Pyotr Yershov: biography and interesting facts of life.

In the first third of the nineteenth century, Russians began to show uncommon interest in popular culture and folklore.In different cities there were a society of connoisseurs of antiquity and produced ethnographic magazines.Even in secondary schools published a collection of poems and short stories, which begins with a creative way most famous poets and writers.Among them was Peter Yershov, whose biography is described in this article.Let's get started.


Ershov was born in 1815 in the village of Bezrukovo (Tobolsk Province).From birth, he was a weak child, so his parents, according to Siberian superstition, sold it to a beggar through the window for just one penny.

When he was ten, his father's work begins district police, was transferred to Tobolsk.The poet was struck by the huge stone houses, the ancient Kremlin and deserted Chuvash Cape, near which once fought the army of Khan Kuchum and Ermak.But most of all Peter liked going to the crowded fair.


In 1830, a young man gr

aduated from high school with honors and enrolled at St. Petersburg University's law faculty.But Peter Yershov, whose biography is in any literary encyclopedia, was not considered a diligent student.Do not be expelled just helped him luck.For example, in preparation for the exam in law, he taught only one ticket, and that he certainly caught.After graduation, Peter himself upset: "As a candidate for the university, I do not speak any foreign language."

Humpbacked Horse

In 1833, Professor Pletnev at one of his lectures to students read the first part of the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse", written by Ershov as course work.All were delighted.Later showed Pletnev Pushkin's fairy tales.Alexander Sergeyevich liked it too, and he even edited it in the first four verses, saying to his friends: "If you go on like this, I can safely move away from this kind of works.This Ershov has great rhyme. "

In 1834, a story published in the journal "Library for Reading".In the same year it published a separate book, which earned nineteen poet popular acclaim.When the poet's life, it was reprinted seven times.Many writers of that time tried to imitate her.Only strict Belinsky criticized the work, calling it a fake folk art.It should be noted that a harsh critic considered fakes even Pushkin's poems.

New works

After graduation, Peter Pavlovich was sent to work as a teacher in high school.In Tobolsk he became friends with the poet and composer Alyabiev few Decembrists.He even forwarded to St. Petersburg Odoevskogo response to the message of verse by Pushkin.

While creativity Pyotr Yershov takes a new breath.He wrote a true story "Siberian Cossack", writes the story of "the poor man's quirky" and the poem "Suzge."But all these were ordinary work.People waiting for a new fairy-tale Ershov, but the poet's inspiration if left.Of course, the ideas of Peter was a lot.For example, he planned to write an entire epic about Ivan Tsarevich.

Many still wonder: "How many fairy tales written Ershov?" According to official data - just one.Perhaps he wrote and others, but they did not reach the children.According to his son Peter Pavlovich, the poet was an archive of the seven solid, well-interwoven volumes.But he still has not found.


In Tobolsk Peter Yershov, whose biography is well known to fans of his work, fell in love with Seraphim Leschovu.He is not troubled by the fact that she was a widow burdened with four children.Seraphim was beautiful, educated and practical, why not just married dvadtsatitrĐĹhletnego teacher.However, in early September 1939 wedding lovers still held.

New post

Five years later, Peter Yershov (200th anniversary of his birth was celebrated this year) was appointed inspector gymnasium.But he dreamed about an absolutely different positions.Here is what he wrote to Professor Peter P. Pletnev: "The director of our school went to a three-month leave of absence, and it is rumored that he will not return to Tobolsk.In its place there is a lot of applicants, and one of them recommended to the Minister.Meanwhile, the post was my main goal.I think that after 13 years of distinguished service, I earned it by right.Can we hope for your application with the minister about the consideration of my candidacy? "Unfortunately, the director of the gymnasium and the poet did not.


Ershov Petr Pavlovich, the interesting facts of life which were given in the article, went down in history as the author of a literary tale.The poet himself thought about it calmly, knowing the boundaries allotted him a gift.He wrote to Professor Pletnev: "You asked about my literary works?Well, what to say.They ended with the transition "Contemporary" in the hands of Nekrasov.If there were a former editor, I would willingly have participated in.But the new direction of the magazine is not for me.For a long time I was not the figure, and an observer of literature and learned to objectively assess things around.I believe that the current literary fame is not too flattering even untalented author.And poetry? .. She was buried together with Lermontov and Pushkin ... swansong Zhukovsky drowned shouters magazine, and will be very sad if it is interrupted, like the song Gogol ... Light poetic future is only possible in the case of the arrival of a powerful talent that will make our awe cold Centuryto the harmony sound. "

Pyotr Yershov (biography described above) died in 1869 in the city of Tobolsk.