The writing on "Chatsky - winner or loser?".

In the name of comedy Griboyedov there is such a word as "mountain", warning readers about the serious events that may occur.However, remembering that it is a comedy, those who are holding a book, calm down.

Such contradiction prepares us for the fact that the protagonist of the work is perceived by the rest of the actors is ambiguous.Therefore, the question arises: who Chatsky - winner or loser?

Griboyedov comedy about the story in a letter Katenin

author, telling the story of their own work, says that the main character, is very far from stupid person prefers an intelligent man who is in conflict with society, fool.Chatsky someone calls crazy, and the rest is repeated.The main character spits on everyone and leaves.The heroine is disappointed in the chosen one fool.

from such restatement is difficult to conclude who is Chatsky - winner or loser.It requires mandatory understanding of how to relate to this character key actors.

ratio of Sophia to the protagonist

essay on "Chatsky - winner o

r loser?" It is impossible to write well, without answering the question of how to treat his beloved Chatsky to which he aspires.It turns out that Sofia Pavlovna in love with his father's secretary, Molchalin.They meet in secret and both realize that FAMUSOV will be unhappy with this choice of his daughter.

the remark maid Lisa that she did not Molchalin couple Sophie says that her choice "for others to forget ourselves ready audacity of the enemy."About Chatsky, which the maid says almost ecstatically, Sophia says that he certainly is eloquent and intelligent, but only pretended to be in love:

Ah!if someone loves someone,

What crazy look and ride so far?

From these lines it is clear that she appreciates its advantages, sees them.However, she prefers to fix his attention on the man easier, more convenient for family life and relationships, as it seems that, however, is not devoid of wisdom.

It would seem that she preferred the other, but if defeated Chatsky?

ratio Famusov to the protagonist

essay on "Who Chatsky - winner or loser" requires consideration of the relation of the father of Sophia Pavlovna him.Opinion Paul Afanasevicha of a young man formed in their conversation.Chatsky Famusov begins to talk about Sophia Pavlovna.FAMUSOV wondered whether Chatsky does not want to ask for her hand.Chatsky wondered what would have answered Paul Afanasievich, decide it woo.They start a heated argument.Ideals and Alexandra Paul Afanasevicha Chatsky did not coincide.FAMUSOV as a representative of the traditional aristocratic society considers a mandatory service, accuses the young man in the pride and tells the story of his relative, who succeeded in the court of falling and fun empress.Chatsky "fawn sickening," he does not tolerate servility and sees sense only in the service of "the cause, not the people."FAMUSOV himself defines it as a dangerous man, do not recognize the authority.

They argue a lot during the whole comedy.Which one is the winner?No one.Everyone is his own opinion.Chatsky Famusov considers unworthy man FAMUSOV at the end of the comedy is in full confidence that Chatsky - crazy.

Revenge Sophia

essay on "Chatsky - winner or loser?" Can not do without a description of the episode, when all come to the conclusion that Alexander A. - crazy.Sophia Pavlovna, in response to attacks against Molchalin Chatsky fed him brutally.At the ball she spread rumors that he was crazy.This grain has found fertile ground.Fans gossip relish this rumor.Comes to the fact that one of the guests, Zagoretsky, says if Chatsky sitting on a chain in the lunatic asylum, and had just come out of it.

Chatsky learn that Sophia opted Molchalin, amazed.He sees his penchant for servility, hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness, helpfulness nasty.Hero disappointed.

The finished piece?

essay on "Chatsky - winner or loser?" Can not be imagined without evaluation of the last episode.The finale of this comedy puts everything in its place.Chatsky accidentally overhears as Molchalin stick to Lisa maid Sophia.He assures her that only cares for her daughter Famusov for successful promotion.It hears and Sophia.She angrily chases Molchalin crawling in front of her.

All Famusov becomes aware that Chatsky reveals that this Sophia introduced him crazy.Paul Afanasievich daughter threatens to exile "in the village to her aunt in the wilderness, in Saratov."

concluding essay on "Chatsky - winner or loser?" I must say that at the end of the work Chatsky realizes that he has opened his soul to the unworthy people.His feelings are offended, it does not remain the same love for Sophia.

Actually: Who Chatsky - winner or loser?The unequivocal answer to this question is no.Any event in the life can be estimated in different ways.Over Chatsky cruel laugh, but then he would sometimes joke is not very kindly.He went and stayed with his beliefs, self-confidence.