Biography PP

Ershov Petr Pavlovich (years of life - 1815-1869) - a writer, poet and playwright.Biography PPYershov will be presented in this article.

He was born on February 22 (March 6) in 1815 in the province of Tobolsk, in the village of Bezrukovo, family official.Pyotr Yershov spent his early childhood in Berezovo.Here he lived up to 12 years until my father sent him to Tobolsk gymnasium with Nikolai, his elder brother.It was the Director of IPMendeleev, who is the father of a brilliant scientist Dmitri Mendeleev.Prevailed in the gymnasium atmosphere contributed to the formation of Peter Pavlovich patriotism.Here are all subordinated to the idea of ​​revival of Siberia.And the local intelligentsia, and teachers saw a schoolboy future scientists.

Ershov and Mendeleev

Ivan Pavlovich Mendeleyev its activities as a director began in 1827 with the conversion to a four-year semiklassnoe school gymnasium.Now it might graduates after graduation to enter higher education.Mendeleyev greeted creative approach in t

eaching.Passed literary Sunday for high school students, in which they could read their works.Then Mendeleev said Yershov capacity.The constant traveling was the father of Peter Pavlovich.Since family Mendeleev and Ershov were related, the director invited him to his home, gave the book.Later, as an inspector of the Tobolsk gymnasium Pyotr Yershov takes care of Dmitri Mendeleev, the future scientist.He was 13 years old lost his father, and he will be a support, a true friend and mentor Peter P. Ershov, biography, creativity and personality which we are interested.Dmitri Mendeleev (picture shown below) also married later on Leshcheva Feozne Nikitichna, stepdaughter Peter Pavlovich.

Study at St. Petersburg University

biography PPErshov noted that in 1830 he graduated from high school.Together with his sons the father moved to St. Petersburg in order to enable them to continue their education.Pyotr Pavlovich enters the University of St. Petersburg, on the philosophical and legal separation.He works in his student years in the magazine "Snowdrop" (family Maikova) wrote the libretto of the opera in the life of ancient Russia, have not come down, he prints his poems in the "Library for Reading".So begins the creative biography PPYershov.

Create "Humpbacked Horse"

Peter P. read with enthusiasm in 1832 Pushkin's fairy tales and proceeds under their influence to create their own works - "The Little Humpbacked Horse."The first part of this tale was presented in 1834 PAPletnev, a professor of literature as course work.The teacher appreciates the work on one of the lectures are publicly flattering indiscriminately.Tale at the same time be published in the "Library for Reading", in the third volume, with honorable mention Senkovsky.After some time, she published a book.

Features tale "The Humpbacked Horse"

7 editions withstand tale Ershov during his lifetime.But only the fourth (1856) it is printed with the inclusion of poetry, which were thrown out by the censor, as well as the author's additions.All features of this product are not created by us describes a brief biography.

Ershov claimed that his tale is a popular product, taken almost word for word from the mouth of the narrators of Siberia.But in reality it is a creative contamination of different stories about Ivan the fool and Sivkov-Burke.The "Humpbacked Horse" by using such fairy-tale motifs:

1) the father entrusts his three sons, protected from the mysterious thief his goods;

2) assistance provided wonderful horse;

3) brings misfortune to deceive the hero and wonderful bird feather;

4) extraction of a hero;

5) hex-those that despise the court;

6) Extraction of the princess-girl hero;

7) recovering its assets from the seabed;

8) regeneration of the hero by a wonderful horse in boiling liquid in a good king and handsome.

These motifs later will be reflected in the tales Afanasiev.The "Humpbacked Horse" there are also echoes the tale of Ruff Schetinnikove.In addition, the motif of traveling to another kingdom is found in the works of Basil Beschastnov and Marc Rich.

success tale Ershov

nonrandom was a success "Humpbacked Horse" among the readers.Peter P. has gone further than his predecessors and contemporaries in the literary development of folklore.Completeness and depth of the merger of the storyteller with the world of folk tales were at Yershov more organic, spontaneous and alive.Sam A.Pushkin said Peter P. skillfully fluent in the language.To a lesser degree in the narrative Ershov writer felt that interprets the story.It is increasingly Russian storyteller, in love with their work, co-masters of the people.

Brief Biography Ershov supplemented by the following important detail.We know that Peter Pavlovich students were not familiar sets.It was only a few close friends.Andrew Jaroslavtsev - one of them.Later he would become a writer and first biographer Peter Pavlovich.In 1872 he created the first biography of Peter Pavlovich Yershov.She served as a source for personal communication between friends.

further work

Biography tale Pyotr Yershov "Humpbacked Horse" does not end there.In the years 1834-1836, Peter Pavlovich continued to be printed.He publishes the drama "Thomas smith", a play called "Suvorov and the stationmaster," a dozen poems.Yershov also wrote the libretto of the opera "The Last Sword".However, it, despite the positive feedback, and have not delivered.

Moving to Tobolsk

left the university in 1836, Yershov wanted to stay in St. Petersburg, but was forced to ask the destination in Tobolsk, to the position of teacher.The reason was simple - lack of money.Yershov lived only service revenues, had neither serfs nor state.Biography of Pyotr Yershov so I went the other way in spite of his desire to stay in St. Petersburg.

Ershov - schoolmaster

Yershov is in his native school in Tobolsk.He taught Latin at first, then began to read the literature and philosophy.In the life of the Tobolsk Gymnasium significant event took place in 1837, June 2.She visited the Alexander II.Yershov, was present at the reception, held the laudatory ode to the heir, as well as written specifically in honor of his arrival opera "Siberian day."During that Alexander II granted him 500 rubles.In Tobolsk with the heir came as a poet Zhukovsky familiar Yershov.He was a mentor to the prince, he introduced himself remarkably Peter Pavlovich.

in the journal "Contemporary" in 1838 Ershov Petr Pavlovich, biography, poetry and personality which we are interested, published dramatic work entitled "Suzge."This poem, written on the basis of legends Siberia.Repeatedly she was put on the stage.The opera was written on her motives.

Marriage Peter P. Peter P.

in 1839 falls in love Leshchev Seraphim Alexandrovna and marry this widow who had four children.She is the daughter of the former director of the Tobolsk Gymnasium.After his marriage Ershov forced to concentrate all forces on earnings.Peter P. has been married three times, with twice became a widower.He had three marriages, 15 children, of whom only four survived to adulthood.Biography of the Russian writer PP ErshovHe received numerous deaths of people dear to him.However, he continued to create.

Ershov - Inspector Gymnasium

In 1844 Pyotr Pavlovich was appointed inspector of the gymnasium.He distinguished himself in the path of teaching as a highly spiritual and progressive mentor.It was organized under the patronage of his high-school theater.Ershov during teaching career in St. Petersburg sent two scientific papers, which were intended to improve the quality of teaching Russian grammar schools - "Course of Russian Literature" and "Thoughts on the gymnasium course."However, the works were rejected by the censors.

Introducing the Decembrists in Tobolsk

were many exiled Decembrists.With many of them personally knew Yershov: with Kuchelbecker, Fonvizin, Muravyov and others. Together with Chizhov, the Decembrists, Peter Pavlovich wrote vaudeville "Chereposlov, phrenology is to say."Poet Zhemchuzhnikov subsequently used with permission Yershov one of the scenes of this work for the operetta of the same name.Zhemchuzhnikov is one of the creators of "Prutkov."Operetta in future be included in the Works "Prutkov" and published in the journal "Contemporary".

Ershov became headmaster

In 1857, Peter P. became director of the Tobolsk gymnasium, as well as schools, located in the province of Tobolsk.Ershov could open during his time as director of the 6 girls' schools in the province.They are all kept in excellent order, given a good level of education student.

PPErshov in 1858, March 20, visited the city of his youth, St. Petersburg.The trip was the service, for the gymnasium: Peter P. summoned to meet in this city the Minister of Education.

last years

Ershov in 1862 retirement.He approaches the last years of his life to the Znamensky Michael Stepanovich, Siberian writer and artist.Biography Ershov Petr Pavlovich, namely the last years of his life, is closely associated with that person.

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, an old friend and former student Ershov, who lived in St. Petersburg, bustled about to Peter P. was granted a pension.He made also a lot of effort for the release of the sixth and the seventh edition of "Humpbacked Horse."

Death of Peter Pavlovich

biography PPYershov ends in 1869, August 30, when he died in Tobolsk.Peter P. was buried in the cemetery logjam.In Tobolsk in 2008, it was installed in the park Ershov sculpture, which is dedicated to the heroes of the poet and his works.For millions of people Ershov Petr Pavlovich left the author who wrote the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse."Her characters live their lives.This story has been published at least 130 times in enormous editions in 27 languages ​​of different nations of the world (the cover of the first edition is shown below).

Brief biography Peter Pavlovich Yershov includes only the major events of his life.However, there are entire biographical book about him by his contemporaries and researchers life and work years.It is curious, for example, refer to the work of Andrei Yaroslavtseva, which we mentioned.Brief biography Peter Pavlovich Ershov presented in this article - an attempt to outline the major milestones of his life and work.