Tendriakov, "after the release of Night": summary

About the story "Night after release" (V. Tendriakov wrote it in the first half of the 70s) still argue.This is understandable, as the author raises the problem of education in her teens, and defines the role in this complex process of school plays.As a result, his characters are kind of test for humanity.This path is not easy, but it is through such a moral purification grasped the real value of good and truth.


Vladimir Tendriakov "Night after the release of" composition divides into two parts.It is taking place parallel to the frank discussion between the graduates on the river cliff and looking hard decision to exit the arisen situation of teachers yesterday, sitting in the staff room.The reason for the discussions in both groups was the performance of school pride, JUlechka Studentsevoy.Stepping back from the rules established for a long time at the prom, she began to cry and thank the senior mentors.On the contrary, she noticed that the very values ​​the school "as his wolf den," but she

did not teach her to love something else.Julia was given knowledge, but not the main taught how to live in this world.And because she was afraid.She does not know what to expect it on how to deal with the problems that will inevitably arise in an independent life.This performance was a surprise for all, and the reason for an unscheduled meeting of teachers.

«The night after the release of": a summary of the conversation in the staff room

first took the floor Olga O., the head teacher and school history teacher.She suggested that some teachers require their students a thorough knowledge of the subject matter that they did not come in handy in the future.In particular, the remark was addressed to the Russian language teacher, Zoya Vladimirovna - it is the fifth decade working in the school and to live differently simply can not have.And in response to any gratitude or from students or from colleagues.Her speech made agitated colleagues and was the beginning of a complex conversation that reproduces the author of the novel "Night after release."

Summary arisen dialogue

opinions of teachers as to what to say JUlechka, dispersed.Some felt resentment and disappointment over the fact that their labor teenagers can not appreciate.To these are added the fury and indignation, as has been said can not be undone.

others agree that the school does have a lot of problems to solve that officials do not even try.Everyone tried to refute the words of the previous speaker and present their vision of how the need to teach children that the results exceeded the costs.

innovative teachers

In the story "The night after the release of" a summary of which you are reading, Tendriakov introduces the image of Pavel Pavlovich Reshetnikov.It was a physics teacher, totally absorbed in science.The team initially did not take him out of the desire to introduce new methods of teaching in the already established system, but the situation soon changed.Pavel Pavlovich continued to teach is not strictly from textbooks and programs, but began to make it more cautiously.Young teacher wholeheartedly believed that each "cultivates his garden," as he wanted it as his soul desires, without forcing others to do so.

In contrast, he spoke Innocent S. mathematician.He believed that "school - a large-scale phenomenon," so it alone can not achieve the desired success.

Long described the discussion Vladimir Tendriakov.The story "The night after the release of" includes a variety of opinions about how best to teach children.However, none of the teachers do not even thought about more important issues.And that is really the children themselves want?What are their interests, desires, feelings?

unexpected insight

And just saying goodbye to Ivan Ignatievich, Olga O. suddenly realized that today they have missed a significant event: the birth of the person!Julia Studentseva own words to show not that her school did not teach anything important.On the contrary, it appeared the person, who knows how to think unconventionally, who found the courage to say what she feels, thinks, even if it goes against generally accepted standards.And the main problem surrounding is that when a person stands out, first of all, everyone is trying to identify its shortcomings, plant back asking not to appear indvidualnoy.Thus ends the first part of the story "Night after the release of" Vladimir Tendriakov.Content thoughts head teacher gives hope that changes in the existing system are still possible.

conversation at the river

Speech Julia excited not only teachers.Six graduates gathered at the cliff, to speak frankly, and finally find out what they think about each other.They were very different, but all bothered one question: what's next?

Summary Tendryakova novel "Night after the release of 'description of the conversation continues.He takes an unexpected turn.Every wonder what people think those with whom he studied alongside ten years.It would seem that everyone knows each other, no one expects to hear in the address wrong.However, it soon becomes clear that everyone has a "stone in his bosom."

first to "court" decided Genk Golikov - "urban celebrity, open face, bright-eyed, fair-haired, the growth of one hundred and ninety, broad-shouldered, muscular ..." He does not fear the verdict, because it all the love, respect, "beforefriends, he is holy and pure, let Natka hear what people think. "But what a surprise it was when instead intended to honor his praises Genk heard the reproaches and accusations!Even the best friend of Igor did not fail the opportunity to recall the case when Golikov against him.At the same time no one came to his defense, he remembered how good and kind he did, Gene, for each of those present.

the impression that the desire to know the truth, even frightening and brutal, has overshadowed all other feelings.Angry friends and repay the same coin, Golikov escaped.And his classmates for a long time could not recover from what he heard in his address words.Although they themselves provoked Genoa so nasty candor - sums up Tendriakov.The night after the release of unexpectedly turns to come into a new life of young people an unpleasant revelation.


And suddenly there is news of a friend who had just insulted them, threatened.First, all came to life, but then decided not to intervene, as Gene has not deserved, in their opinion, even help.Only Julia Studentseva opposed public opinion.She helped the children to realize that Gene is still their friend, that everyone can make a mistake.The main thing - you need to learn to forgive.Thus ends the story "Night after release", a summary of which you read.