"The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree": a summary.

sometimes do not have time to read all the product of one of the great classics of literature.Quickly look at it, the protagonists will help summary."The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree" - a story written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.In it the famous writer shares his thoughts, makes it possible to see from the consequences of human indifference, come up with a very good and positive ending, which can be not only a figment of the imagination, but a reality.

structure works

So, we begin to acquaint with the story summary."The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree" consists of two parts, the second one is called that way, and the first writer titled "Boy with a pen."

The first and second chapter discusses different guys.The same they just age and low social origin.Despite the fact that both children are very poor, the other is more sympathy than the first.In its unspoiled soul, because no one was doing anything wrong, unjust resentment for which he was subjected, Christ will reward a second child due.

Part One - "Boy with a pen»

That it begins the work itself and its summary."The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree" is first introduces us to one child.The writer says that before Christmas he met a boy who was not more than seven years.In the bitter cold, he wore was almost over-year.Child begging, children like it, called "the handle" for what they went with an outstretched palm and begging.

Questions writer child replied that his sister is sick, so he goes to ask.Next Dostoevsky says that these children were at that time a lot, it reveals to the reader the fate that awaits these children.Many of them are thieves.In dysfunctional families - parents drank, they send their children for vodka.Fathers, uncles, who beat their wives, "for fun" can pour into the mouth of the fire water, even his son, nephew.Then these nonhumans still laugh when the children fall to the floor unconscious ...

Naturally, in such a family the child is very difficult to become a good person, therefore, has grown up, and even go to work at the plant, these teenagers become criminals themselves astheir parents are beginning to drink.Here's a bleak picture described by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

«Boy at Christ's Christmas tree»

main characters of this story - the boys, who were not familiar with each other.One of them somehow been adapted to a miserable existence in the other world was full of hardship, unprepared and was there all alone - without protection, without care of adults.

second chapter of the story Dostoevsky begins by stating that he still novelist.The author says that he feels like he has ever heard, and maybe it's just dreamed.

second story also happened on Christmas Eve.It starts in the basement.Here, putting his head under the bale, is seriously ill woman.Beside her sits a boy of six years or less.In the other corner is a stranger old woman who often grumbles at the child.He came with his mother to the city from afar.Apparently, hunger has driven families from their homes.Mom and boy, to feed themselves, come here.Perhaps she wanted to get to work here, but very ill or weakened by hunger.This begins the second chapter, which he called Dostoevsky "The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree."Summary of the story continues.

Just one child was hungry.He was able to get a drink, and the food was not.He has tried many times to wake my mother, but she did not open her eyes.The boy touched the woman, she was cold.The child was terrified, he just did not understand what had happened, but he felt - he was cold and scared in the dark basement, where there is no light the light.

kid threw a light cloak, which the author calls the robe, and went out, she struck him.All around it was a lot of lights, this child has ever seen.There, where he arrived in the evening on the street burned a dim flashlight, and all sat after sunset in their homes.

Here was a busy traffic, a bright light shone windows of houses.In one big box child saw a huge Christmas tree on which hung toys, apples.Driven by a strong sense of hunger, the kid opened the door to the magical world.After all, through it includes many wealthy guests invited hosts a large Christmas tree for the holiday.But the lady waved her hand at him, shoved the child and drove a pretty penny.The kid got scared, ran and dropped a trifle.

Bad people

That's such hard-hearted people told instructive in this work, which he called Dostoevsky "The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree."Summary of the story tells about these points in more detail.After all, by the time the child is already freezing.It was a terrible cold, and he was dressed quite easily.The child is very sick fingers of hands and feet - they were red, there was frostbite.

If that lady allowed to warm baby warm, fed him, he could stay alive.But blame not only the woman.After all, when the boy walked down the street, passing by the guardian of order and deliberately turned away, not to see the baby.Although he was obliged to do his duty, take the child to the police station, a hospital or a shelter.That's because of people like that and he was not this nice little angel.Dostoevsky invented a very good end of the story, very soon we will come to him.

in heaven

summary continues.Boy at Christ's Christmas tree will be very soon.Running out of a rich home, he stopped at the shop window and staring at the funny mechanical doll.At that time, someone pulled off his wicked gown.The child was frightened again, ran and hid in the yard of the stack of firewood.He dozed off, he felt warm and good.The boy felt that hovers around extraordinarily beautiful trees.Around him fly the same angels - boys and girls.They hug and kiss him, his mother, standing a little apart, and with tears in his eyes watching over their children.

was there, and the boy's mother, and the tree is large enough for the Christ child, who was not in her earthly life, as our hero product, which is called Dostoevsky "The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree."A brief retelling of how history itself, is over.It remains only to tell what the janitor found the next morning the boy's corpse, and my mother had died earlier.

Here's a sad story, and at the same time light and wrote Dostoevsky called it "The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree."Criticism of the time and appreciated the modern work.Readers of the XXI century say they liked the story that evokes a sense of compassion and touches the strings of the human soul best.