Shakespeare: the list of the best

in the works of the greatest Renaissance playwright William Shakespeare is divided into three periods.The division is primarily due to the genre and thematic originality of works written in different years.

first period - 1590-1601 - on the background of other looks, perhaps the most cheerful.This is the time when they were created the best comedy of Shakespeare.The list includes their order of ten plays, cheerful, with vivid, memorable images.

Features comedies 1590-1601

's love, capable of overcoming any intrigue surrounding ... Young, energetic, witty characters, among which a special place is amazing with his charm, striving for independence and are around to compete with menwomen ... Unusual, often romantic landscape filled with the light of the sun or the moon ... That's the main thing that unites the early Shakespeare comedy.

fascinating story, which is based on some kind of a story from antiquity or the Middle Ages, always reflects the realities of the time and often built on the same p

rinciple.The main characters - a young couple in love - are beginning to fight for the right to marry.And quite often it becomes a hindrance not only parents and circumstances, but their willfulness, character traits, beliefs, which ultimately can not change.Thus, the basic idea posed Shakespeare man, whoever he may be, he must be the creator of his own happiness.

should pay attention to one point.Despite the apparent ease and playfulness, playwright affects plays a pretty important issues, denounces human stupidity and vulgarity.

"Comedy of Errors"

As already noted, the playwright often borrowed plots of the early pieces from their predecessors.But after the artistic treatment instead of taking in the medieval play of masks there is a real person, and it had already been Shakespeare.List of offers "Comedy of Errors" - still immature, small volume, focuses more on the outside and a landmark event in the tradition of classicism.But it outlined a fairly interesting characters with their inherent strong human feelings.Although often referred to as the play no more than a farce, it is clear that it is far superior to the form and content of the previously created works of this genre.

Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew»

created later (probably in 1593-m), it is not just processed playwright.There was also an anonymous version of the song with the same title and plot, the authorship of which is attributed to Shakespeare.

Behavior comedy heroes always perceived ambiguously.This is the story of sisters, one of which - a wayward and rebellious Katarina, and the other - the meek and lowly Bianca.On the last hand claimed two young men, but the girl's father announces that will give the younger daughter in marriage only after Catherine.As a result, the young men to join forces in the search for her husband.So there is a young, smart, energetic Petruchio, who was able to see beyond the outer inaccessibility elder sister her true character.Through the mind, patience, and at times the stiffness in the relations he managed to win the heart of the obstinate beauties and find true happiness.

Final Shakespeare, a summary of which is given, be unpredictable.Meek Bianca became moody and grumpy, and recently became a willful Catharine an orderly and obedient wife.New outlook on life tamed girl appeared in her final monologue, in which she calls for married women to be submissive.

Thus, the playwright emphasized steady social superiority of men over the weaker sex, but showing a rich nature Catarina, proclaimed the equality of those and others in the community.

«Merchant of Venice»

K 1596 is another famous work, which was written by William Shakespeare.Comedy, as a rule, are based on the hilarious plot.However, the basis of the play on the story of how a poor Bassanio, who has decided to marry a beautiful woman from a rich family, friend, refers to the merchant asking to borrow money.He signed the bill on which the moneylender Shylock in case of delay has the right to cut his pound of flesh.It is for this reason that many writers are inclined to "The Merchant of Venice" to the drama.But the genre was defined by the author himself, and in the final Bassanio to rescue shipwrecked got another merchant, it is the court and decides to pay a penalty.Opposed this Shylock resulting accused of attempted murder of Antonio, and half of his fortune departs merchant.So in Shakespeare raises the issue of the need to keep the word, even if it is dropped it thoughtlessly or being confident in a favorable outcome of the case.

«Twelfth Night»

This is a mature piece of the playwright, written in about 1600.The main characters - twins Viola and Sebastian - as a result of shipwreck lose each other and find themselves in the country of Illyria.Viola wears men's clothes and into the palace of the Duke Orsino.He instructs the "young Pajou" - to convince Olivia, which was in love, to marry him.But the young widow fascinated Cesario-Viola.

Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" continues the advent of in the city of Sebastian, which leads to numerous confusion, as brother and sister were very similar.As a result, there are two pairs of Olivia Sebastian and Viola, Orsino, and all ends happily.

On a plot of the play resembles a merry romantic tale of love, in which a lot of jokes, unusual situations related to disguise the characters (this is a typical feature of the early comedies of Shakespeare).Unusual final due to the fact that each character finds true happiness is not there, where to look.

«Midsummer Night's Dream»

scene of Athens are.In parallel, a few subplots, and living in the woods fairy-tale characters intervene in people's attitudes - these are features of the most fantastic Shakespeare.Summary of her following.Lovers heroes who decided to break the will of the Father, fall into an unusual forest.They were rushing girlfriend and fiance germ.Due to an error elves all came together well.Loving each other Hermia and Lysander were able to unite their destinies.And Demetrius has found happiness with the long-suffering over it, Elena.Funny adventures that have occurred with young people in a magic forest, the morning seem nothing more than a dream, brought the fulfillment of desires.

Value Shakespeare

main thing that distinguishes all the creativity of the playwright - attention to the person's identity.This is clearly seen in every genre, including comedy.Laughter, the connection with folklore traditions, sincerity feelings of the characters, their dreams of a happy life, the search for ways to achieve it, high humanism made the plays of Shakespeare relevant and in demand at all times.