Well-known children's writers.

Childhood certainly begins with an introduction to the works of popular writers.This book awakens in the soul of the child's self-inquiry and appeals to the world as a whole.Well-known children's authors are familiar to each of us from the earliest years.The child, barely learned to talk, already knows who Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena.The famous cat Matroskin loved around the world, the hero is charming and constantly comes up with something new.The article provides an overview of the most famous children's writers and their works.

benefits of these books

from time to time even adults are turning to reading fairy tales, short stories and novels.We all sometimes want to witness the miracle, regardless of age and position.

It would be naive to believe that a diploma of higher education a person has radically changed.No, each of us is still in need of spiritual enrichment and understanding.Such a "safety valve" can become a book.Compare your feelings when getting started with the news or read in

the newspaper work.In the second case, it increases the aesthetic pleasure from the process.Popular children's writers can even partially replace the warmth of communicating with a wise companion.

Eduard Uspensky

works of this writer can not leave anyone indifferent.Uncle Fyodor and his great-tailed friends like any child, bring him into raptures.Well-known children's writers such as Eduard Uspensky, remembered forever, they can not forget, and at a later age.All the favorite adventures of three friends have continued: the book "New orders in the Buttermilk", "Aunt Uncle Theodore" bring genuine joy.

Crocodile Gena Cheburashka and his friend also have a lot of fans.Despite the fact that these characters are now attempted to oust the modern heroes, they still have their own readership.Children Russian writers, as is well known, loved all over the world.In the last years of the Soviet cartoons can be found the ideals of friendship and service to others.In the first place there was put a sense of duty and selfless dedication.

Nikolai Nosov

Who does not know famous friends Kolya and Misha?They used to be conceived from the incubator to bring young chickens, organized entertaining classes to decorate your leisure.All this they did with great dedication and conscientious attitude.Victor Maleev, perhaps the most beloved hero of Nikolai Nosov.In him every domestic boy finds himself and his history.All of us in childhood did not like to do homework.Characters Nosov always find a way out of a difficult situation, and consider how best to proceed.Children Russian writers such as he, aim to define the moral values ​​necessary in every society.

Victor Dragoon

Denis ship - a true friend of every childhood boys and girls 7-10 years.Stories Victor Dragoon incredibly interesting to read: they are filled with a variety of adventures and life itself, which literally abounds.His characters come up with tricks and go to the thrilling adventure.Unobtrusively writer leads the reader to understand the true values.Heroes realize what irreparable consequences may be a lie, how to maintain a friendship and why lessons still need to learn.Favorite children's writers, of course, known to all, including deservedly included Victor Dragoon.

Alan Milne

Who does not know such a popular Winnie the Pooh?This fun little bear known to all children.Who has ever seen the cartoon of the same name, had never forget Merry Pranksters and amateur honey.Together with his friend Piglet he conceives tricks that are sure to lead to various contingencies.

But few know that the work of "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all" Alan Milne wrote for his little son, Christopher, intending to teach him a lesson of kindness and sincerity.The latter, incidentally, became the prototype of the boy Christopher Robin, appearing in a fairy tale.

Astrid Lindgren Books

this great Swedish writer loved and recognizable throughout the world.Writers of children's fairy tales can hardly be compared with her creativity that abounds in originality and free-full.It is worth while to recall an interesting story about Pippi Longstocking, which features more wit and penchant for adventurous antics.Her character, anyway, a feeling of interest, sympathy.She wants to help, monitor further developments.The book explains that the girl was orphaned early, but the courage and bravery with which she embarks on a dangerous adventure, one can only envy.

At least favorite character of Astrid Lindgren - Carlson.This merry prankster lives on the roof and sometimes surprising surrounding their appearance.In addition, he was terribly fond of jam and a little naughty.One must have a very rich imagination to come up with these characters.Neither Carlson nor Peppy can not be called obedient.On the contrary, they turn the usual understanding of things and form the child's own image of himself and the world in particular.Values ​​are not imposed and promoted, the reader himself concludes, come to their own conclusions.Well-known children's writers, among which, no doubt, is part of Astrid Lindgren, the primary form in the child a sense of interest in literature.Swedish writer offers the reader a vivid world of magic, where you want to stay longer.Even as old enough, many of us periodically review its work.

Lewis Carroll

creativity of this writer did not sidestep foreign fairy tale lovers."Alice in Wonderland" - one of the most enigmatic works and equally obscure the simple inhabitant.

It has many connotations, meanings and values ​​that, at first glance, it seems impossible for them to assess.One of them is the fact that even in the daily life of each of us is surrounded by many mysteries and secrets that you should be able to see.Opportunities are hidden everywhere, miracles happen in reality.Popular children's writers such as Carroll, the reader is left to guess their secret and never in a hurry to issue the main secret.

Gianni Rodari

Italian writer that the main purpose of its existence has seen service to others, created a very interesting story.Known to all children onion family is a deep interest in the works of this author.Cipollino and his friends are very protective of each other, pity the poor convicts, whom Prince Lemon hid in prison.This fairy tale is particularly acute raises a question of freedom and the opportunity to have their own opinion.Well-known children's writers, to which belongs to Gianni Rodari always teach goodness and justice."Cipollino" is remembered by its focus on understanding and comfort to everyone who needs it.

Thus, creative children's writers contains a unique opportunity for an instant return to daylight again feel like a kid, remember the simple joy that we once surrounded.