Skiathlon - what is it?

I'm sure many of you are faced with a mention of this type of ski racing as skiathlon."What is it?" - You want to find out and, of course, understand the rules of the competition.Well, try to get to know them, the more that skiathlon - very spectacular, very intense and exciting competition.

How did skiathlon

skiathlon - a sport that, despite the present name, the new is not yet.There is a 1924 ski race persecution in 2003 acquired a modern format that is called a pursuit.And in June 2011, it was renamed the decision by the FIS Council in Ljubljana, it was convenient to distinguish these events from the same related to the pursuit race with a handicap.

skiathlon included in the program of the Olympic Winter Games, as well as the Nordic World Ski Championships FIS.

What is skiathlon

skiathlon, formerly called, as already mentioned, pursuit or duathlon, refers to the pursuit, as it consists of two stages.Moreover, the position of the athletes at the start of the second part of the race is determ

ined by what kind of results they have shown in the last part of the competition.

Unlike handicap races, which from the time of each skier takes time leader of the race and in the second round it is released after the leader through this period, in the first skiathlon starts the one who will come to replace the skis and had to change the shoes.

In the first race the skiers run so-called classical style, and the second - the ridge.

between races in skiathlon no break.Athletes after passing the first part of the race in the same style (classic) comes in a specially designed area where change skis and immediately sent to negotiate the second part, this time freestyle.

Outcome described in the pursuit race turns out to be the finish time of each skier.

Women skiathlon usually held at a time distance of 7.5 km, and men - 15 km.

What is the classic style ski race

As you know, looking at each stage of the competition take place in different ways of skiing.

Let's look at the classic style race skiathlon - what is it?They called in skiing and to the movement of athletes prepared ski (a specially groomed two parallel tracks).

In this style of walking on skis hands are the main "driving force", as the cross-country ski emphasis can not be done - it is convenient only for the slip.Ski athlete while running are directed forward, and legs involuntarily are more passive than the hands.

classic style divided into different ways distance, depending on how the skier pushes sticks and a number of steps makes a single cycle.The alternate or simultaneous repulsion sticks thus aligned with and dvushazhnym odnoshazhnym course depending on the type and the terrain.

Freestyle run in the race skiathlon - what is it?

Under freestyle meant that the skier chooses any convenient way to get around it.But due to the fact that the style of skating is the fastest, and they are often - a free style, usually have in mind skating move.

During of skating involved already and hands, and athlete's foot.A skier with the move, pushing foot, turned at an angle from the road that looks much like a normal skating (here, by the way, came the name of this style).

Incidentally, the method of skiing first demonstrated in 1981 the Finn Pauli Siitonen.But he was at the time the competition was over 40, but he (largely due to the new style) won the race by 55 kilometers.Like this!

most common in the free style is both odnoshazhny and simultaneous dvuhshazhny skating move.

What is common in all races persecution

Pursuits in all sports have similar general rules.These include first and foremost the fact that such competitions are held in several stages between and in most cases there is a break.Most often they carried out in two days, at least an interval of a few hours.Athletes in every next step (as in biathlon, for example, and in the first race), occupy a position at the start, depending on the results shown above, that is a strong start first.

Ski skiathlon carried out without interruption, including during the race and the time necessary to change skis.

All Pursuit are not allowed equal the results of two athletes at the finish.If you can not determine the timing during which one of the participants came to the first, this is done with a photo finish.

By the way, the only precedent of awarding medals have one advantage, were the gold medals in biathlon at the World Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk (2003), separated by a Frenchwoman Sandrine Bailly and a German Martina Glagow.In this situation, the photo finish camera shutter was closed body present just in time for finishing the first skiers, so clearly set winner failed.

Features skiathlon

skiathlon - a race that is characterized by particularly serious and difficult.Skiers are not only found overcome by high-speed track, but at the same time they still have time to change into special boxes skiing, remembering the precious seconds as the timer at this time does not stop.

Men, as previously mentioned, running twice for 15 km around the circle length of 3.75 km.The total distance from them in this case is 30 km away.And women - 7.5 km around 2.5 km, and the total distance is a result of the length of 15 km.

trails for skiers in this race, as a rule, paving the way to it several times passed through the stadium.

skiathlon: Sochi 2014

In Sochi Olympic competitions were held on skiathlon skiing and biathlon complex "Laura" and the list of participants, they made a strong impression.There were Olympic champions and World Cup winners and world champions.But leaders appeared old favorite cross-country skiing - national teams of Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

For example, in the race skiathlon (men) participated 68 athletes from thirty different countries.

most powerful at the same time proved to be the Swiss Dario Cologna, who thus became, two-time Olympic champion.The silver medal went to the Swede Marcus Hellner and bronze - Norwegian Martin Johnsrud Sundby.

competitions skiathlon

To better understand skiathlon - what it is, be sure to watch the competition.It called sport makes to the abilities of athletes demanding - be universal.It is no secret that every skier prefers to any one style ski walk.Someone impressed classics, while others feel especially confident it while skating race.

The necessity of flexibility in making every skiathlon-competition particularly tense and spectacular.For example, in Sochi and the Olympic gold and bronze medals went to Norwegians: Marit Børge and Heidi Weng - and became the silver medalist skier Charlotte Kalla of Sweden.And at the World Cup, held in Falun (2015), it proved to be invincible before Børge already on the sidelines, while the first place was taken by her teammate Norwegian Therese Yohaug.

skiathlon - a race that are worthy of attention and never be bored fans!