the woman smiled, he picked up the candle, lit it and put it on the table in front of children."Flame, - she said quietly, - is my love for you, the children - she took two more candles smaller set fire to each of the flame first and put all three in a row - is the fact that I shared the flame for a few candlesit has become less?Is now one of the smaller candles fire less? "The boy looked at the lights, realized that my mother right, that the flame on the wick of the three absolutely identical.It's a shame it was heads down, not daring to ask his mother for forgiveness for stupid argument, and she just hugged sons and hugged her, as if protected from all adversity.

This parable of the mother proves that there is no favorite and unloved children, mothers are all equal.


Another interesting story, a little reminiscent of the previous one - the parable of the mother and son apostate.

One woman was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to be burned at the stake.On the appointed day, the main square of the town of apple was nowhere to fall.The crowd went wild, demanded the execution of witches, silent only son of the convict, who was standing near the pillory.Suddenly someone shouted that it would be necessary to burn and he a descendant of witches, then carries the evil.People have picked up the boy in his arms, intending to take it to the post in such a way, but his mother cried struggling: "It's not my son!I stole it! "Of course, the young man was released, and by atrocities" witch "to add another child and theft.Son silently watched the blazing fire in which his mother was dying.And he had not even tried to refute her last words, he renounced the mother in order to save his life.

A few years later it was found out that the woman was still innocent.Her reputation was restored, but the son who abandoned the mother, people just have not been able.

This parable shows that not only the mother has to be ready for anything for your child, but it must meet the same to her.

"A mother's heart falling to the threshold ..."

And, perhaps, the most famous sermon - a parable about a mother's heart.Someone says that the original legends of the mountain belongs to the people, while others claim that everything began with the author's story, which was later adapted to different nationalities.But the idea still kept overall.

young man fell in love with a beautiful girl.But no matter how he tried, he could not even make it look favorably.The young man promised that he would get to his beloved everything she wants, go to any deeds, if only she was with him.And then the cruel beauty demanded that the unfortunate enamored bring her heart to his mother.

young man ventured into a terrible crime.After killing his mother, he cut the heart out of her chest, wrapped it in a cloth and carried the girl.On the way to his beloved, he tripped and fell.A mother's heart, hitting the dusty road, just ask quietly: "You're not hurt, son?»

This famous story again highlights the sacrifice and heroism of the women who are ready to do anything for their child.


parable of the mother - this is hardly an independent branch of this literary genre.Such stories are always full of wisdom, velichayshay examples of sacrifice and perhaps the most pure love, which is capable of only a mother.