Robert Christmas: biography, works

Robert Rozhdestvensky - one of the brightest representatives of a galaxy of poets of 50-60-ies of XX century.The songs on his verses sound in movies, they sing and still know by heart."Love has come," "Echo of Love", "Call me, call" and many other works of magic forever remain in our hearts.Christmas is still one of the most popular and favorite poets.This is not surprising.The life of the whole country, the fate of generations imprinted in their rows Robert Rozhdestvensky.Biography of him as a poet began from an early age.

Curriculum Vitae

June 20, 1932 was born Robert Rozhdestvensky (at birth - Robert S. Pyatkevich).He was born into a military family in the village of Stanislav Petkevica Kosiha West Siberian region.His father was a Pole.He worked in the Commissariat of Internal Affairs.Since two years, Robert lived in Omsk, along with their families.However, when he was six years old, his father left the family.

Mother Robert worked as a director at the local school.But with the beginning of th

e war, she went to the front, and the boy was left in the care of her grandmother.And when she was gone and found himself in an orphanage.In 1945, Robert's mother remarried and took her son from the orphanage.Her choice was Ivan Rozhdestvensky, and brother-officer.Later they moved to Leningrad, but after a few years - in the city of Petrozavodsk.

At 19 Christmas enters into the ranks of students of the Moscow Literary Institute named.Maxim Gorky.In 1955 appeared his debut collection, titled "Flags of spring."A little later, Robert released his first poem student years, "My Love."They are followed and new works, among them - "contemporary", "dedication", "The Voice of the City".Note that a poet has published 70 collections of verse.

Christmas was the head of the Commission for the literary heritage of Marina Tsvetaeva.Note that only thanks to his efforts in the capital opened the house-museum of the great poet.The head of the commission on Osip Mandelstam heritage becomes too Robert Rozhdestvensky.Mandelstam biography becomes the main subject of her work.Also, it is a Christmas collection of poetry Vladimir Vysotsky "nerves."It was the first meeting of the bard's works, issued in the country.

August 19, 1994 Life Christmas breaks.The reason - a myocardial infarction.The poet was buried in the Peredelkino cemetery, which is located near the famous writer of the village.And after a few months in the capital published a collection entitled "Recent poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky."


creativity from an early age, Robert grew talented and gifted child.The boy attended the Military Music School, wrote his children's poems.The first of these was published in 1941 in one of the city editions.It was called "With a rifle my father goes to the campaign."By the way, his fee for him, Robert then sent to the Defense Fund.Even as a schoolboy, he and his friends often took part in concerts for the wounded.

main characteristics of creativity

As mentioned, publish the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky began with the 50-ies of the last century.He entered the history of literature as a representative of "young poetry" with Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Bella Akhmadulina, Okudzhava.Christmas Poems feature bright freshness, sincerity, lyricism, combined with the highest civil pathos.

In the 1960s, Robert Rozhdestvensky actively cooperated with the outstanding composers of those years.The songs on his poems have become true classics.They sound in cult films, including "The Elusive Avengers", "Seventeen Moments of Spring," "Love the Earth".

In the works of the poet clearly reflected the fate of an entire generation with the experiences and joys, acquisition and loss.Is it because so fond of Robert Christmas?His biography is closely intertwined with the life of society.First it - romantic dreams of travels, adventures and love.Gradually, the lines of the poet comes wisdom, experience is reflected.

Poems Christmas

journalism permeated most of his poems.High civil pathos, preachy, didactic filled them Robert Rozhdestvensky.Poems amaze acute topicality, even youth, even those that are dedicated to men and women.Such, for example, the first of them - "My Love".The most well-known not only in Russia but also abroad, it was the poem "Requiem".Christmas dedicated to her memory of those killed during the Great Patriotic War.


Family Robert Rozhdestvensky has always occupied an important place in the life of the poet.His wife, Alla Kireev, worked all her life literary critic.In addition, she was a talented artist.It is interesting that this woman was left of his one true love.The poet met with Alla in the institute and did not leave until the very end of life.From this union came two daughters, Catherine and Xenia.Children of Robert Rozhdestvensky live in Moscow.They are, without a doubt, inherited his father's bright talent.The eldest was a talented photographer, and another deals with translation of fiction.The youngest daughter of Robert Rozhdestvensky - a gifted journalist and cultural scientist.

Awards and memory

Labour surprising therefore rewarded with the honorary prize of the Lenin Komsomol.And his name was given eighteen years ago, one of the minor planets.

In addition, the memory of the poet is preserved in its native places due to memorial signs and commemorative events.So, one of the city libraries of Omsk is named after Robert Rozhdestvensky.In his honor in the conduct readings, and in his native village of the poet - Kosiha - opened a center of patriotic education of the younger generation of his name.

And, of course, the memory of the poet's work remains in the hearts of admirers of his talent.Robert Rozhdestvensky, whose biography is so similar to the life of the Russian people, his inspired lines affected some special, sensitive strings of our hearts, and they respond now to these simple, but such loyal and beautiful poetry.