Most popular books to read: List

Self-education - what people should do every day, not wishing this time and effort.In today's world of information technology development reached its peak, so people do not need to put a lot of effort to find the information.In the past, when there was no Internet, people looked for all the answers in books.Many of them were required to read, as taught most important - life.

Best Books of the world

very difficult because of the large amount of printed works ever created by man, choose the ones that have earned the title of "most popular books to read."A list of such sources of information, however, exists.Some works it can vary, as the list is created based on a survey of residents of each country and across the globe as a whole.So, one of the leading places is occupied by the novel "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.All educated people have to read this surprising decision on temporary work.Another classic piece, which became famous Russian writer in the world, became the novel "War and

Peace" Tolstoy.Staggering number of characters, a unique description of the items and the importance of each image - all these epic novel."Crime and Punishment" - a work of Dostoevsky, strikes the reader his deepest psychological.

What still exist fiction book to read?List, in fact, may be endless.It includes and "Fathers and Sons" by Turgenev, and "Dead Souls" by Gogol and "Les Miserables" Victor Hugo, and many other works of genius that have left an indelible mark on world literature.

Brief summary of the best books

Every educated person should know that is a popular book to read.The list is headed by youth work from the curriculum "Eugene Onegin".This is the first and the only in the world of the novel in verse.The unique shape - not its only distinguishing feature.It affects the size of that written work."Onegin stanza" - a term that describes the passages of 14 lines, which are divided into a novel.This book is about the love of Tatyana Larina in Eugene Onegin.The young man rejected the recognition of the love of a young girl, and when it came to his senses - it was too late: Tatiana was connected by marriage with the unloved man, but the fact that "the age to be true."

amazing and amazingly touching work wrote the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery.The story of "The Little Prince" firmly entrenched in the rating of "Popular books to read."List of children she heads because understandable and accessible to every child, but in this work laid the deepest philosophy, which will be useful to learn and adults.

unique in its scale work - "Quiet Flows the Don" by Mikhail Sholokhov.Don writer in detail managed to recreate the life of the Cossacks, as well as fragments of the military history of Russia.Particularly stands out love line Axinya and Gregory.The book tells the incredible story of an all-consuming love that is capable of much.

best Russian writers

Honored classics of Russian literature is considered by many: Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Bulgakov and other authors whose works are included in the school curriculum.Why is their creation and now included in the ranking - the most popular books to read?The list of such works is united by one common criterion: in these novels, short stories, novels and other literary genres represented the "eternal" problems of man and society in general, dressed in a unique form.

Why is it so important to read these books?Because, first of all, that they are written in the classical Russian language, so to speak, to "clean" sample of our "native and mighty."Second, the reading quality literature develops thinking, literacy, the ability to articulate and proposals to build his speech.

best foreign authors

Of course, you can not allocate anybody individually.Among the most resounding names of foreign writers - Hugo, Twain, Shakespeare, Balzac, Dreiser, and other prominent writers and playwrights.Their works are regularly included in the category of "Popular books to read."List of books is constantly updated with new additions to the global fund of literature, but the creation of the aforementioned authors - a classic, must-read.It helps to acquire life experience, become more interesting conversationalist, decorate their written and spoken language and vivid examples of epithets.

Books for men

three most popular books to read.List of men headed: "Treasure Island" Stevenson, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Oscar Wilde and "Why Men" Vishnevsky.In these works, it has everything: adventure, chase and love.Well, all sorts of opposition, of course.These books are universal: they are suitable for reading at any age and will open a window into a world of adventure to anyone who looks at their page.For example, "Treasure Island" tells the story of piracy and amazing vicissitudes of life of a man who has no relation to the unlawful trade."Portrait of Dorian Gray" should no doubt read every educated person."Why do we need a man" - a book of psychology, the book-introspection.Very entertaining and informative.It is able to open his eyes to many things and actions that people in ordinary life do not give too much importance.

Books for teens

What fiction book to read?List of adolescents should include works about their peers, so that young people could learn something, to feel the closeness and spiritual connection with the characters, to better understand them and do not repel them.For example, "As long as I'm alive," George. Downham - a great story about a cancer patient girl who was able to fall in love with your life, yourself and others.This book is about the struggle for life, that it is not necessary to give up, do not need to fence itself off from the outside world.Stephen Chbosky wrote a unique work of "Good to be meek."It is, in fact, a textbook for adolescents: the book tells about the behavior of children in school, relationships with friends, parents.

Books for Women

What else is included in the category "Popular books to read?"List of women started the now legendary saga "Twilight".The love story of an ordinary girl and an immortal vampire can not leave anyone indifferent, so it is suitable for readers of all ages.Women are ideal incredibly sensual novel by Nicholas Sparks.Many of his works have become extremely popular that speaks to their high quality and elaboration.

Books for children

for children's reading perfectly suited folk tales.The child must first get an idea of ​​the folk traditions of their native country.Then should inculcate in children a love of classical literature.To do this, you can refer to the school program, because it matched a list of literature professionals.It should also be guided by the views and interests of the child, not to turn reading into something unpleasant.Perhaps the interest in literature will not come immediately.Everything really depends on the nature of each child, as all children are unique.