The meaning of the name of the novel "The Captain's Daughter."

in the famous novel "The Captain's Daughter" by Alexander Pushkin depicted several main characters.And they are quite attractive: strong, fair and courageous.But why is the story called "The Captain's Daughter"?Conducted on behalf of the Gireev story, but the author has identified the main character is Masha Mironov.

Who is Maria Mironova

who is this Masha Mironov?And why the novel "The Captain's Daughter" is named in her honor?First, Mary has played a major role in the life of Peter Grinyova, which is the main narrator.Secondly, Masha's father speaks commandant Belogorsk fortress, hence the meaning of the title story "The Captain's Daughter."

Masha Mironova is a young, beginning no noticeable girl.Its image brings spiritual purity and high morals.An interesting aspect of the work is what Maria says very little.It is no coincidence!Pushkin shows that the power of the protagonist is not in words but in deeds it unmistakable.Even in the days when her soul was torn to pieces, it was able to maintain

its stability, loyalty and principles.

reader is familiar with Masha

In the early dating Maria Ivanovna speaks to the reader a humble and shy girl of eighteen.Outside it is absolutely imperceptible: ruddy, round-faced, and light brown hair combed behind his ears.In the eyes of his mother Maria is a unique "coward" and Shvabrin tries to present her "absolute fool."But Masha just seems sneaky and quiet girl, trembling when fired from a gun.Faced with the hardships that confront on her way, she boldly and courageously oppose them.All subsequent events show the advantages of multiple machines, here the reader begins to understand the meaning of the title of the story.The Captain's Daughter is very sweet, sincere, sensitive and sensible.Her friendliness and positive nature do not leave indifferent others.

Tests fate Mironova

In a period of trouble just piled on top of the heroine.The first shock for Masha was the execution of her father, and after her mother was killed.After a while Mironov overcame a strong disease.A recovery, it is depending on Shvabrin position.In this critical situation, the heroine is revealed completely the other hand, because nothing could break her - neither threats nor force unloved man.Mary believes that it is better to face death rather than live with the unloved man.

Love Masha and Peter

story "The Captain's Daughter" includes the love story, where Maria Mironova is the main heroine.Peter Green and Maria Mironova loved each other.Machine feel to Grinyov present, strong and deep.But it is a very reasonable man.After receiving a letter from the father of her lover, knowing that he was opposed to their marriage, Mary wisely refuses to Peter.She knew that her father Grinyova not forgive his son marrying the captain's daughter.Her love is absolutely unselfish, in that the whole meaning of the title of the story.The Captain's Daughter true to their principles and beliefs.

But one day, after threats Shvabrin Masha letter asks Peter for help, and he takes it out of the hands Shvabrin to their parents.

Courage Maria Mironova

Once Masha decided to save his beloved, who was put on trial.She went to her unfamiliar city of St. Petersburg, where she met with the Catherine II.Maria Ivanovna not only trying to justify Peter, but also ventured to thwart the Empress.Maria was able to prove the innocence of the queen Grinyova, and he was released.Pushkin tried to show the best features of the Russian women.This ability holds much love and defend the truth, to be fair.This character can not be left in the background, in this lies the whole meaning of the title story "The Captain's Daughter."

Life after difficulties

After Masha, not staggered, passed all tests, fate gave her a quiet and peaceful life.Together with her husband, Maria Grinyova lives with his parents.They are very attached to Masha and love it as sincerely as would love his own daughter.Parents Peter fell in love with Masha's intelligence, self-control, honesty and fortitude.And, of course, its main advantage was the love of Peter.

What is the meaning of the story "The Captain's Daughter»

meaning of this story - to collect and bring to life the best character traits of the Russian women.Show that the purity, morality and honesty should be the main qualities of a young girl.This work reveals the faith in man, his feelings and their value, as well as in all ages popular nobility!Alexander joined all these qualities and bring them to a simple girl - the daughter of Captain Mironov.Why

story called "The Captain's Daughter", the reader can only guess, because that honor belongs to the author called his work.We can only be sure that Masha Mironova deserves to it was named after a story.