Tolstoy story "Russian character".

works by Tolstoy's "Russian character", a summary of which is contained in an article subtitled "From" Tales of Ivan Sudareva. "Thus, the author uses the method of "story within a story," in which the reader of the Russian soldier told his friend, a fellow soldier.Although the action takes place in the early forties, the focus is not the valiant deeds of the hero, and what happened to him after being seriously wounded.The author's task - to show how mighty and surprising nature of the Russian people.

Regular Guy - Yegor Dremov

Tolstoy begins the story "Russian character", a summary of which you are reading, with an introduction to the main character.It is a quiet, easy-tanker, which before the war had lived on the farm.From his companions, perhaps, he was distinguished appearance.Tall, with curly hair and always with a warm smile on his face, he looked like a god.Dremov very loved and respected his parents spoke with reverence of his father, who was an example for him.It was Yegor, and beloved, th

e feelings that he had no doubt: wait, even if you happen to go back on one leg.

praises feats of arms Dremov disliked.Such is the real Russian character.Summary of the stories his driver in the meantime shows that for him they were not uncommon.Chuvilev recalls with pride how they acted against the German Tiger tank and how skillfully able to neutralize the enemy, Lieutenant Dremov.

So everything went on as usual, until the misfortune happened to the hero.It is something, and showed how strong and solid could be the Russian character.

Summary episode of wounding

Happened crew to take part in the Battle of Kursk.By the end of the battle tank was hit.Two died immediately, and the burning of lieutenant pulled the driver out of the car just before it burst.Yegor got large burns: skin under the charred bones could be seen in some places.Badly damaged face, but the vision remained.The guy made some plastic surgery, and when removed the bandage from the mirror it looked very strange man.But he reassured his sister, saying that you can live with that.And he often fingered the face, as if to get used to the new look - continues the story of the "Russian character" Tolstoy.

Summary conversation with Lieutenant General, to which the tanker came after recognizing him fit only for military, is as follows.Yegor asked to bring it back to the regiment and said that he was a freak, and not disabled, "... It does not hurt the cause."Try not to look at him, General accepted the arguments and ordered to leave the twenty days to recover.Then the hero went home.

meeting with relatives

He came to the village in the evening.Making his way through the snow to the window and saw the mother, jovial, kind, but thin and older, gathered on the table.And then he thought, his hands folded on his chest.Yegor realized that he can not scare her with his views, and knocked on the door, calling the other son, Lieutenant Gromov.He entered the house, where everything was painfully familiar.The mother stared at him and asked him about his son.Soon they were joined by the father.And the more sit Napping, the harder it was to admit his elders that he their son.

described the first meeting with the parents of the hero in the story "Russian character".Summary (Alexei Tolstoy strongly emphasizes how difficult and had the hero, and his mother) conversation over dinner can be reduced to the question of what will take place and how the spring sowing, when the war is over.Another old lady wondered, when the holiday will give his son.

meeting with the bride

The next day, Egor wanted to meet with their son's bride, Kate, to pass the bow.The girl immediately ran: joyful, radiant, beautiful ... She came very close to the guy, I looked at him and recoiled.At this point, Egor decided need to leave today.Then they ate millet pancakes, and the lieutenant told of the exploits of Dremova (it turned out, his).And he tried not to look at Katya, not to see her beautiful face reflected his ugliness.

Thus ended the meeting with the last pre-war lives for the main character of the story, "Russian character".Summary of the meeting suggests a decision was taken by Egor: as long as possible to hide the truth from his mother and try to forget Katya.

Letter from home

met with comrades, Napping relieved.And two weeks later he received a letter of his mother, made him change the decision.Such is the Russian character.Summary of the letter is as follows.Mary Polikarpovna told how a man came to him.Mother's heart tells me that it was very Egor.The old man scolds, says that since it would be a son, you will certainly be opened.After all, such a person should be proud.Because it requested the judge, whether it is right or crazy.

Yegor came with a letter to Sudareva, and he advised quickly answer and confess everything.

story gets an unexpected outcome "Russian character", a summary of which you read.After some time Dremova summoned the captain, and with him went Sudarev.So the narrator witnessed the meeting with her mother and Yegor Katya.The latter was really beautiful, and the words of the lieutenant, that it should not wait for him this, said: "... I was going to live with you forever ...."

«It seems a simple man, and severe disaster will come ... and it rises a great power - the beauty of the human" - the story ends, "Russian character" Tolstoy.

Summary allowed to designate a key episodes of the story to help you understand the author's idea.