"Bela" Lermontov summary.

novel "Hero of Our Time" - one of the most important creations of MYLermontov.Compositional originality of the work is such that each chapter and its location in the narrative embody a certain value for the disclosure of the image of the hero.And the novel opens chapter "Bella" Lermontov, a summary of which we will consider.

novel "Hero of Our Time»

It was published the novel in installments.The first saw the light head "Bella", published in the journal "Notes of the Fatherland" (1839).Then came "fatalist" and "Taman".The new product of Lermontov was ambiguously perceived criticism.Belinsky and his supporters openly admired novel, but there were those who found the image of Pechorin cruel caricature of the modern society.The only character who does not protest the opposition - Maxim Maximovich.It initially took for him a "hero of our time", and Nicholas I was very frustrated, realizing that he was mistaken.This controversy led Lermontov write a preface to the next edition of the novel, where he dism

isses the notion of irony and mockery of modernity.

In this article we consider not the whole novel, but only the first chapter - "Bella" (Lermontov), ​​summary and analysis of it.

originality of the composition of the novel

main task unusual compositional structure of the novel is the realization of the image of Pechorin.When reading the work gives the impression that each chapter as a frame-by-frame, Lermontov closer "camera" to his character, and at the end the reader hears the voice of Pechorin.Good experience this unusual structure makes a brief retelling.

Lermontov, Bela and other characters for which there were only a way to explain the nature of Pechorin comes to creating images of his characters very seriously.And they do not appear blank templates, and people with their thoughts and feelings.That is why it makes sense to analyze not only the image of the protagonist, but also images of other characters in the novel.

Lermontov."Hero of our time".Heroes chapter "Bela»

What are the characters in the first chapter?Its main characters of the following:

  • narrator,
  • Maxim Maksimych - captain,
  • Pechorin,
  • Bela - Princess,
  • Kazbich - robber,
  • Azamat - son of Prince.

«Bella» Lermontov summary.Getting

On one of the Caucasus mountain roads converge the way the narrator, traveling from Tbilisi, and captain Maksim Maksimych.A new acquaintance - a man of fifty years or so, is well aware of the area and well acquainted with the language and traditions of mountaineers.Narrator immediately understands that to him who has long lived in the Caucasus and is well aware of the peculiarities of this region.In the evening a halt Maxim Maximovich remembers about his service in the fortress near the Terek.There, with his friend, Grigory Pechorin, there was a fascinating story.

Story Maxim Maksimych

image Pechorin first time it appears to the reader in the chapter "Bella" Lermontov.Summary of the story of Maxim Maksimych can start with a trip to Pechorin and captain for the wedding of Prince Chechen elder daughter.Here and there a fateful meeting of the protagonist with the youngest daughter of the house owner - Bela.Pechorin struck by her beauty and can not look away from her eyes.But he was not only noticed the charm of the young princess.Kazbich bandit and dashing rider, whose horse (Karagöz) is known throughout the Kabarda, also brings his fiery eyes of a girl.

Maxim Maksimych during the holiday goes outside to get some air and hear the conversation with Azamat Kazbich.The son of Prince wants to get a horse thief and even ready to steal for him Bela.But the gangster does not agree.But having learned about this conversation Petchorin offers Azamat steal a horse for him in exchange for the girl.The young man agrees and night brings Pechorin Bela.The next morning Kazbich leads sheep into the castle for sale.And while they talk to staff captain, Azamat takes the horse.

Maxim Maksimych appeals to honor Pechorin, but the main character says that if he now returns Bela, the Prince will sell her into slavery or kill.And the captain agrees with this argument.

Bela image begins to unfold before it appears in the fortress.She is locked in a room, it comes only Tatar and sends gifts Pechorin.Princess behaving suspiciously, but eventually gives in the charm of the protagonist.He argues that Bella would not be able to fall in love, and ready to let go of the girl and leave.Pechorin Princess stops and a declaration of love.At the same time Kazbich, confident that Azamat had stolen his horse with the permission of his father, Prince kills.

Maxim Maksimych tied to the girl, and Pechorin cools.The main character goes on the hunt, and the captain, trying to entertain Bela, leads her to walk on the ramparts.There they see the rider, which recognize Kazbich.The gunman riding a horse father Bela.

Gradually Petchorin finally loses interest in the princess.Maxim Maksimych again is the protagonist in the conversation.Pechorin says his destiny - to cause grief to others.And he can not find his happiness.From a young age he was trying to find his destiny, to find a place in society, but failed.It is here that there is one of the key problems of the novel "A Hero of Our Time".The head of "Bela" illustrates the restlessness of a generation for whom there was no decent employment in Russia at the time of Lermontov.

to Pechorin Bela was the hope for happiness and love, but expectations were not met.He was again overcome boredom and indifference.Once Pechorin and Maxim Maksimych go hunting.On the way back, they heard a shot and see Kazbich.Bandit galloping at full speed, and over the saddle of his horse had thrown a white bundle.Pechorin gave chase and shot the horse Kazbich.Then it became clear that the thief stole Bela.And not wanting to part with it, Kazbich hit her with a dagger.

Pechorin Bela brought into the castle, where she was tormented for two more days, and then died.The protagonist was sick for a long time, was in mourning, and three months later went to Georgia.

Analysis chapter

analysis of literary works reveal all its facets of meaning.It is particularly interesting to consider texts, like the novel "Hero of Our Time."Head of "Bella" tells the story of love and Pechorin Bela, Circassian princess.Lermontov does not give a clear answer, whether he loved his character for a Woman or simply amused.Pechorin himself can not understand how strong were his feelings.

Perhaps it fascinated novelty, unlike the usual Bela secular coquettes.Pechorin recognizes that it attracts the passion and pride of the mountaineers.It could look at this girl protagonist, but maybe he was trying to gain affection and sincere feelings.

ambivalent about his hero Lermontov himself.Bela, the analysis of the image which is very remarkable, embodies the sincerity and emotion.These qualities combined with the beauty could attract Pechorin.But not for long is the interest of the protagonist.Ohladevaya to sincerely love the girl, he kills her.

Bela Bela

characteristic is largely determined by its origin: it Circassian and daughter of Prince.Her sincerity, openness and savagery attributed national characteristics Highlanders.Bella is close to nature, has an internal pride and desire for freedom.

Once in captivity, she closes and rejected gifts.But gradually it awakens the love that she is given entirely, without hesitation or doubt.But as soon as it cools down Pechorin, Bela herself ready to leave: "I am not his servant.I'm the prince's daughter! »

Thus, characterization of Bela says of her as the victim of various cultural and historical commonalities.Belonging to the mountaineers heroine determined her death at the hands of Kazbich which is guided by the laws of their ancestors.

Bela and Pechorin

As noted above, does not give an unambiguous assessment of his heroes Lermontov."The hero of our time" (the heroes of the first chapter, we have already discussed) - a novel that reflected many of the contradictions of human nature.The writer depicts two characters, totally opposite of its origin and views.

Love Story heroes is built on contradictions.First, the reader sees Pechorin passion and indifference, which embodies Bella.Characteristics characters gradually reversed: in the girl inflame sentiments and Pechorin cools.Contradictory characters lead their love in the tragedy.


Story Lermontov "Bella" acquaints the reader with the main character and reveals one of the main features of his character.Pechorin appears eager for new experiences, seeking to find their place in life, but not to understand what is looking, and unable to take responsibility for their actions.