Description Village Manilow's poem "Dead Souls"

to work on his main work - the poem "Dead Souls" - NVGogol began in 1835 and did not stop until her death.He set himself the task - to show the Local backward-feudal Russia, with all its defects and nedostkami.Important role in this played masterfully by the author of images of representatives of the nobility, the main component of social class in the country.Description Village Manilow, Boxes, Sobakevich Nozdryov, Elijah allows us to understand how different, but at the same time, typical, poor spiritually were people who were the mainstay of power.This is despite the fact that each of the presented landlords considered himself the best among the rest.

role of interior

five chapters of the first volume dedicated to the landlords, Gogol builds on the same principle.It characterizes each host through the description of his appearance, demeanor with a guest - Chichikov - and family.The author talks about how life was organized in the estate, which is manifested through the attitude of the peasants,

all the names and their own home.The result is a generalized picture of how to live the "best" representatives of the Russian land in the first half of the XIX century.

first describes the village Manilow - very nice and friendly, at first glance, the landlord.

Long Road

not leave a very good impression is already the way to the estate.At a meeting in the city of the landlord, who invited Chichikov to visit, he noted that he lives fifteen miles from here.However, all have passed sixteen or even more, and the road seemed to have no end.Two man encountered indicated that over a mile away is a turn, and there Manilovka.But it bore little resemblance to the truth, and Chichikov did for a conclusion that the owner, as is often the vodilos in conversation cut away half.Perhaps to entice - remember the name of the landowner.

Finally, the front still seemed estate.

unusual location

first struck by a two-storey manor house, which was built on the hill - "in the Jurassic," as the author points out.It should begin with a description of the village Manilow's poem "Dead Souls".

seemed to be standing alone house on all sides windy, which only happens in these places.The slope of the hill on which the building stood, covered with manicured turf.

absurd location of the house complement the flower beds with shrubs yellow acacia and lilac, broken English style.Near grew stunted birch - not more than five or six - and there was an arbor with a funny name for these places "temple of solitary reflection."Malopriglyadnuyu completes the picture of a small pond, which, however, was not uncommon in the estates of the landowners, was fond of English style.

absurdity and impracticality - this is the first impression of what he saw the landlord economy.

Description Village Manilow

«Dead Souls" series continues the story of the poor, gray peasant huts - Chichikov counted no less than two hundred.They were located up and down at the foot of the hill and consisted of one timber.Between the huts Guest did not see any trees or other greenery, making village and not attractive.In the distance, somehow boring darkened pine forest.This is the description of the village Manilow.

«Dead Souls" contains a subjective assessment of what he saw Chichikov.We all Manilow him seemed somehow gray and unclear, even 'day was not clear, not that gloomy. "Only two women swears that ran across the pond dragnet with crayfish and roach, but peeled rooster with wings, scream loudly, appeared somewhat enlivened the picture.

meeting with the owner

Description Manilow village of "Dead Souls" is incomplete without exploring by the owner.He stood on the steps and learned guest, immediately broke into the most cheerful smile.Even at the first meeting in the city of Manila Chichikov struck by the fact that in his appearance seemed to have a lot of sugar.Now, the first impression is only strengthened.

In reality the landowner first appeared as a man very kind and nice, but a minute later it seems completely changed, and now there is an idea: "The devil knows what!".Further behavior Manilow, overly ingratiating and built on the desire to please, is fully confirmed.The owner kissed guest as if they were friends for a century.Then he invited into the house, trying in every way to show respect for him that did not want to go out the door before Chichikov.

Interior layout

Description Village Manilow from the poem "Dead Souls" is a sense of the absurdity of everything, including the decoration of the manor house.Let's start with the fact that next to the road and even the elegant furniture, standing in the living room, located a couple of chairs on the lining which at the time did not have enough fabric.And for several years now the owner whenever warned guests that they are not yet ready.In another room, the furniture was not at all that's now in its eighth year - since marriage Manilow.Similarly, the dinner on the table can be placed next luxury bronze candlestick, made in antique style and some "disabled" of copper, just fat.But none of the household do not pay attention.

Just funny look and study the host.It was, again, unknown blue-gray - something similar to what the author mentioned, giving a general description of the village Manilow at the beginning of the chapter.On the table for two years was a book with a bookmark on the same page - nobody ever read.But on the whole the room was expanded tobacco, and appeared on the windowsills series of slides which have been laid out ash remained in the tube.Generally, dream and smoke - it was the main and, moreover, hobbies landowner was not interested with their possessions.

Relationship with family

wife Manilow like him.Eight years of marriage, little changed relations between the spouses: they are also treated each other with a piece of apple or interrupted classes to a kiss.Manilow has received a good education, to learn all that was needed for a happy family life: to speak French, play the piano and embroidering beads some unusual cheholchik to surprise her husband.Still, that was prepared in the kitchen badly in the storerooms had no reserve, the housekeeper stole a lot, and the servants slept more.The pride of the spouses had their sons, called strange Greek names and promises in the future to show great ability.

Description Village Manilow: the situation of farmers

From all the above already suggests one conclusion: all the estate went something like this, its course and without any interference of the owner.This idea is confirmed when Chichikov starts talking about peasants.It turns out that Manilow can not even imagine how many souls he had died recently.It can not give an answer, and his assistant.He just said that a lot with what the landlord immediately agrees.However, the word "many" does not surprise the reader: a description of the village Manilow and the conditions in which he lived in the fortress, make it clear that, for the estate, where the landlord does not care about the peasants, it is quite common.

a result emerges unattractive image of the protagonist of the chapter.Mismanagement dreamer did not occur to go to the field to find out what needs its best people, or even simply counted how many of them had.And the author adds that a man could easily fool Manilow.He allegedly earn time off, but he calmly walked to drink, and before that nobody cared.Besides all the servants, including the clerk and housekeeper were dishonest, that it did not bother any Manilow or his spouse.


Complete the description of the village Manilow quotes "is a kind of people ... neither one nor the other, neither in the city nor in the village of Bogdan Selifan ... they must be side and Manilow."Thus, it is the landlord, which, at first glance there is no harm to anyone.He loves all - even the most inveterate swindler he Ripper.Sometimes I dream about how to arrange benches for the peasants, but the "searchlights" is very far from reality, and never will be implemented in practice.From this common understanding "Manilovism" as a social phenomenon - the tendency to pseudo-philosophers, the absence of any benefit from existence.And this degradation begins, and then the collapse of the human person, that draws attention to Gogol, giving a description of the village Manilow.

«Dead Souls", thus becoming the verdict a society in which the best representatives of the landed gentry like Manilov.After all, the rest will be even worse.