Author fantastic story and summary: "The Girl with the Earth"

in the ranks of Russian science fiction is one of the first Igor Mozheyko known to all under the pseudonym of Kir Bulychev.He is the "father" of Alice Selezneva, a schoolgirl from 21 th century, which is about the adventures of a fun read, and adults and children.

From the cycle of works about Alice is very interesting fiction novel "The Girl with the Earth."The content, the main characters and story writing covered in this article.

Meeting with the author

Igor Vsevolodovich Born 10.18.1934 in Moscow.His father Vsevolod Mozheyko - a gentleman by birth, his mother Maria Bulycheva - from the officer's family, she graduated from the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens.

In 1957 he graduated from the science fiction future MGI Foreign Languages.Maurice Thorez, in 1962 - post-graduate studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, after 3 years he defended his thesis, and in 1981 - doctoral.

With such a solid scientific baggage Igor Mozheyko most clearly manifested it

self in the field of literature.His works were published under the pseudonym of Kir Bulychev, which is configured with the name of his beloved wife Kira and mother's maiden name.

He was the author of more than a hundred works, which were translated into dozens of foreign languages.His fi novels and short stories were published millions of copies, not only at home but also abroad.His ideas formed the basis for popular films and cartoons.In 1982 awarded the USSR State Prize in 1997 was awarded the "Aelita", in 2002 received the title of Commander of the Order of the Knights of fiction.

One of the most successful of his works was a series about a girl from the future Alice Seleznev.Over the years, the author kept returning to this character, loved by millions of children and adults.The last story, "Alice and Alice" was written by Cyrus Bulychev in 2003, a few months before his death.

to explore one of the most interesting stories about the schoolgirl of the 21st century, we offer readers a brief summary.

"Girl on Earth": History books

This work - just one of many in a series about Alice Selezneva.Bulychev wrote "The Girl with the Earth" in 1972.The first novel was published in 1974 under the name "Alice's Journey" and later had it reprinted under the title "Alice and three captains" and "The Girl with the Earth."This book has been translated into 17 languages!

abridged version of the product for younger children was published as "The Mystery of the Third Planet".In her explanation was made of the same name cartoon, a scenario which he wrote Kir Bulychev.It was for this work he was awarded the State Prize.

Introducing the characters

Before proceeding to the presentation of the content of the story, you should be familiar with its characters.Who are told in a fantastic fairy tale "The Girl with the Earth"?The main characters - is, of course, Alice, her father (the director of the Moscow Zoo, Professor cosmobiology Seleznev), the brave commander of the space shuttle strips and pessimistic mechanic Green.

Also involved are still many votorostepennyh characters: 3 captain, space pirates, architect Gromozeka Chumaroz from the planet, the inhabitants of different planets in other solar systems, and even other galaxies, amazing bird Govorun, bushes and stray light.

Earthlings and aliens are very different from each other.It did focus on Kir Bulychev."The Girl with the Earth" - a book which tells us that they are very different, but related to each other with respect and understanding, following mazhgalakticheskim rules of conduct to maintain order in the universe and the world.This is one of the most important ideas in the children's fairy tale.It teaches tolerance to each other, regardless of skin color, nationality and religion.


"Girl on Earth" - a fantastic story, which begins with the story of professor Seleznev that summer expedition to space travel to other star systems in search of rare and unusual animals for the collection of the Moscow Zoo.The expedition is to fly and Alice, but a couple of days before the trip, along with classmates started a venture, which resulted in nearly lost her place on the ship.But all the time settled, and space ships with 4 passengers on board started.

Here we will be able to present only a summary."The Girl with the Earth" consists of 24 chapters, which tell not about how the expedition collected animals to different planets, and how she unravels the intricate and mysterious case of the disappearance of three famous captains.It is a real detective story with replacements, with spies, car chases, even the cap of invisibility.

Heroes fall into the trap villains battle with space pirates, but emerged victorious in the way find a lot of new friends.Unfortunately, to convey the atmosphere of friendship and understanding that prevails among the main characters, not a summary.

"Girl on Earth" - this story is not about some inaccessible heroes, and about ordinary people with their shortcomings.They are also angry, cunning and experience fear, but at the same time find the strength to overcome the difficulties with dignity.

Find 10 differences

cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet" is very exciting, but differs in details from the plot of the book.The main characters in the cartoon, only three - Alice, her father and the Green that combines in one person acting captain of the spacecraft and mechanics.Captains only two differently described space pirates, bird Govorun and indicator.Some characters are not available, for example, stray bushes and Shishenery inhabitants of the planet.

We hope that will awaken the interest of the reader to the fantastic stories McGee summary contained herein."Girl on Earth" - a book that should be read completely.