"Leningrad" : analysis of a poem ( Mandelstam ) .Analysis of the poems of Mandelstam's " Insomnia ," " Evening gentle " , "Age ", "Notre Dame"

Osip Mandelstam - one of the brightest representatives of the poets of the Silver Age.His contribution to the development of Russian literature of the twentieth century can hardly be overestimated, and the tragic fate leaves no one indifferent.

itself is fascinating and interesting analysis of the poem.Mandelstam also reveals in his lyrics Acmeists world, their attitude to poetry and art direction.The article will be considered the most famous works of the writer: "Leningrad", "Insomnia", "Evening gentle", "Age", and «Notre Dame».


future poet was born in 1891 in Warsaw merchant family, which in 1897 moved to St. Petersburg.There Osip Tenishev finishes school.Then he went to Paris, attended lectures at the Sorbonne, is engaged in the University of Heidelberg.

In 1910 he published his first poems in the magazine "Apollo".For the year Mandelstam become his literary environment at the same time tending to the ideas Acmeists.In 1913, the writer published the first collection of poems - "


The life of the poet ends in 1938, when he was arrested and exiled to Voronezh.Mandelstam died in the camp of the exiles, and was buried in a mass grave.

helps reveal the inner world, and especially the analysis of the poem the poet's outlook.Mandelstam in this regard reveals to the reader his view of what happened at the beginning of the twentieth century in Russia, and what he had witnessed.

features lyrics Osip Mandelstam

Poetry Mandelstam path began at age 14 when first poems were written.From this moment begins early years characterized by pessimism and the search for meaning in life.Initially Mandelstam was fascinated by the ideas of Symbolists and addressed in his poetry to music images and motifs.However, familiarity with acmeists dramatically changed the tone of the lyrics and the idea of ​​the poet.In such works as "Nature - the same Rome ..." begin to meet architectural images, confirming the analysis of the poem.Mandelstam understand the development of civilizations as a continuous ongoing process where the cultural heritage (including architecture) reflects the changes and attitudes of peoples.

to understand and comprehend the particular lyric Mandelstam, please refer to the analysis of its program of poems.


analysis of the poem "Leningrad" Mandelstam can start with a description of the plot.Lyrical hero returns to the city of his childhood - Leningrad.Here he found his calling, gained friends, many of whom can no longer meet.His connection with the city is so strong that it is comparable with the flesh and blood ties "to the veins, swollen glands to children."This relationship with the space of Leningrad "fat Leningrad river lamps," "ominous tar blended yolk" (a metaphor describing the overcast sky and the dim sunlight).But the strongest friendships: "I still have the addresses to which find voices of the dead."But no matter how strong was not a lyrical connection with the city, there are those who can easily break it - "guests".They come at night without an invitation and take with family and friends.Their coming is tantamount to death, because those who are gone, never come back.

About incredibly anxious time said analysis of the poem "Leningrad" Mandelstam.Author perfectly capture the growing concern, the lack of any protection from the tyranny of things happening around and the hopelessness of the future.


This is one of Expressive and terrifying works, which Mandelstam wrote.An analysis of the poem "The age of my beast, my ..." largely reflects the same feelings about the loss of the usual peaceful world as the previous verse.

his life Mandelstam compares with the beast ruthless and unbridled, who broke his spine-established world order and can not correct it, longingly looking back at the past.The poet feels the whole tragedy of what is happening and tries his art (which represents flute) to link the vertebrae, but no time and effort of one man is not enough.And continues to flow "blood-stroitelnitsa" from the wounds of the country.The image of the beast-century encompasses not only the wildness, but also helpless: a broken ridge prevents him gain its former strength, we can only watch "on the traces of their own paws."So painful, difficult and tragically experiencing revolutionary events and the change of power Mandelstam.

analysis of the poem "Insomnia»

The basis of the product went to the second song of Homer's "Iliad" - "Dream of Viotia, or list of ships", which lists all the ships and military leaders who went to Troy.

Home poem - the word "Insomnia", which describes the physical state of the protagonist.And at once the poet immerses the reader in the ancient Greek myth: "Homer.Tight couple ... ".Infinitely stretching ships as endless night, tortured and prevents sleep.The image of the flying geese only enhances slow pace and stretch space and time, which tends to emphasize Mandelstam.An analysis of the poem "Insomnia" reflects the smooth flow of time and thoughts lyrical.From the description of the ships he proceeds to reflect on the purpose of the ancient war.A huge army motivated by love: "Where are you sailing?Whenever Helen, that Troy you Achaeans? .. And the sea, and Homer - all motivated by love. "The next line returns to reality, in the present era of lyrical: "Whom do I listen to?And Homer is silent. "

Love - is the main driving force, which remains unchanged from ancient times to the present day - a view expressed in this poem Osip Mandelstam.

analysis of the poem "Evening gentle»

The poem describes one of the picnic areas on the Mediterranean coast, which Mandelstam was a frequent visitor during his studies at the Sorbonne.This work stands out against the background of all the poet of his joy, happiness and carefree pink light.He therefore romantic, paints a picture of a beautiful landscape, full of sounds, smells and bright colors.Nineteen writer happy, he feels the freedom and boundlessness of its features, the whole world opens before him.Poet openly expresses his opinion, there is no fear and fear of incurring the trouble (which appear in later works).

After returning to Russia would never write such a joyful lines Mandelstam.An analysis of the poem "Evening gentle" reveals cheerful, freedom and the longing soul life of the writer.

«Notre Dame»

poem «Notre Dame», like the previous one, is based on the experiences that have left a study in France.Mandelstam traveled a lot during this period and was shocked to view Notre Dame Cathedral.It is this architectural monument is dedicated to the poem.Incredibly sensual and metaphorically describes the building of Mandelstam.Analysis of the poem «Notre Dame» reveals the beauty of the cathedral, is compared to a living being, "plays muscles crusade can easily be reduced."Poet frightened and fascinated by the spectacle, he is imbued with beauty and grandeur of the building and gradually recognize its most beautiful in the world.

Mandelstam first line refers to the history of the Council: "Where is the Roman judge judge someone else's people."The emerging Roman theme is necessary in order to show the relationship of architecture and cultural-historical development of the peoples.

admired and surprised abilities of ancient architects Mandelstam.Analysis of the poem «Notre Dame» can be reduced to a description of contrasts, which built all the work "can easily be reduced" - "weight of bulky wall", "Egyptian power" - "Christian timidity", "oak" - "reed".The combination of contradictory feelings, dissimilar materials and different approaches to image hidden beauty of both the cathedral and the poems of the poet.


thus reveal the author's position, understand the soul, world and the mood of the poet, a simple analysis of the poem.Mandelstam, of course - one of the most interesting and unusual poets of the Silver Age, whose work fascinates, attracts and fascinates.