Comedy in the literature - is a kind of multivariate drama

Generalized drama called works that are intended for the stage.From the narrative, they differ in that the presence of the author practically is not felt and they are built on dialogue.

Genre literature content

Any work of art is a historically and develop type.It is called the genre (from the French genre - genus, species).In relation to the different types of literature can be called the four basic: a lyrical and poetic, and epic and dramatic.

  • The first usually are poetic works of the so-called small forms: poems, elegies, sonnets, songs, etc.
  • poetic genre includes ballads and poems, ielarge shapes.
  • Narrative samples (starting and ending essay novel) are examples of epic works.
  • Drama genre is represented in tragedy, drama and comedy.

Comedy in Russian literature, and not only in Russian, are actively developed in the XVIII century.However, it was considered a low-born, compared with the epic and tragedy.

comedy as a literary genre

product of this plan is a kind of drama, where some c

haracters or situations are presented in a funny or grotesque form.Usually it via laughter, humor, satire is often something is convicted, whether human vices or some ugly side of life.

Comedy in the literature - is opposed to the tragedy, the center of which will certainly built irresolvable conflict.Her noble and lofty character must make a fateful choice, sometimes at the cost of life.The comedy is the opposite: her character is ironic and funny, and the situation in which he finds himself, is no less absurd.This distinction arose in antiquity.

Later, in the era of classicism, it has been preserved.Heroes depicted on the moral principle of kings and commoners.Nevertheless, the goal - to educate, deriding drawbacks - set itself the comedy in literature.Determination its main features was given by Aristotle.He proceeded from the fact that people are either bad or good, different from each other, or vice or virtue, because the worst has to portray in a comedy.And the tragedy is intended to show the ones that best existing in real life.

Types of comedies in the literature

Cheerful dramatic genre, in turn, has several types.Comedy in the literature - it is also a farce, and a farce.And the nature of the image it can also be divided into several types: a sitcom and comedy of manners.

Vaudeville, as a kind of genre of dramatic type, is easy-stage event, which has an interesting affair.It is a great place allotted to singing verses and dance.

farce is too light, playful nature.His move was escorted outside comic effects, often in favor of rough taste.

sitcom sets it to build on the foreign comic effects on where the source of laughter is confusing or ambiguous circumstances and situations.The most striking examples of such works are "The Comedy of Errors" by Shakespeare and "The Marriage of Figaro" by Beaumarchais.

dramatic works, which are a source of humor funny manners or some exaggerated character traits, flaws, defects can be attributed to the comedy of manners.Classic examples of such plays - "Tartuffe" JBMoliere's "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare.

Examples comedy in literature

This genre is inherent in all areas of graceful literature from antiquity to modern.A special development was Russian comedy.In the literature it classical works by DIFonvizin ("The Minor", "Foreman"), ASGriboyedov ("Woe from Wit"), NVGogol ("Players", "Inspector", "Marriage").It is worth noting that their plays, regardless of the amount of humor and even a dramatic plot, ANOstrovsky and APChekhov called comedies.

The last century marked by the classic comedy plays created by VVMayakovsky - "The Bedbug" and "Bath".They can be called a model of social satire.

very popular comedians in 1920-1930 was V. Shkvarkin.His plays "bad element", "alien baby" willingly staged in various theaters.

Many comedy Soviet authors have been filmed.Thus, the product of V. Rozov "Finding Joy" was made into a film titled "Noisy Day".


fairly common and classification of comedy, based on the typology of the plot.We can say that the comedy in the literature - is multivariate kind of drama.

Thus, this type are the following story characters:

  • comedies.As an example - Moliere's "George Dandin", "Marriage" NVGogol;
  • romantic (Calderon "himself in his custody," Arbuzov "Old-Fashioned Comedy");
  • heroic (E. Rostand, "Cyrano de Bergerac" by G. Gorin "Till");
  • fabulously symbolic, which is the "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare, or "Shadow" E. Schwartz.

At all times, the attention was drawn to comedy everyday life, it has some negative manifestations.Fight them was called laughter, depending on the situation or the merciless fun.