catchwords - is resistant shaped combination that are included in the use of speech from a variety of sources: folklore, scientific papers, literary works, sayings of prominent figures, the names of well-known events.They are always there, but can later be forgotten or will remain forever.Goals experienced some sayings.Examples can be cited from antiquity, where the author is known only to specialists.Few can say that the phrase "tastes differ" is a quote from a speech by Cicero.

appearance of winged words

expression "winged words" first appeared in Homer's poems.As a term it passed into many languages.For the first time the collection of catch phrase was published in the 19th century in Germany.He subsequently withstood many editions.

Because of the stability and reproducibility of the winged words refer to the phraseology, but their origin has allowed the author to take a special place among the other means of speech.When moving words phraseological structure is destroyed and the general meanin

g is lost.Also, there is no sense in each individual expression of the word.That is a given combination makes them special.

winged phrases and expressions accumulate and remain through the development of civilization.They remain in the cultural memory only through writing.Wise phrases are always recorded and stored for posterity.

sayings and aphorisms

good aphorism briefly and figuratively gives us many reasons for the phenomena of life and thus give moral advice.It is an exquisite literary work, packed into one sentence.It is no accident Chekhov said that brevity - is the soul of wit.

Aphorisms of the ancient philosophers who survived the Millennium, explains a lot, which was not yet open science.The meaning of these winged phrases preserved in its present form, and civilization was able to save them.Furthermore, science has confirmed the validity of most of them.

not any aphorisms - a winged expression.Examples include numerous, and many of the aphorisms gone into the world of illusion and abstraction.A catch phrase is alive and largely reflects the realities of life.Therefore, they are particularly important when just appear clearly and vividly reflecting current events and phenomena.

aphorisms from the works

storehouse of aphorisms are the creation of the classics of Russian literature: Pushkin, Krylov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov.It is not always their repetition produces the desired effect.But they need to know and used in accordance with the situation:

«is not so complicated, to put it mildly,
When missed solutions minute.
We are the mistakes are learning is not in vain,
A karknut cheese in its beak - it's cool! »

Evolution catch phrase converts them closer to modern realities," Now really impressed not erase, "" your common sense to this life does not fit".

They can be created in the process of translation and adaptation to our society.

The works of Shakespeare "Hamlet" has 61 catch phrase.The writer consciously create puns and wordplay: "Frailty, thy name a woman."The expression derived from violations of linearity.If it was built in the usual way, to him, no one would pay attention.He is so masterfully uses a pun, inversion and other techniques that sets of words appears a special meaning and irony.

Quotes from the works of Ilf and Petrov - a recognizable and common sayings in the media.Examples - a precedent phenomena of the works of the "Golden Calf" and "The Twelve Chairs", which include the names of the characters and expressions.

catch phrase in the works of Ilf and Petrov long become clichés, ready standards.This is a wide field for creative writers, journalists and fans.It is important to not only deftly inserted a phrase, and to present it in a new perspective, from a different angle.We must not only know the sayings and words, but to be able to use them to create something of their own.

Winged expressions enrich the text reinforce arguments and attract the attention of readers.

sayings comedy

comic effect creating sayings of comedies.Especially full of them work Griboyedov, which has the name of "Woe from Wit" sets the entire tone.It remains relevant until now, when many minds can not get through an array of misunderstanding, and new ideas are considered completely unnecessary and dangerous to society.For some characters comedy is an alternative to the iron discipline of the mind ("Scientists have not obmorochish" - Skalozub), for others it is simply harmful ("doctrine - that the plague ..." - FAMUSOV).In this comedy is not known to laugh or cry?

Cinema - a source of winged phrases

In Soviet times, the movie was one of the most common source from which the winged phrases and expressions poured in abundance.They would pick up people at once, for example, after the film Gaidai.They became so popular that many do not even remember which one of the characters said them.The most ridiculous phrases of comedies Gaidai part of our lives and become winged:

  • «Everything has been stolen before us";
  • «Thank you, I'll stand by foot ...";
  • «Train better with cats";
  • «We are strangers to this celebration of life."


source phraseology are sayings of the classics of literature, philosophy, famous people.It is mostly popular expressions.Examples can be found in collections, a regular contributor to the 19th century.Sayings remain in the memory of nations and multiply thanks to the development of literature and culture.