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30s became difficult time in the history of the XIX century.The massacre of the Decembrists was replaced by harsh reaction that led to the spiritual decline of progressive minds.During this period a great voice sounded young poet Mikhail Lermontov, who was named a worthy successor to Alexander Pushkin.Lyrics Lermontov - is an attempt to rethink the history and reality, a protest against the established despotism in the country, an angry rebuke compatriots who have suffered silently lawlessness and oppression of power.

recall the most famous poems of Lermontov, forever inscribed his name in the history of Russian classical literature.


When that's why in the first place comes to mind lyrical work written in St. Petersburg in 1832.It was a difficult time for the eighteen young men - he had just left the University of Moscow and was preparing for a new life, of which, however, was waiting for a little pleasant.The confusion and the feeling of uncertainty caused in the soul of the poet's lines: "

Lone White Sail ..." ... It's hard to find someone who would not be familiar with these famous poems of Lermontov.Usually, they are seen as reflections of the author on his future life.Each of the three verses of the first two verses containing landscape sketches, replaced by a description of the psychological state of the lyrical.And the sea has been associated with human life, and sail on its surface - a rebellious soul.The leading motif of the poem becomes loneliness lyrical salvation from which he tries to fight like a sail, battling with the elements.But this attempt was unsuccessful - the reason for this condition lies within man himself.

will take years, and the soul of a poet and did not find calm, always being rebellious and lonely as a young man.

«Death of the Poet»

Fame and link - that's what brought in 1937, the young poet of his most famous poems.Mikhail Lermontov in a few days to learn all the advanced part of Russia as a man who dared to challenge the existing government.In court circles, he immediately turned to the author of "shameless dissent" and the rest of his life was under scrutiny and censorship of the Emperor (he was never allowed to award the "rebels" in the battles deserved awards).

Home poem was written the next day after the duel Pushkin.And one day - immediately after the poet's death - it is dispersed in the lists around Petersburg.After the trial will be continued Dantes, who begins the famous poem - Lermontov for "Death of a Poet" was sent to the Caucasus - "And you, arrogant descendants ...".

historical and social significance of this work is determined primarily by the fact that in it the author tries to make sense of the tragic fate of Pushkin as a poet at all.He laid the blame for the death of a genius on society, directly calling Dantes "murderer" and "new" aristocracy - "arrogant" and "vile".At the court could not tolerate the most famous poems of Lermontov: "And you do not wash away all your blood Poet righteous blood!".Mikhail Yurevich first arrested and then sent to the Caucasus in the army.


This poem, referring to the late period in the poet, has its history.In 1840, before the next departure of the Caucasus, Lermontov stood at the window in the St. Petersburg home and watched Karamzins bulge of the earth on the sky with clouds.What he saw a picture of the poet forced to think about their own fate.Soon he must leave St. Petersburg, people dear to him.That is why the main reception in the product, including the famous poem Lermontov: "Tuchkov heavenly, eternal wanderers ..." - was the comparison.Own destiny seen therefore same restless and lonely as these celestial bodies.Hence the sense of exile and feeling all broken ties with their motherland.Such a state, by the way, was typical of many of his contemporaries Lermontov, who grew up in difficult 30s and 40s.

But the lyrical hero can not fully identify with the cold and indifferent cloud.In contrast, it is inherent in the feeling of homesickness, which is impossible to drown.In this vision, a philosophical subtext: nature is free, but the fate of the disgraced poet depends entirely on the decision of the authorities.

«To ***" ("I am not inferior to you ...»)

There Lermontov and soulful strings of love.Several of them are devoted to NF Ivanova, where Mikhail became interested at an early age.However, she did not appreciate the sincere feelings of a young man, and it is forever undermined his faith in women.The result of unrequited love, and became the poem "To ***" written in 1832.The author contrasts the pure sincere feeling of deceit and hypocrisy, and the hope for happiness - a deep disappointment.These Lermontov's poem about love.The famous line: "Who knows, maybe those moments that had elapsed at your feet, I was robbed of inspiration!" Largely determined the stance of the poet, who has devoted himself entirely to creativity.

«Meditation Lermontov - his poetry»

said of the works of Lermontov Herzen.In its short life the poet has written more than four lyrical poems.This "Borodino" and "think" and "I go out alone on the road," and "Prayer" ... It is hard to choose just one thing, since each of them adequately supplement the list of the best poetic works of Russian literature.