The writer Vera Panova.

Vera Panova known to modern readers mainly as a teacher and the character of Sergei Dovlatov.Her books are read today, not many.The woman, in fact - a classic of Soviet literature.Vera Panova - writer whose books were loved and the general reader, and the intellectual elite of the Soviet era.

brief creative biography

Her work includes scripts, plays, short stories, novels.They Vera Panova raises social and moral problems of his era.It analyzes the psychology of relationships and characters.The most popular are the story "Satellites" and "Serge" (respectively 1946 and 1955), and the novels "Kruzhilikha" and "The Seasons" (1947 and 1953).It creates in 1958. "Sentimental Romance", which was a portrait-generation 20-ies of the 20th century.Vera Panova - winner of the Stalin and the USSR State Prize (three times - in 1947, 48 and 50 years).

Family Vera Fedorovna

She was born in 1905, March 7, in the city of Rostov-on-Don.The father of the future writer - an impoverished merchant who later served a

s an assistant accountant in the Rostov bank.When Faith was 5 years old (in 1910), he died tragically drowned in Don.Therefore, the mother of Faith, which was by profession a music teacher, had to raise their children on a modest salary kontorschitsy and widow pensions received from the bank.

Childhood Panova

difficult were the early years of the future celebrities.They have been in need and poverty.But Panov got acquainted with the life of the city suburbs, and life of the common people.Were contradictory impressions of childhood.From a young age, along with colorful paintings festive city of Rostov, the future writer and remembered everyday provincial life.She found the end of the old Russia.The Civil War and the October Revolution shook the habitual way of life.All the vicissitudes of this tumultuous time, and experienced the growth.Several times to change the power in the city.Only at the beginning of 1920, he finally became a Soviet.

Panov graduated before the Revolution Class 4 school.From continuing education had to be abandoned due to lack of funds.Houses girl engaged in self-education.She read a lot, very early began to write poetry.

first works

Panova Vera Fedorovna with 17 printed regularly in newspapers such as "The Soviet South", "Youth of the Don", "Labor Don" and others.It is published under the pseudonym V. Staroselskaya (surname of her husband writer) and Vera Veltman set of humorous anecdotes, articles, essays, correspondence.This satires best out of the pen of a young writer ("Capital of letters," "fig leaf", "High Priest", "Veterinary Medicine in the Chernigov," "unrecognized genius," "Three outgoing").These publications brought Vera Panova first local fame.They have not been in vain, and to further creativity, leaving a thin veil of humor and subtle irony, which later will be present in many of its famous works.

Introduction to literary circles

For years, journalism remains a major work Panova.Catching it, she met with Alexander Fadeyev, J. Hughes, B. Stavsky, N. Pogodin in newspaper offices.A. They came to Rostov Mariengof, Mayakovsky, Lunacharsky, Yesenin.Vera Panova worked until the middle 30s in children's magazines and newspapers Rostov ("Horn", "Fire", "Lenin's grandchildren").

Moving to Ukraine

winter of 1934-1935 year occurred in the tragic fate of the writer fracture.By falsely accused was arrested Vakhtin, her second husband.Fearing persecution, Panova Vera Fedorovna with the children moved to Ukraine in Poltava region (village Shishaki).Here she writes poems about the tragedy in the unequal struggle with the Spanish Republicans Franco.

Drama Panova

proved very strong interest in drama Vera Fedorovna.He manifested throughout her creative activity.When Vera Panova, biography is described in this article, in 1933 he moved to Leningrad, she took seriously the problems of the theater.In pre-war plays "Ilya Kosogor" and "In the old Moscow" (respectively - 1939 and 1940) Panov turned to the years preceding the revolution - to the image of the middle class life-townsfolk, who was tenacious in subsequent years.In Moscow, came the play on the stage in 1940 staged Yu.Zavadskogo.She rehearsed the Leningrad Theater.Pushkin before the war (director - L. Vivien).

Great Patriotic War in the life of the writer

Panova Great Patriotic War, met in the city of Pushkin, located near Leningrad.I do not have time to evacuate before the arrival of the Germans Vera Panova.Biography of the writer in time of war develops as follows.With child (Ukraine, Shishak, remained two children) Panova reached with great difficulty to the Ukrainian village.Subsequently, the impressions of the way reflected in the play called "Snowstorm", as well as the latest autobiographical novel by Vera Panova "On my life, books and readers."In occupied territory, in the village of Vera first hand experienced the depth of people's disaster.From this test, it came out morally hardened, full of new ideas.

Transfer to Perm, the story "Satellites"

Panova managed to the end of 1943 to move to Ukraine in Perm.This city played an important role in her life, as it is here, in the wording of one of the newspapers, she got a job as a reporter to go to the hospital train in order to write the results of the trip brochure about the experience of the staff.So in 1946, was created the story "Satellites", one of the best works of the writer, became a classic of the literature of the Soviet period.Then Panov admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers.

The story became a sensation in the world of hands-free literature.It was a huge success with readers.In the product - only the truth, not a drop of lies.Panova year later awarded the Stalin Prize - a sign of public recognition."Satellite", as it is known, praised Stalin himself.By Panova success came rather late: the debut of the all-Union writer took when she was already in his forties.

Vera Panova, a photo of which is presented in the beginning of the article in this story has managed to create a small but impressive gallery of characters.Heroes of a separate chapter, "Yulia Dmitrieva," "Dr. Belov," "Lena", "Danilov"."Satellites" by construction - a chain of portrait short stories that create transparent to the reader-scale, holistic art project.


In 1945, writer Vera Panova created the first novel - "Family Pyrozhkov" ("Evdokia" as amended in 1959)."Evdokia" Panova was inclined to consider his real debut in the literature since the first time wrote in her usual manner.


novel "Kruzhilikha" comes out in 1947.He tells the story about the people of the Ural plant wartime."Kruzhilikha" - a novel about a working village called Motovilikha.The main product of the conflict unfolds between Listopad, director of the plant, and Uzdechkin, trade union leader.It is, unlike most of the other works related to the genre of "production" novels, in the moral sphere.It is this side "Kruzhilikha" aroused controversial and greatest doubt in numerous discussions.However, the writer Vera Panova in this work has remained true to itself: it is always excited and interested in moral issues.From the inner qualities of people depended on all the "production".

further work

Panova Vera Fedorovna, biography which we are interested in the following years created a number of novels and stories, "Bright Shore", "Sentimental Romance", "Seasons" (or - 1949, 1958 and 1953).

story "Sergei," written in 1955 ode to the series of works for children: "boy and girl", "Volodya", "Val" and others.

movie "Sergei"

This little story attracted the attention of Igor Talankin and Georgy Danelia, novice directors.They offer a writer to participate in the creation of the script.Resounding success was the same film.He got in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Grand Prize.Ideal integrated prose Panova in cinema thaw, as it is located in the heart of the human soul, not the state machinery.

works on historical themes

Writer Panova in recent years began to create works on historical themes.She writes short stories devoted to ancient Russia, Ivan the Terrible, the period of the Troubles.They were published in published in 1966 a book titled "Faces of the dawn."According to the author, it was used "mosaic technique" in historical portraits and paintings.Panorama stories consisted of individual fragments of the past.Analogies and allusions full of these works.Writer prodded his readers to ponder, comparisons.The major theme was the problem of the people and the government, tyranny and responsibility to the nation and the state.Panova last book was published in 1975, after her death.It's called "On my life, books and readers."

In many languages ​​translated major works by Vera Panova.

last years

After participating in the Congress of Soviet Writers, in the summer of 1967, Panova returned to Leningrad from Moscow is very tired, but nevertheless continued to work.It turned out to be catastrophic consequences: the writer suffered a stroke, from which the rest of his life could not recover.But in the darkened disease years she showed great strength of will and continued to work.

Writer Panova Vera Fedorovna create new plays, artistic biography of Muhammad (the Prophet), historical miniatures.It was at this time were written by some of the pages of memoir prose.

Meeting with Sergei Dovlatov

Sergei Dovlatov lived in the same house with the writer.He was a man railer.His character, about whom he wrote no, certainly immediately became a hero is not very pleasant comic theater.Vera Panova knew Dovlatov.He worked in the late '60s literary secretary to the writer.Panova in the pages of his prose epitome of moral standards.Not a bad word was said about it.This is the only positive character in the whole work of Dovlatov.

Death Panova

Vera Fyodorovna, died in 1973, March 3.Buried writer in Leningrad, at the cemetery in Komarovo.

On the facade of the house, located at the Champ de Mars, 7, is a commemorative granite plaque that says that from 1948 to 1970, worked here and lived Vera Fedorovna Panova.In memory of the writer it is named after one of the most beautiful area of ​​Leningrad.