An interesting book for teenagers.

interesting book for teenagers - as it should be?And that it should carry his young readers?With the help of this article you will be able to answer these questions, as well as to choose a good and an interesting book to read to your child.

value of books in shaping a child's personality

must admit that a couple of decades ago, it was difficult to tear teens from reading books or journals.Children on their own to visit the library and read at home, in the street and even at recess, and who - and in the classroom.For many students it was a matter of honor for myself to get interesting books to read.

Teens XXI century, alas, only the Internet and computer games.To be fair to say that not all, but most of them.And many of today's students and did not know how it is - to keep in the hands of ordinary paper and read a book.And the blame for this situation, first of all the parents.After all, they have to since childhood instill in children a love of reading literature, the desire to learn about the wo

rld in all its detail.

worth noting that adolescence (from 11-12 to 16-17 years) - it is the most important period in the development of the human personality.It was at this time a man must imbue knowledge and experience.And it was as a teenager in the minds formed stable algorithms and rules of right conduct in our world.

important role in this process is played by literature that child reads.An interesting book for adolescents should not only satisfy their curiosity.It should also teach and educate the reader.That's why the choice of books for their children should be approached very seriously.

list of interesting books for teens

We will try to help you solve this problem.Below is a list of the 20 most useful and interesting (in our opinion) works for the child.It can find both classic and interesting modern books for teenagers:

  1. "Children of Captain Grant" (Jules Verne).
  2. "White Fang" (Jack London).
  3. "Headless Horseman" (Mayne Reid).
  4. "Alice's Adventures" (Kir Bulychev).
  5. "Fahrenheit 451" (Ray Bradbury).
  6. "The Little Prince" (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).
  7. "Alice in Wonderland" (Lyuiss Carroll).
  8. "Mysterious Island" (Jules Verne).
  9. "Captain at Fifteen" (Jules Verne).
  10. "The Lost World" (Arthur Conan Doyle).
  11. "Harry Potter" series of books (JK Rowling).
  12. "Scarecrow" (Vladimir Zheleznikov).
  13. "You can not dream" (Galina Shcherbakova).
  14. "The Chocolate War" (Robert Cormier).
  15. "Before I fall" (Lauren Oliver).
  16. "Thief of Shadows" (Marc Levy).
  17. "The Catcher in the Rye" (Jerome Sellindzher).
  18. "It" (Stephen King).
  19. "Survival Course for teenagers" (Dee Snider).
  20. "The Princess Diaries" (Meg Kebbott).

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, interesting and entertaining works, of course, much more.But we, alas, limited the scope of this article.I would also like to note that when choosing a book for teens, parents need to pay great attention to its quality and content.After a second-rate product in today's book market is more than enough.

Interesting books for teenage boys

It goes without saying that the interests of young people in their teens are somewhat different.Therefore, the choice of books to your child must take into account not only the age factor, but also gender.The boys definitely enjoy adventure interesting books (fiction for teenagers included).But girls are more interested in books with a romantic plot - about knights and princesses.

Nevertheless, these differences are quite arbitrary and imposed primarily stereotypes of gender education.In fact, a clear boundary between literature for boys and for girls there.A young girl may also be interested in science fiction novel, and young men, in turn, can attract interesting books about love teens and their relationships.

Yet, if your child - a teenage boy, then you can safely choose for him one of the fascinating works of Jules Verne, Louis Bussenar or Mayne Reid.Like the boy and adventure detective Arthur Conan Doyle or the epic novel "Lord of the Rings" by John Tolkien.

interesting books for teenage girls

Love and romance - that is primarily looking for teenage girls in literature.After all, these books help young ladies to understand their own feelings and excitement.

From classic girl can offer such great Soviet works as "The Scarecrow" or "You can not dream."From contemporary authors quite entertaining books for teenage girls wrote Galina Gordienko.Her works have absolutely everything: romance, adventure, and even mysticism!

From adventure literature can offer girl read one of the works of Kir Bulychev, which tells about the unusual girl Alice.Especially in the work of this author is a place not only adventures, but also simple and good human feelings - kindness, love and devotion.

"The Little Prince" - a book for children and adults

This beautiful and interesting book for teens was published in 1943.So do not understand at once, what age for members of the audience it was written by the author - for adults or for children.Though, probably, and those and others.

The story tells about a meeting of a military pilot with an unusual boy from a distant planet - the little prince.The book contains drawings of the author - Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who miraculously complement the narrative.The book says that every adult was once a child.And an ode to loyalty and devotion, as the most famous quote of the product Exupery "The Little Prince" is the following: "We are responsible for those who have tamed."

Fantastic Walk Alice in Wonderland

Another famous classic for children - is "Alice in Wonderland" written by British writer and scholar Lewis Carroll in 1864.This is - an excellent book for both girls and boys.They love it and many adults.This fantastic story is considered a benchmark in the genre of absurdism.It is filled with allusions, subtle humor and even a philosophy.

The plot is rather unusual: a little girl Alice chasing the White Rabbit, falls into a deep hole.In this little girl several times reduced in size.There, under the ground, Alice meets with strange inhabitants of the fairy world: with caterpillars, Sonia, the Cheshire Cat, the Duchess and others.

book "Alice in Wonderland" strongly influenced the further development of the English and world culture.This product is still inspired many other writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers.Created many interpretations of "Alice", as in music, and in film.

magical world of Harry Potter

most popular modern epic, no doubt, is a series of novels about Harry Potter.Its author - British novelist Joanne Roulling, which recently was normal, an unknown housewife.

This story tells of Hogwarts - a fabulous school, where teaching of Witchcraft and Wizardry.In her study, three inseparable friends - Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who will fight the dark forces of evil.This book has everything you need to teenagers: a fascinating story, magic and adventure, the fight between good and evil, love, friendship and loyalty.

In conclusion ...

Thus, an interesting book for teenagers should be not only entertaining but also instructive.It should bring up a child, to form the norms of behavior in society.That's why the choice of books for their children parents should be approached very seriously and responsibly.We hope that presented in this article, a list of interesting books to help parents cope with this challenge.