Fairy tales for children.

Tale follows the life of every human being from the moment of his birth until his last days.A great connoisseur of the genre can be considered children.They easily can transfer in a fairy tale have a magic wand and a cap of invisibility.Other magical items and fairy helpers too familiar to children.But where they came in fairy tales, the purpose for which the authors use these things, know not all lovers of this literary genre.

Types tales

Currently, to writing stories relevant people of different professions.Depending on who created the work, it can be attributed to different groups.Fairy tales can be divided into artistic and popular author, compose their people with the literary gift.

Correctional tales come up with speech therapists, psychologists.Didactic compose teachers.There are tales of psychotherapy, people engaged in the creation of the medical profession.If we make a brief analysis of these works, and wonder what fairy tale have a magic wand, it becomes clear that this subject is pr

esent in most of them.

of folklore

dream of a beautiful life, the desire to ensure that facilitate your daily life, physical, mental suffering was characterized at all times to all the nations of the world.It is in this literary and folk convince product, which has a magic wand.
Which tales no matter examples, they are always by means of the subject performed the most incredible desire heroes.For example, in the Latvian fairy tale "Magic Wand," it became the owner of an ordinary village boy who was supposed to graze a goat.Due to the subject matter at the end of the wonderful tales he became betrothed princess, and then the king.

In French folklore, the famous fairy tale of the same name, but it has a modern processing Ju made Druzhkova.Magic wand seized cheerful bear with him and miracles happen.

Sorcerers, wizards, witches

not always the owner of a magical object could become a regular character of the work.Very often it happens: in some fairy tale have a magic wand, there operates a magician, a magician, a wizard or some other creature, endowed with the ability to perform miracles.That he knows all the secrets of a magic wand, and only in his hands, it is capable of performing miracles.The Wizard has special techniques, is able to perform actions with this magic item.

For example, the owner of a magic wand can become a dwarf, who will take care of winter gives way to spring, and then came the summer and fall.But the very first fairy, in whose hands were amazing rods were fairies.This heroine with an amazing attribute is present in the tales of Charles Perrault "Gifts fairies," "Cinderella."

turns out, it is important to know what kind of wood is made of the stick.For its manufacturing approach mountain ash, oak, aspen.Perhaps this will some other tree.After going through the wand it is not only white, but also black magic.The wand in the hands of the evil sorcerer could destroy an entire city or state, cause severe storm or other terrible natural phenomenon.


great writers of fairy tales who created several centuries ago, continue to live thanks to the works they left behind.The list of names can be included by Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Odoevskogo Pavel Ershov and many other talented writers.After reading the names of famous storytellers, is not difficult to remember which fairy tale have a magic wand.

example, belongs to the pen of Samuel Marshak pantomime called "magic wand."The play and now play at many stages of the country.In the product affected by the theme of morality and culture of the younger generation.

poetess Irina Pivovarova for young students composed a story and called her "magic wand", but the reader hears that miraculous as the object appears ordinary pencil.

Tale - this is a genre in which he tried himself at least once each parent.In addition, children are also experiencing a craving for writing.Today, new authors have the opportunity to publish his work on special sites on the Internet, and even take part in a competition for the best storyteller.

Looking through the works of contemporary authors, it is possible to easily establish that they adhere to existing traditions.For example, most tell the story have a happy ending.Most often this happens where there is magic in a fairy tale or a magic wand.Title tales, too, can speak volumes: "The tale about friendship," "The Magic Book", "The Magic Mill," "Soul of grass" and many others.

magic wand technique in teaching children

Every adult and young person can always find the capacity for fantasy, fiction, dream.And this is the magic that exists in real life.
Everyone knows what a fairy tale have a magic wand, there are always heroes are out, what they dream about.Teach a child to strive toward the goal to educate other personal qualities can be achieved by using a special technique.The work included the fantasy child and adult, is also a special emotional needs student and teacher.Obligatory attribute of art is a magic wand that makes the players are able to change, transformed right before our eyes.

magic wand, of course, should be attractive and unusual.It can be made with the child or use the ready - one of those that are sold in children's departments of sale.

Always Does the person need a magic wand

explore different genres of literary creation, children are sure to become familiar with different types of tales.This little readers are trained to see the signs and characteristics of a particular story.They must not only know what a fairy tale have a magic wand, title of the work, the time of its creation, but also to understand what the author introduces each of the characters, the role played by objects acting in a fairy tale.

the purpose of better understanding of the content of fairy tales will be useful tasks such as:

  • benefit or harm can bring magic wand;
  • that can stick in your hands;
  • who can be trusted with magic item.

flying carpet, magic tablecloth, magic wand, seven-league boots - a magical objects that appeared in the story is not an accident.A competent reader and the listener will always try to understand the reasons for their presence in the product.The only way to understand the people's wisdom, and the author, enclosed in a fairy tale.